Fantasy Has Come Alive (34)-Edward Elric Story

Created by keikokiko on Monday, June 12, 2006

You were in bed leaning against the bed post with your book in front of you, but you werent exactly reading. Your mind was on something else. You decided to go down to the medicine cabinet to get some cream for your wounds. You dragged yourself out of bed and went to the door and went downstairs for the cream. You walked into the empty kitchen and opened the cabinet to find the cream that you were looking for. You searched through the cabinet but you couldnt find it. "Oh, you GOT to be kidding me" You whispered in a high pitched voice. "No, no, no!" You exclaimed giving up as you sat onto a chair and ran your hand through your hair. You saw Al come into the kitchen. He noticed you as he walked his way to the refrigerator. "I'm surprised that you managed to get all the way down here" Al said opening the fridge. "It wasnt that hard. A bit painful, both other then that, it was fun" You grumbled with your head in your arms. "Ah. So why'd you come down here?" Al asked. "For a cream" You said. "Oh. You know, Brother has it" A; said. You looked at him. "Ed? But why does he need it?" You asked. "Um uh um uh y-you see, Ed kind of scraped himself on the knee" "When?" You asked. "DO YOU WANT THE CREAM OR NOT!!?!?!" Al shouted annoyed. "YES I DO!!!!" You shouted back. "Then you better go up there then!" "Fine, sheesh- wait, Eds upstairs?" "Well he went upstairs when you went downstairs" "But I didnt see him g-" "Oh for crying out loud JUST GO!" Al shouted. "Fine fine fine!" You said running to your stairs. As you went up the stairs, Al turned his back towards you so you couldnt see him smirking as he tossed something in the air and caught it with a big smirk.
wonder what Al is up to..........
i think i know what ed is up to.......
You went into the walked into the bathroom. You saw Ed sitting on a stool. He looked up. "Um, I need the cream" You said walking in. Ed looked at you confused. "What cream?" Al asked. "The cream to heal those wounds on my back." You said getting annoyed with Ed's attitude. "B-but I thought you wanted me to help you with taking a shower" Ed said. "But, hold on h-ALLL!!!" You shouted turning around just in time to see the door slam right in your face. You turned the door knob. It was locked. You started banging on the door. "AL!!! I SHOULD HAVE NEVER TRUSTED YOU FROM THE START!!!!" You heard Al snicker. "Shouldnt have trusted me the key for one thing" he said smirking. "ALPHONSE! YOU UNLOCK THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW!!!" You screamed banging on the door hard. "I-it's no use Rose, he won't open it" Ed said quietly. You gave in. You slid your back down against the door and plopped onto your bottom. "Great. Wonder how long it'll be before Al decides to unlock the door" You grumbled crossing your arms. "Uh Ed why is there a basin of water, a towel, soap?" You asked noticing those items. Ed turned red. "Well uh you see, Al told me that you wanted me to help you with taking a shower so um that's why these things are here" Al said scratching his head nervously. "Then I guess it was Al's plan to lock us up in one same room" "YEP!" Al said from behind the door. "AL!!!! SHUT UP AND GO AWAY!" You shouted. "OKAY!" Al said as his footsteps walked away. "OKAY! OKAY! I DIDNT MEAN IT! COEM BACK! AL! COME BACK RIGHT NOW OR YOU'RE DEAD!" You shouted but he was long gone. "Arg, that boy just doesnt listen" You grumbled giving up and sat on the floor with your back and head against the door.

