~The Princess Bride 2~ (A sequel to the movie) prt. 2


Created by crystalrose153 on Friday, June 02, 2006

~Riders pov~
"So...are we clear, we attack tonight. I won't have Westly making me look like a complete fool!" The men nodded in agreement at Riders plan, tonight was the night. Tonight he'd be satisfied, tonight he'd have revenge.
They galloped up to the palace ready to attack, fire torches in hand.
"Wooooooo hooooooo!!!" They let out yelps and screams, so as to alert the family.
Rider always enjoyed the intesity of it all, the way shock came over one's face when forced to battle.
~Westly's pov~
My eye's immediatly snapped open, Rider...so he's finally made his move.
"Darling wake up." I said loudly, Buttercup jumped from the bed, ready for action.
"What is it?!" I smiled a little, she was so adorable.
"Rider's here, I'll need you to take Ameila out the back house."
"But Westly what about you?" She asked worried.
"What me? I've handled this pig before, he's never any match."
"But it sounds like he's brought a whole gang."
"I'll be all right sweetheart, just get Amelia and go." She looked hesitant but obliged, as I grabbed my sword and readied myself for what could be my final battle.
~Amelia's POV~
"What! Where's father, I'm going to help him, mom head for the bac-"
"NO! You'll do as I say Ameila, your father will be fine! Get your robes and lets go!" I watched as she rummaged through my belongings, my dad never had any trouble defending our manor before. So why now was mother worried?
While she was packing my suit case, I gently slipped my sword from under my bed and headed out for the fight.
I will not let my father die.
~Buttercup's POV~
"Alright darling, I think I've got everything co-" I turned to find her, gone.
"Oh good heavens! She'll be the death of me one day!" I said frustrated and worried. I grabbed the bag full of clothes and headed out of the door.
"AMEILA!! COME BACK HERE THIS INSTANT!!" I screamed to her, but she was long gone around the hallway and into the living area, where Westly was waiting, and preparing to fight.
~Westly's POV~
"DAD!" I turned my head around, as I was battling one of Riders goons. If I make it out of this alive I'm going to kill her.
"Amelia, why are you not with your mother!!!" I asked frustrated, I shoved my sword into another mans gut, lesuirly pushing him off, battling the next one.
"I. Came. To. Help." She said, between fencing with another goon, she was rather good, and I had to stop and admire her for a while.
What can I say? She gets it from her father.
~Ameila's POV~
The battle was intense and I almost tired out, but looking at my father, with such skill and percision I became motivated to continue. I thought about their story and how dad, had fought to stay alive all because he loved mom. That's what I had to hold onto, the love between me and my parents.
"Amelia, get out of there!" I heard my mom calling, I didn't stop, not for one breath. Her voice seemed distant as I stabbed another goon, and another. Just as I felt victory coming close to me, I felt myself being jerked back, with an arm around my neck.
"Ahhhhh!" I screamed it took me by such surprise, my father distracted ended up having a sword being run through him.
"DAD!!" I screamed out, I couldn't hear my mothers scream, he fell out on the floor, luckily I could tell that the wound wasn't fatal. Just in the shoulder, but it still angered me. And in my agression I ended up stomping on this mans foot, then elbowing him to the nose.
I turned and to face him, when I realized that it was Rider, my dad's worst enemy. I never knew specific details on why he hated my father.
"Well now...that was a bit brutal for a lady of the house, wasn't it?" He asked slyly, my mother was over my father asking over and over again if he was okay. When she was finally convinced she picked up my fathers sword and stood next to me.
"Don't you touch my family, take you and your wild pack of coyotes else where."
I held my mother back, she was so scary this way.
"Lady of the house? Try invading this house again and I'll show you what I can really do!" I said bold as you please. He laughed as I held my sword in place, and a death glare.
"Well my dear whats the since in waiting, we might as well see how 'lady like' you really are, here and now."
I smirked, I could beat him. I know it.
"Amelia no! I forbid you!" My mother shouted, I looked at her. She was scared.
"Mom, let me show him what happens when he messes with our family!!"
"NO I FORBID IT!!" She boomed, I became frightened.
"Yes listen to your mother, wouldn't want to scare that pretty face of yours." He seethed, oh how I hate this man.
"You distgust me..." I said my voice filled with malice and hatered.
"My dear I've heard that so many times before but coming from you it truly is a compliment."
"That's it! I'll fight you! Only to prove to you that you don't know who your dealing with."
"Dearest, let her fight." My father spoke up for me this time.
"Tsk, tsk. Westly are you sure that's a good idea."
He smirked even in his current position.
"Honestly my good man? Yes, because she's my daughter, and as we both know I could defeat you even in my current state, I'd like to see this fight."
"Westly! Have you gone mad!? This isn't a game! She's our daughter, you're betting her life!!!" My mother said.
"Actually, I'll bet her...freedom."
"What?" I asked, obviously this mand isn't sane.
"That's right, if you win I'll leave you and your family alone for good, but if I win....you'll be a slave to me until I say otherwise."
"NO! Ameila will not be participating in your sick little game, just take what you want and go!"
"Darling, let the girl fight. She wants to do this. Look at her." I smiled at my father, he always had confidence in me. She looked hesitant at first but then she eased up a bit.
"I don't like this idea...but if your sure you'll win."
"Of course she's sure, that's my daughter."
"OUR daughter....go ahead sweety." I smiled and took my fencing position, my father had taught me everything I know.
"Excellent, I'm so looking forward to our time together." He seethed, I glared at him.
"Don't count on it..." Were my final words before the battle began.
oh yes!! Kick his ass!!! (Pic of Rider in results)
well this is what Rider looks like, not too shaby huh? I wonder who's gonna win?!?!?

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