Hannah Montana~Jackson's Star .:. Chapter Four

Created by AnimaeGirlDetective on Sunday, June 18, 2006


Okay, before Chapter four starts, have you seen National Treasure? Okay, if you have, and/or have the DVD. (Especially if you have the DVD.) If you don't, buy it or rent it. Go at the credits and read who plays the part of Thomas Gates. He's the stable boy at the beginning at the movie. Also check out the deleted scenes or whatever for a longer version of Thomas Gates talking to the old guy. (forget the name.) Thomas Gates is played by Jason Earles (EEEH!) I always knew that boy was cute I just didn't know his name. Just to let you all know, especially those who are Jason Earles fans. That was his major movie debut. He even does the accent like he does on Hannah Montana!

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(Takes place after 'It's My Party and I'll Lie If I Want To")

"Now Jackson, what have we learn?" Elle wipes Jackson's head before revealing that he's blond hair was starting to grow back. "Don't try to hard to impress a girl?" "Whatever happen to Nina?" Jackson sighs, "She met this guy on her way to work." "He was 6'2 with a mad bike." Rico says. He is also showing some hair. "How you know?" "Cause I just seen her riding with him." Jackson bangs his head on the counter countless times. Elle grabs him, "Don't do that." "I hate it." Jackson sighs, sitting down. Elle sighs, "Not that face." She comes around and looks him in the eye, "Hey, there will always be other girls." "Yeah, like the one in front of you." Rico says. Jackson and Elle both turn around and stare at him. Rico grins, "haha, just kidding."

"Don't you have homework to do?" Elle puts a hand on her hip. Rico looks around, "Oh yeah. See-ya." He leaves. Elle puts the towel away. Jackson just sits there and mopes. "C'mon, buck up Jackson." She puts her hands on his shoulders. "Yeah," He sighs. "Just relax, please, it's not the end of the world." She starts massaging his shoulders. He closes his eyes, "That feels good." Elle just shakes her head and grins and keeps on doing it.

"Over to the left a little, right there." "Maybe I'll charge you by the hour." She jokes. "Funny," Jackson rolls his shoulders while Elle works on his neck, "You're pretty good at this." "I consider this free of charge since you're such a good friend." "Thanks El." "No problem." She works on his back. "Ah, that feels so good." He goes limp. "Gee, doesn't take much to make you relax." "ooh, ow." He tenses up.

"What? did I hurt you?" "No, just that knot in my back from weight lifting at school." "Ow," She grimces. "Hey, want me to get out for you after work? We go over to your house. I'm pretty good at it. My mom taught after I got this huge knot in my leg from skating." "Sure." He gets up. "Let's finish up here stocking and whatever then we can go." "Sounds good to me."

Later...Jackson was lying on a lawn chair while Elle work on his back. "Gees, Jackson, what were lifting? Boulders." "No, ow." "It's going to hurt a bit." "I figure that out." (Okay, just to know. he's lying on his stomach shirtless while Elle is kneeling next to him massaging his back) Robbie comes up with a bag of food. He stares at what is going on. "What are you doing to my son?" Robbie asks Elle. "He's got this hug knot and I'm trying to get it out." "good luck, I can't seem to get that sucker." "Well, Ms. Magic Fingers here is doing a better job than you did Dad."

Robbie looks at Elle and opens his mouth. "Oh, no. I'm not getting into it. Unless I was married to him, then no, I will not crack his back." "How'd you know what I was about to say?" "Cause I been around long enough." Elle says, rolling her eyes. She starts using her elbows a bit. "Do I look like pastry dough?" Jackson grits his teeth. "With what you eat? Yeah." "haha, funny." She finally gets it out, "There, feel better?" "Yeah." He sighs. Elle massages his back to makes sure there were no more knots.

Her fingers accidently tickle his sides, making his jump. "What?" "Nothing." He tries to hide the fact that his ticklish. "What? Did it hurt?" "No." Elle smirks, "Okay." She then begins again only to reach at his sides and tickle him. "Haha, stop it." "What?" Elle protests. "I'm not doing anything." "Right." He gets up, "Just what were you doing?" "Oh, this." She tickle attacks him. "Stop it!"

He starts laughing, "Knock it off, Elle!" "What?" She laughs with him. She stops, "Okay, I've stop." "Good, cause its your turn now." He grabs her and starts tickling her. "Jackson," She starts kicking her legs out. They overbalance and fall in the sand. "Jackson, stop it!" "You're getting now missy." She keeps laughing to a point that she gets both of them going. He stops only because he's laughing so much. (He's on top and she's on the bottem.)

"Are we even, now?" She laughs. "Yep." He notice her hairband came out and her hair was everywhere. "What? I got sand in hair?" She gets up to brush it out of her hair when she notice they were to a point their noses almost touch. Again, she was staring into those big blue eyes. Some of his hair was already brushing again his brow. "Uh," She gulps, noticing the tight spot.

