6th grade scary storie

hey yall thisis a story me and my two frinedshad to write in 6th eventually it was supposed tobecome a play but we never got ot that so enjoy i jsut htought it was a fun little story

Created by edluvrwitchchild on Thursday, May 04, 2006


Alex haack#11,payton Jensen ,Cheyenne Samuels
Writing paper
scary stories

Scene 1[science lab]
Evil laugh mohahahaha with this I will cure the world and myself of the evil grudge yells a scientist named Kenny. mohahahaha hack hack chough drop please. His assistant Rick hands him a chough drop. thank you says Kenny while clearing his throat .Are you sure you want to do this? asks Rick dont you want to wait for further testing? Time is a wasting booms Kenny. Its not like any other whacked out sciencentist is going to think of the cure for the grudge curse replies Rick. Im not whacked out Im rich yells Kenny. Then he drinks the potion ,and falls to the ground then turns into a mutated scientist! Rick screams and pushes the emergency button then traps the evil mutated scientist and brings him to a forbidden swamp. Then when Rick tries to open the cage then started to run back to the helicopter but the mutated scientist got him and now he is no more.
Scene 2[high school]
Yeah well Im braver than you yells Jason a teenager well if your so much braver than me prove it smirks Orlando . Yeah go to the forbidden swamp and spend the night dares Orlandos friend Harry.Fine yells Paul we both will he shouts. Chicken, yells Jason. Hey who you calling chicken?, asks Harry. You, Paul and Jason boom. Fine! we both will shouts Orlando. we will be bringing some friends says Paul. Fine says Orlando but the better not chicken out says Orlando coolly. Dont worry they wont.
Scene 3[at home calling friends]
Jason is calling Paiges house. When she answers he asks hey do you want to go to the forbidden swamp with me and Paul? hold on she replies let me ask Amy and Shea hey Amy Shea do you want to go to the forbidden swamp with Jason and Paul? awesome says Amy .sure why not says Shea. sure says Paige meet at my house when your ready sweet says Jason see you in a few hours. They both hang up the phone.
Scene 4[swamp door]
Its locked says Paul. Dont be chicken, says Orlando, and opens the door all the teens walk in and the door closes behind them they jump. Paige its creepy in here Paige shivers. Theres a rustle in the bushes did you hear that Amy asks. Yeah replies Shea. Is the little baby scared says Harry in a teasing baby voice. Snap, snap rustle. You guys there is something else out there whispers Paige. Then lets keep moving replies Jason. They turn and start walking into the dense thick green and brown swamp. Then silently the mutant scientist comes up behind them and starts dragging Orlando away. Then he lets go and runs back in to forest. Orland stops breathing. Is he dead? asks Shea Orlando then starts stirring. Hes alive? Paige questions. huh? Says Amy Orlando gets up and then falls back onto the ground shaking violently and screams a blood curdling scream then turns into a second mutant monster!! RUN,!!!!! Shouts Amy and everyone runs away.
Scene 5[ deep in swamp]
You better give a good reason to stay in this swamp shouts Amy no , no, no chickening out says Harry you you thats no reason shouts Amy. Amy clam down replies Jason coolly calm down caln shouts Paige you want her to calm down after that that thing just mutated one of us and all you have to say is calm down!!! If you want to go back out there be my guest says Paul coldly. Fine Ill stay. But lets at least get a fire going says Amy pleadingly. Its getting dark says Paul then we better hurry says Shea.
Night closes in on the weary campers the fire crackles and flares. Do you think this will be enough wood asks Amy staring at the wood pile. It should be replies Jason. Burr! I am so cold says Shea. Quit whining says Harry. Theres a rustle in the bushes what was that?, Shea whispered twigs are cracking. Dont move says ,Jason Then Harry screams and runs. When out of the bushes one of the mutated things run out after him and now there are 3 mutant things!!. Darn whispers Amy I second that replies Paul. Are you ready to run for your lives asks Paul yeah says the group. Once we start we cant stop says Paige. I can handle it says Amy. Me too says Shear you know Im in says Paul Lets go, says Jason
Sean 6[running through dense swamp being chased by mutants]
there running breathing hard then shea falls and Amy comes up and pulls her back onto her feet. How much further yells paige almost there yells Jason hurry, They make it to the door. it wont open yells Paul pull yells Jason the door opens. help!!! Screams Shea. One of the mutants was trying to drag her away. Jason Paul help
she is slipping yells Amy. let her go swamp scum!! the monster let go and they all run out of the swamp and slam the door behind them right as the 3 mutants slam in to it. lets never speak of this again says Jason.agreed says the group and they walk away silently into the night.

heh no votes or anything just wrote it and liekd it last year so i posted it

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