The Forgotten Secret (a Yugi\Yami\Seto love story) part 5

Yugi layed his hand on the left side of your face and kissed you. He also kissed like Yami except more light and loving, not the passionate and hot kiss Yami gave you only moments ago. Suddenly you started to see the dream you had had that night except there was another little boy there. You pulled away from Yugi and backed away from him. You shot up from your spot and started running away. KARI???!!! Yugi yelled as you ran away.

Created by iLoVeHoTaNiMeGuYs on Monday, May 22, 2006


Your kept on running until you reached the mansion that you lived in.
Why did that happen between me and Yugi. I mean I thought I liked..... you thought until you heard a voice call you.
You looked up and saw that it was your twin sister, Kairi(yeah it is the same name from Kingdom Hearts 2 except that she has green hair and brown eyes).
K-Kairi? you said staring at her.
Kari!! she shouted and hugged you. guess what?
Umm what...? you said once she let go of you.
Im moving in with you, little sis.
Im not that bit younger then you Kairi.. you sated
Yeah, 5 minutes. she giggled then pulled you inside the house.
Why me.. you thought sighing as she went into your room and started putting her stuff away.
You went into the kitchen and decided to get yiou and her a snack. You get two bags of oreos and a big jar of peanut butter(its good try it once in a while) You walked into the living room, opened the oreos and the peanut butter, and turned on the TV. When you turned it one you saw someone on there that you thought you would never see on TV.
So Mr. Kaiba I heard that you are still attending the public high school here how come you havent moved on to collage like you, being the smart man you are. asked one of the reporters that was shoving a microphone into his face.
I believe that I should continue me education so that I can run Kaiba Corp. the best I can. he said with his eyes closed.
So Mr. Kaiba how has life been in high school? Any new girlfriends? asked another reporter.

OMG soo much love in this story(me: If you dont like it then leave.)Im sorry!!!(me:...ok then)

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