A hand reaches to her cheek and brushes some sand from it. He gives her that sweet slow smile that she had known to see. 'Why is it always like this?' She wonders. Only inches away and they would be...Her face flushes at the thought. "You okay? You're turning red." "Uh, yeah, fine." Her mouth went dry. "You know, I never really did get a good look at your eye color. I've never seen that shade of green before." "It's different." "Yeah, unique." 'Why did he have to be so darn nice?'

"Yeah, I got it from my dad's side. I had a great grandmother who had the same exact shade in her eyes." She smiles at the thought. "I've bet that where you got some of your good looks from." Her eyes widen. Did he say what she thought he just said? "Uh, I mean..." Jackson looks away, embarrass. 'Bad Jackson. She's just a friend. JUST A FRIEND!' His mind shouts back at him. His heart on the other hand, 'Yeah, a pretty good-looking friend.' "That's sweet Jackson." She smiles at him.

'Now you done it.' His mind told on him. "That's the sweetest thing a guy has ever said to me." She smiles, almost glowing. "Uh yeah." He shifts to where he is sitting next to her. "By the way, if you don't mind me asking, where is your dad?" He notice she frown. "He's back home in the East, with his new girlfriend." "Oh, your parents are divorsed." "Yeah." "I'm sorry." "Don't apologize. He made that choice. Not me." She curls her knees up to her chest. "It was a bad week. Mom was crying so bad that she got me going."

Jackson figure a story was coming on so he sat and listen. "I was upset. So, I try to get a hold of my best friend, Kate. She wasn't home. Her mom told me she was at the mall. I went there, only to get hurt even more." Jackson scoots closer. "She was kissing my boyfriend. Apparently they were seeing each other behind my back." Jackson's jaw drops, "What?!" Now he was ticked off. She was sitting there in tears while telling him this. "Yeah." She looks away. "I never want to go back, no matter how much I'm happy here, I still do not want to go back."

She finds herself being pull into a warm embrace, "You don't have to. If it still hurts you, you don't have to." Jackson was hugging her. "Jackson." Tears came out, pouring out as she wraps her arms around his neck. "I lost my whole life. My friends, my boyfriend, my family. Everyone. My grandfather was also ill. I got to at least say goodbye one last time before leaving the place that I felt so safe in forever." She was hurt, scare, and sad.

"Let it out, Elle, let it out." He holds her close, letting her cry. "I didn't know what to do, until now." She pulls away, wiping tears from her face. "What happen to your grandfather?" "He died, day before we left." "I'm so sorry." "We were so close. He use tell me stories. He was so sick and Dad had to go and do something so stupid that it makes me mad!" "Hey, it was his time. Besides, he's in a place where he won't be sick anymore." Elle look up. She forgot. Jackson lost his mom. She cried even more.

"What?" He ask. "I forgot...you lost..." She couldn't said. Tears answer instead. He wipes them away, "Hey, don't. It's okay." "No it's not. She isn't here and-" "Yes, she is." He smiles at her. "Right here." He puts a hand to his heart. "And your grandfather? He's here." He puts a hand to her heart. She could feel it. The two of their hearts were beating as one. Now she was officially freaked out!

(Elle is upset cause its hurts to think how she would be without her mom and she's a sensitive soul. It touchs her heart)

"Do you think..." She dare to ask, "do you think she would like me? If she was still here?" Jackson smiles looking at Elle straight in the eyes, "Yeah, I bet she would. Actually...can I tell you something? Just between us?" "Sure." "Dad was talking. He told me how you remind him of what Mom was like when she was your age. Well, not exactly but some of your actions do kind of remind of him of her." "I...don't know what to say." "How about..." He stares at her, "You..."

"What is going on?" the two of them turn around to see Lilly, Oliver, and Miley. "Uh," The two notice they were close. They pull away, "Nothing." "We had a tickle fight and...yeah." Elle turn beet red in the face, "It's not what you think, at least, it's not...what I mean is...uh..." She felt so embarass. "You tell them Jackson." "Me?" He squeaks. Miley just shakes her head, "At least you two weren't kissing." "Yeah, " the two of them said.

Miley enters the house and watches them from the window. She watches as Elle hands Jackson his shirt. He puts it back on and nods a thank you. Lilly and Oliver look at her. "What's up with you?" Oliver asks her. "I was wondering..." Miley turns away."About Jackson and Elle?" "Hey Lilly, would you find it weird if one day, say in the alternative reality, if they were boyfriend and girlfriend?" Lilly laughs then stops, "Why?" "Well, have you seen how those two act around each other?" Lilly looks at them from the window then turns back. "Yeah." She hated to admitted.

"Well, what if?" Miley shrugs her shoulders. "I don't know. Jackson really doesn't take the whole serious relationship seriously." Lilly says. "Yeah, you got a point there." "Why don't you two just let it be? I mean, if it makes them happy." Oliver buts in. "We know but we don't want anyone getting hurt." Miley says. "Yeah, and what happens if they do date and then totally hate each other then never want us around each other and, and- "Lilly, snap out of it. You're thinking too much." Oliver says.

"Why don't we just watch until then? Then we can but in when it's necessary." Miley says. "I agree." Lilly and Miley stare at Oliver. "I still think there is nothing to worry about." "Oliver." "Okay, fine. I agree." The three friends shake on it.
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