The diary of koga's mate.....Koga and you.....part6...girl trouble*

Created by AlanaNixon on Thursday, May 25, 2006


If you had been in my position you would have believed right away also. Just standing near them was giving me a chill down my spine. (Me: story starts) Know I knew why Koga was so sure that there was nothing my father could do to him. He was immortal and had abilities that surpass the ones of normal mere humans. I tried to shake the fear off by asking a question to lighten my mood, "Sitori? How did you m.." "Chick you have got a lot of nerve coming here asking all these questions," interrupted Mamimi in the harshest voice you could ever hear, " You are not entitled to all this information and hospitality that you are getting., " And before Mamimi could finish Ayame started her screaming, "I HONESTLY DO NOT KNOW WHAT HE WAS THINKING. HE HAS ALREADY MARKED HER!!!," Ayame soulless green eyes then fell on me, "You’re lucky you know that. The only reason Sitori and the others are nice to you is Koga. If it weren’t for him your insides would be painted on the walls if I didn’t already get to you first." Sitori stepped in front of me, redirecting Ayame’s view from me to her, "Now don’t listen to them _______. They are just sore losers that is all." "Losers?" I asked. Mamimi and Ayame glared at me again at that word. Obviously they took it to heart. Sitori sighed, "Well we are all here in hopes of being his mate. Weather it is by choice or not. You see, when he gets tired of one of his, well, mistresses, he gets rid of them. Some ways are not as nice as others. And since you’re his mate now, some of us do not know what will happen to us. Not so much me, Mamimi, and Ayame, but more of the twins and Katrina." "What do you mean gets rid of them in some ways not as nice than others?" I asked. Mamimi peered at me, "It means that if you were merely just a play toy for Koga and nothing more, you would be handed over to Ginta and Hakkaku to do as they please." Mamimi grinned with amusement when she seen my expression drop. "And you know what they would do? They would torture you and torment you just to hear you scream. That is what makes them tick. They would do as they would please and when they are done, just to make sure you are dead, they would chop you up into bits, but just enough so you were still alive to know what is going on. Then they throw you in pit, and at the bottom of that pit is a fan to puree every last bit of your body and fire just below to make sure nothing will ever come back up." I was getting angry with her and it was clear to see. I figured she was either trying to make me feel bad, or trying to get Niome, Niame and Katrina to hate me. Mamimi thought for a bit, "Do you remember when you were coming here? Those sounds you heard." I knew all too well what she was talking about. "The screaming was Ginta and Hakkaku’s last victims." Sitori who apparently was my new savior today because she has been speaking in my behalf a lot spoke again, "Will you stop it. You know this was not her choice so don’t add anymore grief to her misery." Just then Koga opened the door with two men standing beside him. I could tell by their appearance it was Ginta and Hakkaku. They both had innocent smiles on their faces, not the face of a hitman. All the women ran up to Koga and repeated as before, groveling over him like he was someone deserving of it. I was standing in the middle of the room not moving an inch. Koga smiled and admired the girls, playing along with them like he cared for them as much as they cared for him. Just then he noticed me standing alone in the middle of the room and simply pushed the women aside. Koga turned to Ginta and Hakkaku, "That is her." Koga grinned as he shown me off like I was some sort of trophy. "_______ come meet Ginta and Hakkaku. They are my best friends so don’t be rude." I stepped to Koga sheepishly, trying to ignore the eyes the women were giving me. Hakkaku skimmed me down smugly, "It is very nice to me you." I didn’t even keep eye contact. I just stared at the floor hoping I would get to leave this place soon. Ginta frowned but he obviously was just teasing me, "You aren’t going to speak to us. That is a shame all we wanted was to be your friend." I could already feel tears welling up in my eyes. "Come on we’re not that bad." Hakkaku said with a grin. "Leave me alone!" I cried as I ran into Koga’s arms. "Koga I don’t want to be here anymore," I managed to say between sobs muffled by Koga’s chest. Hakkaku laughed to Ginta, "Well apparently Koga likes the childish ones." Koga lifted me head so he could look me in the eye, "Calm down I will be back for you ok. Stay with the girls." Koga gave the women a stern look and then left the room with Ginta and Hakkaku. I never was so embarrassed in my life. I felt someone gather me in their arms but I didn’t know who because I was crying so much. I –did- hear Ayame’s voice, "You can’t be serious that –they- upset you." “Ayame would you just shut up sometimes, No one hear wants to hear your voice," said Niome. Sitori spoke next, "Everyone listen. It wasn’t her choice to be here and as for you Ayame, she hasn’t even said a word to you. If Koga wanted you he wouldn’t have the rest of us now would he." "I think you all need to shut up," said Mamimi, "None of you have any idea what is going on here now that –she- is here." At the time, I had no idea what Mamimi meant by that. After that everyone went off into their own little worlds, Mamimi and Ayame to their corners to both blow off some steam, Niome and Niame chatting away in a language I did not understand nor recognize. Sitori was telling me a little about herself but I was too upset to listen. As for Katrina, she sat next to the doorway by herself, no one speaking to her, and she didn’t seem comfortable speaking with anyone. Not very long after Koga came back into the room again just like he promised, and all the girls except for Mamimi ran up to him. Koga grinned down at them, “Hey girls guess what? I’m going to spend the night, and you know what that means. We even got a new special addition.” Koga gestured to me and all the girls looked back at me smiling, pretending to be thrilled with me. Koga’s eyes fell on Mamimi who was giving him and the other girls a look that feel under the term “if looks could kill.” Koga smiled at Mamimi, and then looked at me. “_______, Go with the others girls and get something to eat ok?” And with those words all the girls excluding Mamimi all left the room and I followed. As I left the room Koga shut the door behind me, leaving only him and Mamimi in the room, alone.

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