HA!I KNEW IT! I KNEW AL WAS GOING TO DO THAT!!! ed going to give me a shower....i hope ^//^
5 minutes had passed and you were growing impatient. 'When is that moran coming back!?' you thought to yourself. You were very bored. "Well, I guess since we dont have anything to do, I guess you could help me with taking a shower," You said. "Um okay. I think it would help if you laid on top of this hot tub lid. It's soft and clean right?" Ed asked. "Yeah" you said as you started to unbutton your shirt. Ed was blushing crazy and turned his back as your stripped your clothes off, but you knew at the corner of his eyes that he was watching you. You were as well blushing. "Um okay, I'm naked now" You said as you took off your last garment. "Um okay" Ed said turning around and he instantly fell out of stool completely red when he saw you. You giggled a little at how Ed was reacting. "Here, come on" You said bending down a bit and to help him up which made Ed even redder since your privates were closer to him. Ed was trying not to look at you. "Oh come on Ed, you've seen naked girls before" You said smirking at him. "N-no I-I h-h-haven't" He said. "Oh yeah right. Didnt you see Kaya naked?" "Well yeah,,," "So there. That proved my point. There's no need for you to be nervous to see me naked now come on, I'm getting a bit cold" You said grabbing his hand and dragged him up to his feet. "So um which side should we um wash first?" You asked getting onto the hot tub lid. Ed gulped. "Uh, I think the back side" He said. "Okay" You said getting onto your stomach. Ed froze as he saw the wounds on your back. He clutched the towel in his hand hard and the bar soap in his other hand. He slowly and quietly came up to you and rubbed his hands against the bar soap to get his hands soapy. He then rubbed his hands on parts of your back, avoiding contact with the wounds though. You loved the feeling. It made you relax and calm. "I-I'm sorry Rose" Ed said quietly. "You should be, cause I have a serious back pain now" You mumbled, not wanting to forgive Ed. "I know. It's all my fault. I'm sorry." He said as he washed off the parts with a towel that was soaked in warm water. "Yeah, well it's too late" You grumbled as he repeated the process. Ed started something, but he stopped. He sounded as if he was near to tears. You felt bad. Ed had finished your back, now you flipped onto your front side which made Ed blushed red as a tomato. "Don't cry Ed. I can't stand seeing you cry" you said looking off to the side, avoiding Ed's eyes. Ed kept quiet as he rubbed his hands again the soap bar again to make his hands soapier. He hesitated as first but started rubbing around your collar bone and then with many moments of hesitation, went down to your breasts. He gulped. You loved it when he was nervous. His face was so cute like that. Ed went over your breasts and then went back up again and massaged your breasts with his soapy hands. You couldnt help it but moan loudly as he massaged them. His hands were so gentle, so soft, so warm. Ed leaned down closer to your face and when you opened your eyes, it was just as his and your lips met. He brushed his lips against yours and then joined you in a passionate kiss while he massaged your breasts.
luv it so far!
You and Ed kissed passionately for the longest time. You often moaned through the kisses. You were noticing that Ed was getting on top of you as the kiss deepened. You quickly realized what was happening. You made yourself think. Ed loved Kaya, not you. Kaya loved Ed. They had made love. They belonged to each other. They were meant for eachother. You kicked Ed off of you. You wiped your mouth with your hand. "Why are you doing this!?" You exclaimed. "B-because I" "Well I think you should go back to Kaya, the one who you really love. Go back and make love with her like you were doing yesterday night! GO! JUST GO!!" You screamed, as tears spilled. "No Rose. I-I don't love Kaya" "THEN EXPLAIN WHY YOU'RE ALWAYS MAKING OUT WITH HER! FLIRTING WITH HER! ALWAYS WITH HER!" you screamed. Ed got onto his feet. "Rose, please. You have to trust me!" "HOW CAN I TRUST YOU IF YOU'RE CHEATING ON ME!?!? TELL ME!!" You screamed crying hard. "I'm not cheating on you Rose! I dont love Kaya." Ed said as he approached you. "Keep away from me Ed!" You shouted trying to push Edway, but he grabbed you and pulled you to him as he backed you up against the wall. "Listen to me Rose! I DON'T love Kaya! I love you!" Ed said, nearly shouting as he shook you to make you understand. "AND HOW DO YOU KNOW I'M LYING!!??" "I would never lie to you ROSE! I-I'll even prove that I love you if you let me have a chance to" Ed said. Your eyes widened as you calmed down a bit. Ed was looking at you straight in the eye. "Y-you mean you would make love with me?" You asked quietly. Ed nodded. You pushed Ed away from you. "I KNEW IT! YOU'RE JUST DOING ALL THIS TO HAVE SEX! YOU'RE SEX OBSESSED FREAK!" You screamed running from him. "NO ROSE! I AM NOT!" Ed shouted just as the door opened. "GO TRY ANOTHER GIRL WHO WONT BE STUPID ENOUGH TO FALL FOR YOUR DIRTY TRICKS!" You shouted as you ran out of the bathroom crying. Al looked at Ed. "Seems like it didnt go too well" Al said. Ed shook his head and slumped onto the stool and buried his head in his hands. He started crying. "What am I going to do now Al? It's over. I'll never get her back now. She's over with me. She hates me" Ed cried. Al walked up to his crying brother and put his hand on his shoulder. "It's not over yet Brother." "Yes it is!" Ed snapped. "Give her some time. She still has a mad crush on you, dont worry. I know" "How do you know?" Ed mumbled. "Read her diary" "WHAT!??!" Ed exclaimed looking at his brother. His little brother grinned slyly. "Try being nice to her. Buy her a little something or whatever." Al said as he headed toward the door. "And oh yeah, one more info you may wanna know. Rose's totally jealous over you and Kaya" Al said and was gone. "Jealous? Rose is jealous?"

Great Chapter! I can't wait for the next one!
Aw man, i wanted a lemon
i hope you enjoyed this chapter ^^

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