Pre-Teen Diapers


Created by Lightstar on Saturday, May 20, 2006


Hello I am 10 and still wear diapers caused from a medical problem here is my story: one night my mom calls me and my 12 year old sister into the room. She tells my sister that she has to leave for work and will not be back in till early in the morning. She tells my sister something that i found out later on. She invited some friends over and at 5:00 thye ordered pizza my sister wanted to be rude or mean and put me into an old highchair and made oatmeal for me. At 6:30 she gave me a bath. Then she called her friends in the room to show them something she put me onto a changing station then since iam small for my age i fit onto it! She then instead of my cloth diapers she slipped on my Pampers that i wear in the day time. All her friends laughed i cryed. She got those baby bouncy chair thing and put in a barney tape. She told me if ididn't watch it i would have to go to the store with them. As my sister called a baby-sitter it just happened to be my best friend! She understood what happened to me and she took me out of the chair and took out barney. She got me into my regular cloth diapers and then as my sister said put me to bed.
Clcik it to get the rest of the sotry
My mom then came in and payed her my sister fgot growned. And son ow she diapers me and does not work late and when she does she calls my b est-friend how embarrising

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