Dirty Little Secret [Harry Potter] \\part 6\\ ~Bra and Panties~

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Created by loosingsanity on Monday, May 15, 2006

RECAP:"Harry is waiting for me" I say as I throw back on my clothing, silently wishing I didn't have to go, that Draco and I could have continued. I walked into the fireplace and silently said where I needed to go.
"I'll be waiting too" Draco said silently to himself. Bridgette already gone.
START: I step out of the fire place and into a empty room. "Harry?" I wisper.
Powerful arms grab me lightly around the waist "Shh!.. things all patched up with your mom?" I turn to see just Harrys face, before he covers me too with the invisiblity cloak.
His hands left my waist as we head up the stairs "I... well... no. Harry, I don't think things will ever be good between my mother and I... We...We are just too different."
He nods sadly and excorts me to my room. "Best get some sleep. We leave tomorrow."
He has such a look of innocents where Draco lacks such a thing. I give him a quick peck on the cheek. "G'night Harry."
He blushed and closed the door behind me "night Bridgette."
I walked calmly over to my bed quickly striping down to my bra and thong, too tired to search throught my trunk for pajamas I climbed into bed half naked and covered my head in the blankets too keep warm and fell into a fit-full sleep.

"Bridgette?" my eyes fluttered open still under the mountain of blankets, I reached up and pulled the blankets to just below my eyes looking up and seeing Harry sitting at the side of my bed. "G'morning"
I staired at him for a moment before mummbling "fiv'mor'minutes" and hiking the blankets back over my head.
"Bridgette!" Harry said shaking me harder.
"It's cold out there I want to be under my nice warm blankets and get a few more minutes of shut eye!" I groan.
"Want to stay under your blankets huh?" Harry said with slight intrest. I thought nothing of it and shut my eyes trying to get back to sleep.
Suddenly cold air hit my body and I shot up. Harry stood at the side of my bed all my blankets in hand, his eyes buldging out of their sockets, looking down at myself I remembered, all I was in was a bra and thong!
"HARRY!" I screamed trying to cover up.

... and you all know what happens when you try to avoid a embarassing moment........

Mr, Mrs Weasly, Ginny, Hermione, Ron, Fred and George all ran to the door to see what was going on. And what a sight they seen, Harry with my blankets and me in bearly anything stairing at them as they stared at us.
I snatched my blankets quickly from Harry and wrapped one around me, I could feel myself blushing like mad, the twins whistled loudly, which got a swat from their parents. "NOTHING TO SEE!" Mrs Weasley said pushing every one out.
"I beg to differ mother" Fred said grinning.
"All. Your. Fault!" I shout clearly at Harry grabbing my shrunken trunk and walking into the bathroom.
"I'm sorry! I thought you were wearing clothing!"
I knew Harry had only been playing around, but now everyone in the house had seen me in my bra and panties.
I got dressed in a short black shorts, and a white shirt with black angel wings depicted on the back. I put on a belt with a wand loop in and inserted my white wand into it.
After shrinking my trunk and fitting it into my pocket I walked out and downstairs taking a deep breath before walking into the kitchen for breakfast.
The boys were all staring before I gave them a glare and they all turned back to their food. I sat beside Harry he leaned over "sorry about ear-"
"Don't worry about it Harry, you didn't know."
I grabbed a peice of toast and some bacon eating contently as fortunatly (thanks to Mr Weasley) the conversation stayed on muggle contraptions the entire time.
A few hours passed as Harry, Hermione, Ron and I sat in the living room. Everyone else was in there too, watching us, listening. "Ready guys?" Harry asked.
I looked down at where the heart shaped locket layed under my shirt. I looked up and him and stood across from him "I am."
Ron stood next and nodded. Hermione stood to "yes, lets get going."
Tearful goodbyes were exchanged before we stepped into the fire.
We had been walking for nearly two hours. I had been in a old museum of magical items, but noticed nothing out of the ordinary, most of the stuff had been their for ages. Harry had checked out a local coffee shop easdropping on shaddy looking characters. Hermione had been buying supplies for us, and Ron had been at a joke shop buying stuff for Ginny's upcomming birthday.
We were all to meet up at a grand courtyard. I sat at the picnic table the first to arrive.
"Been missing me love?" the hot breath at my ear was nice.
I turned "of course Drake."
He smirked and sat next to me. "What are you doing here all by yourself?"
"The others are meeting me here. We've been looking for leads."
He looked both ways before wispering into my ear "somethings are in plain view for everyone to see." He pointed to the old lighthouse and gave me a corner of paper before slipping into the darkness.
I turned back to the road in time to see Harry and Hermione round the corner.
They sat with me "find any leads?" I looked down at the paper.
"Maybe?" I said putting it on the table.
"Where the light is bright, you can destroy a peice of the darkness."
"I don't get it." Harry said.
I pointed to the lighthouse.
Hermione glared at me "How do yo-"
"Guys! You have got to check out the stuff I got Ginny!" Ron said running around the corner a Zonko's bag in hand.
I rested my head on my hand and grinned slightly. We got up and walked to a hotel Ron explaining the stuff he bought.
Tomorrow we would got to the light house.
hope you liked it!
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