Random Kouga LEMON

This is my first lemon ever! the reason I wrote this was becuse i was EXTREMELY bored and was dared by my friend to write this. But she is also going to write one so Ha to my friend! ok, here it comes

Created by kougakunsmate on Tuesday, June 13, 2006


"oh kouga!!! i love u so much!" "_____ i love you too". "can i be your mate, kougakun? i promise i'll always be there for u!!" You just got on top of kouga and he started moaning. he threw u onto the bed and u landed perfectly on it. u longed for his touch, and for his sex. He started taking off ur shirt and u were doing the same to him. "oh man..." u moaned as u saw kougas enlarged manhood. "like wht u see sexy"? Oh verry much so my sexy beast! plz i longed for u, dont tease me!!" in one moment he started thrusting into u so hard tht it was his last time doing it to u. "oh kouga!!!!!". u moaned as he put his head down toward ur womanhood and started lapping at ur cuilt and juices. "now its my turn baby" u had a face like this ~_^ and kougas face was like this *___* "come to me u sexy beast"!!!!!! he yelled. right away u suck on his manhood and savored his semen tht went into ur mouth while he was going to cum. "ENOUGH"!!!! kouga yelled and flipped u on ur backside. he started humping into u like he was crazy and then u felt the wild pleasure of doggy style as he made u put ur rump in the air and started thrusting u in the backside. "oh koug...." u were so into the pleasure so u couldn't even finish saying kouga. an amazing orgasm rocked ur body as he turned u over and spread out ur legs and sucked on ur juices. "OHH KOUGA!!!!!!" "say u love me and only me to prove tht u love me!!" he was saying tht while thrusting hard into u. " I LOVE ONLY U KOUGAKUN!!!" kouga smiled and he cupped ur womanhood. "ohh.." he started rubbing around ur womanhood making u go insane with pleasure. "KOUGA!!!!!!!! OH!!!!!" "say my name again!!" he said that while thrusting his manhood into u and moving it around inside of u going in different ways. KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" u got un top of him and he held onto ur hips making u bounce onto of him. u grind even harder on him to make him moan in pleasure. u 2 frenched eachother for about a min. or 2 and he cupped ur breasts. he moved his head down toward them and started sucking on ur nipples making them hard instantly.u were moaning so loudly that people from miles away could here u 2 having sex. He started kissing at ur forehead and then he moved lower and lower to ur breasts and rubbed his head into ur breasts. he then moved down to ur womanhood and started licking ur juices and sucking at it, right on the money. "kouga??" "yes?" "i love doing it with u..." "thats y ur going to help me rebuild my kin now back to where we were" He spread out ur legs and he told u to make ur legs go as far as possible. he spread ut his legs and and he thrusted into u, u were going as fast and as hard as him o_o. *Me:man.. u 2 must be really horney!!! You: *pulls out bazookas* Me: alright alright, im back to the story*. it was almost like a sequence, "kouga" "_____""kouga""_____". *me: u 2 are horn dogs!!!!*You: SHUT THE FU*K UP!!!! =_=* Me: damn... ok i'll stop i was just joking!!!^0^* The room was getting hotter and hotter as u 2 were getting closer to ur climax. u felt kougas seed seep into u and ur womanhood was covered in semen and he was still thrusting u!!! *man his sex is good... im so lucky to have a hot guy like this do it to me and im his mate as well!!* u thought. u were thrusting back hard while as kouga had one hand on ur breast and the other hand on ur ass. he was pushing ur ass so his manhood would go deeper in it and the pleasure of it all was amazing. another one of kougas seed entered u and it made ur wonahood a lot wetter. kouga collapsed ontop of u and was panting "______ ur my mate now and we can always do it when ever u want and sometimes we have to do it when i wanna cause i get horney soooo easily, got that babe?" "yes my horney little wolfy" u teased "hey-!!" u stopped him from frenching him and right after u frenched him u fell asleep instantly and u would never forget this night of neverending sex. me: i forgot to tell u but the 2 of u did it alll night practically and u 2 stopped at 6:00 i the morning 0_o. in kougas mind he was thinking *i love u _____ if i die i will never for get u..."

THE END OF KOUGA LEMON *me: i might write another one as well cause i just love my lemons*

DANG HE IS GOOD!!!!! *___*
meep... ._.
Ugh this is sick!! me: then stop reading it!!! =_=*
well that is my kouga lemon, hoped u liked it cause i sure did! ^_^

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