~20~It's the art of losing (no daddy stop it...it hurts)

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Created by depressedamI on Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Joe pulled you out of the hole apparently he knew where you were the hole time.
"Put her down Joe", said Brendon and Joe reached in his pocket and put a knife to your neck.
"You still want to die Lorry", he wispered in youe ear rubbing the cold metal of th knife accros your neck...it feelt so good.
*oh god make him do it*
~cut my fucking throat now don't tease me~
"Joe stop that's not funny", said Brendon not even looking at you.
"Brendon let him do what he wants to do", you said smiling feeling joe hold tight er to you.
"Yeah Brendon she wants me to kill her", suddenly Joe's hand went down to your stomach and he held the knife there.
"Joe do it", you said hoping he knew you weren't fucking around you wanted this so bad.
"Shut up bitch", he said stabbing the knife into your hand. You stared at the blood pouring out and smiled then you started laughing.
You were laughing hysterically, and you couldn't stop, both Joe and Brendon were staring at you as you laughed.
*it hurts so much*
~oh my god haha it hurts~
Joe let go of you and threw you down on the ground looking at yu in distgust.
"Joe come back", you said standing up and attacking him.
{you little bitch be still}
(stop it daddy I want it to stop it hurts)
You grabbed the knife from Joe and started hacking at your arm, you couldn't stop.
(daddy stop this isn't fun anymore)
{shut up bitch it's fun for me}
(no daddy i thought you loved me)
You started laughing and talking to yourself.
"That little basterd didn't love you...yes he did...no why did he hurt you like he did? Because that's how he showed me he loved me", you sat there and Joe took the knife from the ground next to you and walked away shaking his head.
Brendon was standing there watching you, "Why wouldn't he love me...whhhhyyy I love him I wanted to do everythign with him that girls do with their fathers", you held your head inbetween your hands and cried and cried.
There was a room it smelled funny, the smell made you oddly want to take a nap but you didn't want to daddy said you were going to have fun today.
It was an orngish yellowish color lke those old lapms and like everything had dust on it.
The phone rang "Gary you need to bring chelsie back soon", you smiled, mommy she loved you more then daddy did she said-because you came out of her tummy.
YOu smiled as your daddy walked into the room,"Hi daddy where are we going to have fun tonight?" You asked smiling up at hima nd he smiled back.
"We're going to stay right here chelsie", he said and you nodded now confused,"But daddy there's nothing to do here", you said a little disappointed.
"Oh we're going to play a game", you smiled. You LOVED playing games! "Ok well I'm going to take off my clothes you too and then you're going to bend over and touch your toes and you'll feel a little sting ok?"
You thought that a sting didn't sound fun but you didn't want daddy ad at you then he would go away again and last time he went away it made you feel like he didn't love you so you did it.
It was a lot more then a little sting it was a lot of pain and he wouldn't stop no matter how hard you begged and asked he wouldn't.
"daddy it hurts a lot", you screamed as he kept saying things like 'oh baby' moaning, you didn't like it you really wished he would stop but no matter what you said he wouldn't.
He said to relax and I would like it he said that it would make me feel good and that if yout old your mommy he wouldn't love you anymore and neither would god.
Your daddy doing this to you didn't feel good it felt really bad I wanted to cry all the time and I wanted to tell y mom but you couldn't god wouldn't love you...
***************END OF FLASHBACK****************
Someone was hugging you and you felt strange and your wrists hurt.
You looked down and saw new cuts and everything came back to you, tha memory had been worse then any of the other ones and you didn't know why.
*why didn't joe kill me? why...why...why?*
You remembered Brendon and you saw you were in the backseat of his car and he was holdng you in his sleep. The flashback had lasted a long time, the longest ever.
You started crying softly, You didn't realize you remembered all that.
Brendon squeezed you tighter,"Lorry, why didn't you tell someone?" He asked his eyes still closed and you thought you were just hearing things then his eyes fluttered open and you sighed.
"Tell anyone what?" You asked smiling, how much had you talked about it subcouncicously this time?
"That your own father raped you when you were little?"
*fuck i said too much*
~umm umm lie quick need now!~
"My father didn't rape me when I was little...why would you think that?" You smiled up at him hoping he would belive you.
"Please don't lie to me", you sighd,"Because I don't lke talking about it", you said scooting away from him.
"You didn't do anything wrong lorry...your father is the sick one he needs help talk to me lorry", you sighed.
~start talking missy~
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