Dancing Sword ~ A Devil May Cry 3 Love Story (Vergil)~ - Introduction

Yes, yes, I know. I haven't even gotten the first official installment of Through the Looking Glass out. However, I am currently at my aunt's house with no access to the Word file with the installment so far. So I start on my series that caters to Vergil-lovers. Enjoy.

Created by Shayde789 on Thursday, June 01, 2006


The tinny sounds of metal on marble echoed in your empty room as you removed your pearl earrings and simply dropped them. The pearl-studded silver choker at your throat was next, followed by the delicate webbed bangle on your wrist, its diamond-and-pearl clasp breaking off as it hit cold white stone.
You picked up a soft white handkercheif, smearing fire engine red lipstick off of lips trembling with the effort of suppressing tears. Your face in the mirror was pale, ghost-like. You reminded yourself of Vergil's hair.
It was amazing. You, an heiress, into video games. Obsessed with katana-wielding half-demons. Damien didn't like it. Not at all.
Frigid first son of a prestigious family.
The man you were betrothed to at your parents' command.
You slipped out of your figure-hugging party attire, sliding into a loose cami and boxers an ever-so-slightly-eccentric-fellow-heiress had given you. Had to love the boxers with the lyrics to Taste the Blood and little chibi Vergils on them.
You left your discarded party attire on the floor, going around your bed and taking the archaic sword hanging there off the wall. That infamous eccentric friend had commented once it looked like Rebellion. You were inclined to agree.
Family heirloom.
Your mother hated heirlooms from your father's side of the family.
It became yours.
And goodness if you didn't know how to wield it perfectly.
The party noises downstairs remained a constant hum, but soon became insignificant as you began to fight an opponent only you could see.
The effort needed to lift and twirl the heavy sword was amazing. The familiar ache in your limbs quickly dulled the fresh mental pain caused by Damien not an hour ago.
You grew light-headed after a while, but passed it off as a sign you had carried on longer than usual.
You never expected the weight of your sword to become too much.
You never expected to fall to your knees, fire racing through your veins.
You never expected the black that followed the fire.
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Alrighty then. Intro done. Now I'm crashing. Rate and leave a message if you'd like, don't bother if you don't.
Later guys.
(By the way, no worries about the party thing and Damien. They shall be explained later.)

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