Cursed Love(A Sasuke,Neji,Gaara,Shino,Shikamaru,and Kiba Love Story)

Warning:This story contains Yaoi and Yuri,so don't be surprise if you read through it.Oh,Sasuke,Gaara,Neji,Shino,Shikamaru,and Kiba fall in love with you. this is you when you are 3. This is what you look like. This is what you wear.Except no tiara or whatever it is called,no wings,and no bracelet on your right arm.You also have no long nails and your have black arms warmers on both your arms.Also,the cross on your skirt is your clan symbol.

Created by anime-piper on Friday, May 12, 2006


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Name:Amaya Gokai
Age:3 in the begining then 15.
DOB:June 6, 1991
History:Your parents were slaughtered in front of you at the age of 3.Ever since then you haven't spoken to any of your siblings.You've got 10 siblings, excluding you.Quiet a few are your half siblings but they,ironically,took your side when it came to your punishment.(More on that through out the story)You were later on adopted by a gay couple who seem more straight then gay but they always make out when they think no one is looking.A year after adopting you they adopt 6 other boys and now you are the only girl in this wierd yet normal family.But you all love each other.
Personality:Cheerful,nice,kind,protective,crazy,wierd,and lots of people think you belong in an assylum.
1st POV
I was walking slowly down the path of the forest.The sound of dirt flying everywhere as I dragged my teddy bear behind me.The music of the birds churping seem nothing more then an annoying whistle coming up above the trees.The bright rays the Sun was shedding above me seem more dark then when the Sun is not up.The sky seem red to me and the scent of death followed me around making it hard to forget the scene I just witnessed.
I followed the smell of water to a nearby lake.The butterflies flew about as if nothing has happned.The lake glimeared as the sun shed it's light on it.I sat at the bank of a tree.Hugging my teddy bear tight as if I would to let go,it too would dissappear.I silently let the tears I didn't know I was holding fall down my cheek.I sniffle as I remember the scene,my parents,each hanged,chained,my entire family murdered and me being the only survivor because my siblings said we were better,we deserved to live,they didn't.I cried harder,yelling as if I had been stabbed a hundred times and just now did I fell the pain.As the last of my tears,my yells died out I heard a twig break nearby.I got up and prepared myself to fight,knowing my siblings would be back,but to my surprise it wasn't them.It was two young boys around my elder sisters age.Probably 13 or something,you never know.I backed away slowly,hoping it wasn't ANBU who were blaming me for my family's death.
"Hey,don't worry,we won't hurt you."One of the boys said.I looked him over,letting his looks sink in,just incase.He had brown hair and a small scar on his nose.He was wearing an ANBU suit so this mean they are indeed after me.I hugged my teddy bear and started to shake visibly.The other boy walked over to me.He had white hair and half his face was covered by a mask.I could only see his left eye.He walked over to me and held his hand out to me.
Your POV
"Come on,we will take you home."He said.Although you couldn't see but it seemed like he was smiling.You looked at him and his hand then took his hand.He seemed to smile bigger and picked you up.He started to walk away followed by the brunette when you began to cry again.It wasn't cause you were scared but because for once in your life you weren't being chased down.
They were worthless,just like you
They didn't deserve to live,but we did
You're a Monster,you don't deserve to be loved
I love you sweety...............

I love you sweety.
Those awful words repeated themselves in your mind and this kept you up all the way to where ever it was they were taking you.Once there you noticed you were in Konoha.They walked up to a building and walked in,ignoring the stares they were getting.They quickly made their way to big double doors and pushed them open.Once open they walked in and walked up to a old guy who was behind a desk.The guy was smoking and made no move to even see who it was.Then he spoke.
"What is it?"he asked.
"Hokage,we come back from our mission,there were no clues of who could have murdered the Gokai's."The white haired boy said.You winced at the mention of your family causing the white haired boy and the brunette to look at you in concern.
"Okay,who's that with you?"he asked.
"We haven't asked yet."The brunette said.The Hokage looked up and smiled.
"May I ask what your name is?"He asked.
"Amaya Gokai."You answered.The brunette and the white haired boy looked surprised but let it go after a minute.
"A Gokai,I thought you said there weren't any survivors."The white haire boy said.The Hokage sighed.
"I was wrong,Leave her here we will take care of everything."The Hokage said.You held on tighter to the white haired boy and burried your head on his shoulder.He sighed and spoke to the Hokage.
"I believe she rather come with us."He said.The Hokage smiled and nodded.
"Bring her back by night so we can have arrangements for her new home."The Hokage answered.Both boys bowed and left.You in the arms of the white haired boy.
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Both boys had taken you to a park and took you to a fountain in the middle of the park.They sat you down in the middle of them both and sat in silent,until you spoke.
"What is your name?"You asked in your tiny little kid voice.They both looked down at you then answered.
"My name is Kakashi Hatake and this is Iruka Umino."Kakashi introduced.You smiled and held your hands up close to your chest and began to blush.
"What's wrong Amaya?"Iruka asked.You blushed deeper,almost afraid to ask but asked anyway.
"Are you two a couple?"You asked as you held your eyes shut.If your eyes were open you would have seen them both blush.
"yes,but how did you know,we hadn't shown any sign of being a couple to you."Kakashi answered.You opened your eyes and smiled.
"I just know."you answered as you began to flung your feet forwards and back like a kid does when they get all jumpy.They both smiled at you,partly cause you were cute,and partly cause you didn't make fun of them or said 'ew' like other kids your age say.
An Hour Later
You spend an entire hour with them,mostly them buying you ice cream,food,and some clothes for you didn't have any and your current clothes were covered with blood.Soon,it came time for you three to head for the Hokage's.You seemed sad knowing that you might not see them again.Even if you had known them for a couple of hours but you looked at the both like older brothers.They seem to think the same thing seeing as they were both sad too.You reached the Hokage's office in no time and walked straight to the Hokage's office.Once inside you three took a seat in a bench that was there.After seating down the Hokage took his time to speak,10 minutes to be exact.
"Amaya,I have decided to let you stay here in Konoha."The Hokage answered.You looked up.He knew your families history and you were surprised to know that he would allow you to stay."Though,the family part would be up to you."He said.You stared at him in shock,same as kakashi and Iruka who seemed just as surprised as you.
"Really?"You asked.The Hokage smiled and nodded.You jumped up in joy and turned to Iruka and Kakashi who were still in Lalaland.
"Can I stay with you two,please."You said.They both stared at you,still lost in space then after a minute or too they smiled real big.
"Course you can stay with us."They both said.You jumped up in joy and hugged them both.
"Thank you."You said as you hugged them.
The End Of Chapter 1

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