Hot sex story (read memo) warning contains detailed sex scenes wich some readers may find offending

Hey I was bored

Created by Slatan on Friday, December 23, 2005

are you ready
Im getting worked up in here WOOOOEEEEEYYYYH!
Liza and Jaob sat in the classroom when suddenly the teacher pulled off her dress, underneath she wore a black leather top with the nazi-SS symbol on, she had tight leather pants on.
She had a pistol in her left hant and a grenade in her right hand, she started to chant "Deuchland Uber Alles", Jacob said to his girlfriend Liza that this problem would be solved quick.
He ripped off his red t-shirt, he had a muscular and suntanned body glistening with sweat, his blonde hair were nice and his brown puppy eyes could melt anybody to a wattery pulp.
He shouted "I knew it, fucking nazi" as he launched himself on the teacher and grabbed her grenade as he kicked away her pistol, he threw the grenade out of the window and it eksploded with a large thump.
Neo-Nazi skinheads jumped in through the windows but Jacob fought everyone of them until no one were standing,
the teacher jumped onto a helicopter floating outside the classroom shouting "thiz ist not ofer yet werdamte schweinahund".
He picked up her pistol and shot after the helicopter, he hit the fuel tank and the chopper went up in one Godalmighty bang,
He then turned to Liza and watched her perfeck body as she breathed deep, her nipples had gotten hard and her gigantic breasts wiggled as she felt her pussy feel like a dessert just having a little rainseason, she became so horny that she had to quench this burning desire.
Her blonde hair was all wet and messed, she stared into Jacobs,
brown eyes with her warm brown eyes, she walked up to him, her pussy itching of lust and desire,
"wow you really showed them didnt you" he replied with "yeah baby, those martial art classes really paid off" she then replied with "oh Jacob youre my hero, now you will get your reward".
They walked home to Liza, as Liza opened the door, she asked if there were anybody home, no one answered, Jacob placed his hand on her ass and started rubbing it gently before he slid two fingers inside Liza.
Liza started to breathe heavily as Jacobs fingers went in and out of her, she was so horny that she could have cummed anytime now, he then started to rub her breast with his other hand, her breasts were so big and soft.
Jacob closed the door behind him and said softly "let me ready my firearm" he unzipped his pants and pulled out his big cock, pumping and dripping with pre-cum.
He slipped the red head a couple of times into her pussy and teased her with it, she was so damn tight and dripping wet, his cock once slid up in her pussy with its full lenght, she gasped as she felt the full magnitude of his big cock slide inside her pussy.
He then started to fuck her gently and steady as he started to walk with her into the kitchen, she felt that the world went round as he fucked her from behind over and over again.
She could not possibly stand with this feeling turning her legs to jelly, so she laid her body on the dining table and felt his speed increase with every second.
She could not control her voice and started to moan "oh Jacob, faster faster" she felt shivers go through her spine, she held on to the table ends as Jacob grabbed hold of her ass and fucked her harder and faster than any white boy had ever done.
She felt her body ready itself for the eventual cumming and felt every inch of Jacobs cock thrusting inside her pussy, she cummed hard and raised her head in the air, pulled the tablecloth off the table as she moaned with delight.
Jacobs cock burned with delight as he felt Lizas pussy he noticed that he also would start to cum soon, a wave of lust spread from his balls all the way to the tip of his cock, he felt the warm fluid pass through his cock, just like a flamethrower burning with white hot gasoline, he cummed inside her, his white cum dripping out of her pussy running down her shaking legs.
"ah, now I feel much better" whispered Liza" "me to" replied Jacob.
Then suddenly both of them realised that her parents car parked in the garage, for obvious reasons they could not be seen, they took their clothes and ran upstairs to her room and put on their clothes there.
But it wasnt her parents but the neighbours car, they both looked at each other and decided that they should "do it" one more time,Liza sat on her computer table as Jacob went stiff again, glistening with white cum and her pussy liquids.
He started fast and fucked her hard and fast, the cum that had mixed with her pussy juice worked like a lubricant, everytime his cock were thrusted inside her they could hear a "flop, flop" sound making them more horny, they both moaned in pleasure, Liza could feel her pussy cumming over and over again, if she continued to have sex like this she would definitely become a nun in no time.

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