Edward Elric Lemon (yuck)

I don't like Ed, but my biggest, squishiest, bestest friend eva Ryan (hamhambijou). Here ya go bitch.

Created by DarknessAlchemist on Saturday, June 03, 2006


You and Ed sat on his bed as the full moon rose in the sky. "Are you sure that you absolutly want to do this" he asked. You slowly nodded your head. You and Ed have been going out for about a year now. Sex often came up in your conversations. Now you were finally gonna try it. "Ok" he said, his voice was a little shaky. That made you giggle. He leaned forward and pressed his lips gently against yours. A small moan forced its way out of your throat. He smirked against your lips, now you knew that things were gonna get nasty. His tongue slid its way into your mouth. He explored every single crevice, then found your tounge. He wrapped his around yours. Ed then lowered you down onto the bed and carressed your sides. He started to remove your shirt than threw it across the room. His eyes roamed over your body. He next went for your bra, you wore one that clasped down the front for his sake. He worked at it, but it was no use. 'Poor Ed he can't even master the art of removing a bra' you thought (me: wait removing a bra is an ART???!!!). Finally he got it off and eyed up your body. Then he lowered his face to your neck and started to nip and lick at it. His hands in the mean time fondled your breast. You moaned loudly and arched your back upward towards him. Then he continued down your body and removed your jeans. Next panties went flying across the room to god knows where. Then he disappeared between your legs. Suddenly a wave of pleasure washed over your body. His tongue dipped in and out of you, going in deeper each time. Finnally something inside you basically shattered and white hot heat flowed out of you into his mouth. He swallowed it with twisted smirk "you taste good" he said. "Well damn, I wonder how you taste" you pinned him down and practically ripped his clothes off. Then you removed his boxers and gasped when you saw his bulging erection. Then you leaned down and took his throbbing dick into your mouth. He gasped then trusted his hips up and hit your gag reflex. None the less you only sucked harder. He thrusted up again. Then his white hot semen exploded in your mouth, suck again to get all of it out. Then with a swift motion he pinned you down and thrusted into you. He felt a small membrane give way, then he saw the expression on your face. Ed leaned down and kissed away your tears. Slowly he started to thrust. The pain was replaced by a terrific pleasure. You thrusted your hips up to meet his. Then he hit something that set fireworks off behind your eyes. Time and time again he hit it until you felt your muscles clamp around him. He then came right after you. From exhaustion both of you fell asleep.
Outside the door Roy sat with a tape recorder. "This is so damn perfect" he laughed.
Ryan I hope that you like this piece of crap.

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