The Element Warriors (The Love of Two Guardians) part 10

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Created by Egono on Saturday, April 29, 2006


I don't usually do this but, I think you should read the others before taking this one because it might be a little confusing. Becuase Storm and Seria are one person, so, I think you might get a little confused.
The next morning, Zenan stormed into the royal palace. "I want an explaination for why Vernon said he was getting married to Storm, because you told me I'm the one that's supposed to get married to her" he demanded to king Hanem. "Zenan, Storm really loves Vernon, and Vernon loves her too. He even brought his parents, the king and queen of Zenex to this planet so I can cancel the wedding" king Hanem said. "Well, you better re-arrange the wedding, because I'll make sure I get married to Storm, even if it means causing rivalry between this planet and my planet" Zenan said. "Zenan, take it easy" the king said. "How can I take it easy when my fiance told me herself that she loves another man, and she's getting married to him?" Zenan asked. "Zenan, I'll try to fix this whole thing. Just give me time" king Hanem said. "There is no time. If you don't think of something soon, I'm afraid Vernon will take Storm to Zenex or some other planet" Zenan said. "We both know that will not happen" king Hanem said. "Just do something fast" Zenan said. "Okay, I'll try" king Hanem said. "I'll send for Vernon" he said.
"You called for me your majesty?" Vernon asked. "ah yes Vernon. You see, there's a problem. Zenan (pronounced Zeh-nan) has just threatened me that if I don't do something about you and Storm soon, he's going to start a rivalry between his planet and mine. You and I both know Zenan, he can do what he says" king Hanem said. "So you're saying I have to let Storm go. You're saying I have to let her marry Zenen? King Hanem, have you forgotten that I'm a prince myself, not just Hanem? I'm sorry king Hanem, but I'm not letting Storm marry Zenan" Vernon said. "Vernon, I don't know what to do right now. I don't want war between my planet,Zenan's planet, and your planet. Especially your planet. I know better than to be in a war with Zenex. Earthia would be crushed in a second" king Hanem said. "Then tell Zenan to find some other princess to marry, not mine. In fact, announce the cancelation of Zenan's and Strom's marriage" Vernon said. "Okay Vernon. I'll see if it works" king Hanem said.
I was in my room laying on my bed. I was thinking of what happened last night. But then, Cerra and Haden. Are they alright? Did they get to planet Aquaria safely? Oh what am I going to do? I need Vernon right now. "Vernon, are you here?" I said to thin air. There was no reply. I guess Vernon isn't watching over me right now. I quickly got off my bed and went to the royal palace. There, I found Vernon with my father. "Good morning father" I said, hugging my father. "Morning dear" he replied. I then went over to Vernon and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Morning" I said. "Morning" he replied. "I need to talk to you in my room" I said to him. "Okay" he said. "Um, your majesty, you don't mind excusing me for a while do you?" Vernon asked my father. "Oh no Vernon. Go with your wife to be" King Hanem said, smiling. So Vernon followed me into my room. "I need to see Cerra and Haden" I said the moment he closed the door. "Why? What's wrong?" he asked. "No thing's wrong. I just miss them that's all" I replied. "Okay, we'll go to Aquaria" Vernon said. "But first, I have to let my parents and your parents know" he said. "Come on, let's go then" I said, taking his hand and pulling him out the door all the way to the royal palace. "Father, I want to see my friend. "She's the princess of Aquaria. Vernon has agreed to take me there" I said to my father. "Okay. But don't take long" my father said. "Um your majesty, can you please tell my parents for me? I think Storm is a little too anxious to wait any longer" Vernon said. "Okay Vernon" king Hanem said. Vernon then took both my hands, and said some kind of rhyme, taking us to Aquaria. "Wow, you have to teach me how to do that" I said to him. He smiled. Aquaria was very beautiful. And we ended up where we wanted to be, at the front of the royal palace. "Does every planet have a royal palace?" I asked Vernon. "Yes" he replied. "Haden and Cerra are not in there. I sense that they're at the back" he said. We then walked around the large castle and w=got to the back. Guess what me and Vernon saw. We saw Haden and Cerra wrapped in each other's arms, kissing. "No. Haden stop. I need to know if they're okay. You can't just close the subject by kissing me" Cerra said. "But Ce-
He was cut off by Vernon. "Ahem" Vernon coughed to get their attantion. They quickly spinned around. "SERIA!!!" Cerra screamed from excitement. She quickly ran over to me and gave me a big hug. "Nice to see you too" I laughed. "Hey Vernon. What are you doing here?" Haden asked Vernon, surprised. "Well, Seria over here was worried about you and Cerra. She wanted to see both of you so badly. So I decided to bring her here" Vernon said. "Yeah. I wasn't sure if you both were okay" I said. We all then sat on a bench to talk about things that are happening. "So how are things going with you in Earthia?" Haden asked. "Oh things aren't going so great. I mean, before me and Seria even got to Earthia, the king of Earthia had already planned a marriage between Seria and this prince Zenan" Vernon said. "I would have loved to see how you reacted" Haden said. "Haden, this is very serious. I even had to go to my planet to get my parents to come to Earthia and talk to Seria's parents" Vernon said. "So, is the wedding still going to take place? I mean, you're a prince yourself" Haden said. "Well, after Zenan found out that Seria didn't want to marry him, that she wanted to marry me, he threatened Seria's father that he's going to create a rivalry between his planet and Seria's" Vernon said. "So what are you going to do?" Haden asked. "I told the king to make an announcement that the wedding between Zenan and Seria is canceled. And if Zenan wants to start a war, then he's creating back luck for his planet because every planet, except Earth of course, knows that Zenex is the strongest planet. So my planet, Zenex, can defeat Taneran in no time" Vernon said. "So, how are things going with you in Aquaria?" he asked. "Oh compared to what's happening with you in Earthia, things are perfect" Haden said. "There's just one problem. Whenever Cerra and I are together having a moment, she has to brake the moment by bothering me about you and Seria. The questione is either "Are you sure Seria and Haden are alright?" or "What if they're hurt?" Haden said. Cerra blushed.
So for the rest of the day, we talked about how things have been going.
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Thanks for reading part 10. Part 11 might take a while to come out, but I'll try my best to make sure it comes out soon.

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