||One-Shot||Breaking A Promise||Naruto||

Created by Sasukerules11 on Monday, May 15, 2006


You looked at the dying Naruto... tears filled your eyes as you held his head on your lap. A cold tear landed on his nose. "N-Naruto don't leave me..." You choked on the words.
"Don't say that." He rasped, his arm reaching out and touching your soft cheek. "Don't cry..."
You shook you hand, placing it on his hand. "I-It's probably harder for me to s-speak..." you felt as if the life with in you was being sucked from you.
"D-Did I-I ever t-t-tell you t-that I-I l-love y-you?" A weak smile crossed his lips. "I-I l-love y-" you placed your finger on his lips.
"D-Don't speak..." you cried, tears falling onto his face. "I love you too."
You starred at the seven year old Naruto. "Your Naruto right?"
"WELL I'M HANA!!!!" You yelled giving him a huge hug. "YOUR NEW FRIEND!"
You felt tears fall from your green eyes. You rolled on to your back as someone kicked you in the side.
A nine year old Naruto stepped in front of you. "Stay away from her."
"L-Look it's the Demon run! He'll kill us all that horrilbe beast!
Naruto turned to you. "Do think I'm a horrible beast Hana-Chan?"
"No Naruto-Kun I think of you as my best friend."
Naurto was glaring at Sasuke, you saw the the boy get up bumping Naruto. You ran over to them, quickly shoving Naruto out of the way.
"What was that for?"
"You'll thank me later."
Then there was you only last night, wearing a slik white dress with a blue ribbon around your waist, in one hand was your white highheels and in the other was Naruto's strong fifteen year old hand. "I had a wonderful time tonight."
"Really?" He asked you, leading you down your sidewalk.
"Hai," you said letting go and facing your only guy friend. "Naruto... you think I'm ugly?"
He seemed shocked by what you made just said. "N- let me show you what I think." He leaned in a gave you a soft kiss. Naruto pulled away smiling ear to ear. "I kissed the prettiest girl in the village just now. My first kiss with the prettiest girl in the village..." Little did Naruto know it would be his last.

Naruto smiled weakly, letting his hand fall. "P-P-Pro-Promise m-me t-this," he said softly in a shaking voice.
"What Naruto... I'll promise you anything."
"P-Promise m-m-me th-that y-you'll m-marry a-and l-live ha-hap-h-happy w-with out m-me th-there b-but n-never f-forget m-m-me."
"I'll keep you that promise Naruto..." Your tears dripped off your nose as you watched your love die.
[Three Weeks Later]
Dearest Naruto,
I write to you with haste... Neji has asked me out and I turned him down. You should have seen the look on his face! It was priceless. And guess what? Shikamaru and Ino are dating so don't worry about those two... and better news is that Sasuke is returning for your funeral so I guess you brought him back! But now... I leave you with the real reason I write to you...
I'm sorry to say that I will have to break the first part of your promise. I will not marry! I love you and only you! So as you can see love... I love you...
With Love,
P.S. I will be joining you tonight... It's time we see eachother again.

-Crys- Rate & Message

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