~!~ I want a Boy With Juicy Lips~!~ A Jeffree Star Flick~!~chp.3

Created by nirvanagirl14 on Saturday, May 06, 2006


The next day after a wonderful day with Jeffree.You woke up and got dressed as always and walked downstairs."Hey"Davey said walking up to you."what time is it?"you said."Its 5:00 in the afternoon"He said.Your eyes bugged out."your kidding!"you screamed."No.go look for yourself"he said and pointed to the clock.You walked over there and it read 5:15."oh my god"you said."Yeah,I mean what can i say.I just wore you out i guess"Jeffree said from behind you.You turned to him."This is so not right.Yall are tricking me"you said.You started to run to see the other clock but jeffree grabbed you by the waste and held you.you tried getting loose and did but he kept replacing his arms really fast around you.He laughed."Nope.Your not looking"he said.You got loose and ran.He tripped running after you and caused you to fall too.You screamed as you fell down.He was laughing.He looked up at you."Im sorry"he said.You got up and helped him up."thank you sweety"he said."Your welcome."you said.You and him stood there.he then looked down at yours and his hand.You was still holding his and he was holding yours lightly."oh sorry"you said and blushed as you let go of his hand and put your arm by your waist.He smiled at you.That famous Jeffree star smile.You fount yourself gushing.*no,I dont have a crush on him.I mean i just thought he was cool and cute.no,no i cant like..Jeffree..no..no!hes..hes gay too..and and a..crossdresser*you thought."umm."you said not knowing what to say."Hows my hair?did it get messed up?"he said."just a little."you said and got your hand and swiped the front of it.His hair was soft.you got it out of his face,slightly and lightly touching his face."there"you said with a smile.You looked at him and he had his lips slightly parted staring at you.you stared up at him."aaabbbbbyyy"Jade called."brootttthhheeerrr"you called back taking your eyes off Jeffree.he walked away.Jade ran up to you and spun you around in a big hug.he gave you a quick peck on the lips."kiss"he said and pointed to his cheek.you kissed it.He then pointed to his other."kiss"he said and you kissed it."Okie dokie.So,I was thinking.I dont get to see you enough.I mean im either in the studio or on tour and then when im not your never here and i cant just go up there and you never can do anything when i do come and i was just thinking.."Jade said.Davey appeared behind him."will you move here"Davey added."and your my best friend"he said."and mine"Hunter said coming through the door."yeah and we miss you too much"adam said also walking through the door."and yeah it would be cool because then me and you could hang out"Jeffree said from behind you."Umm.."you said."I know i know.you have your whole life up there but come on..please.I mean you can get a job up here and you could just come and live with me"Jade said."or me"davey said."or me"hunter and adam said."or hey.even me."Jeffree said."fine but ill find my own place"you said.They nodded.Jade hugged you and then davey and hunter and adam.Jeffree just kinda stood there nervous.You werent really shy.So you held your arms out for him.He grinned and hugged you."aww"davey said."So what time is it?"you asked."6:00"Jeffree said."stop lieing to me"you said.he laughed."Ok ok.Its 1:00 now"he said."Okie dokie."you said."so why dont you and jade have the same eye color"Jeffree asked."She's my half sister"Jade said and wrapped his arm around you."buuut shes totally all mine" he kissed you on the cheek."I love her to death" Jeffree smiled at yall."ok,now its getting freaky"Davey said."lets have a pool party except..let it be just us"hunter said.yall nodded.You all ran upstairs.
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you went upstairs."hmm...."you said looking at your bathing suits."knock knock"Jeffree's familiar voice said on the other side of the door."come in"you said.he walked in with a towel around him."so.."he said."I dont know which one to wear"you said."Oh,i like them" "thanks"you said."this one"he said pointing to one.you looked at it.It was sexi black 2 piece.It had a belt around the bottom and the top went around your neck,which was just for looks,it hooked around your wast.you looked hot in it.You put it on and then put your hair down.so it was black and pink to your mid neck.(your hair has grown)it looked really cute.you then grabbed a towel and walked downstairs.The guys were in their bathing suits.Davey was wearing some black bathing suit shorts to his knee and jade the same but green.adam red and hunter dark blue.Jeffree was in a pink bikini with dimonds outlining it and on the bikini top there was hearts where the nippes would be.You smiled at them."Ok please stop eyeing her.its going to make me puke."Jade said."yes she is pretty but eww." "Im gay."Jeffree said and walked outside.You did too.Davey and the guys jumped in the pool except jeffree.Which yall layed in the sun.Davey and jade came up to you and grabbed you by either arm.you screamed."let me down!"you said as they picked you up.They walked toward the pool."jeffree save me!"you cried."Im super women!"he said and ran over to them.he tried getting you loose.Hunter and adam ran up to yall and pushed you.You all screamed and fell into the pool.you went to the bottom and when you opened your eyes you saw jeffree.he grabbed your hand and motioned for you to follow him in the large pool that traveled.you and him came up."lets be on a team."he said.You nodded.Hunter and adam announced the game."there are clues all around...now...you have to find these clues and figure out the message and..."thats when they left yall hanging.You and jeffree smiled at each other knowing you and him could win.

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