Is this Love?(A Zane Truesdale Love Story)Part 3:The Unexpected Question

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Created by yugiohgxfanfreak100 on Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Recap:Tia left.~Zane's POV~You were talking to yourself when someone came.~QS~
You turn around and see Alexis.
You:What are you doing here Alexis?
Alexis:Zane,you know I'm your friend.You can tell me anything.
You:Good bye Alexis.I have to get my deck ready for my duel.*walks to dorm*
Alexis's POV
You:*thinking*I know Zane like Tia and she likes him.I have to tell the others about my plan.
You take out your DA pda to send a message to the others.They all came.
Jaden:What's the plan Alexis?
You:We vote Zane and Tia for King and Queen.
Chazz and Bastion:And why do we want to do that?
You:Umm...because...She'll thank you and give you a hug?*thinking*That will never happen.She'll kill us.
Chazz and Bastion:*heart eyes*Really?
You,Jaden,and Syrus:*anime sweatdrop*
>>>>FF>>>>To One Day Before the Dance
Your POV
(Nothing really happened.Crowler was teaching some blah blah blah you already knew)
~Crowler's Class~
You:*thinking*Today's the day I Duel against Zane.
You were still thinking when Crowler called your name.
You stood up and said,
You:Slifer the Sky Dragon.
Crowler:Correct.Something I would expect from my Obelisk Blue Students.*thinking*I bet she didn't hear my question.The slacker.*aloud*You may sit down.
You:*thinking*Is Dr.Crowler a man or a woman?It looks creepy.(Me:yes.I put it.hehe)
You survived the classes and kind of being chased by guys because they wanted to go with you to the dance.How could you blame them,you were Hot!You were running from some guys but you didn't see them but you knew that they were still chasing you.You were running and looking back at the same snd then bumped into someone.You fell on your butt and looked up to see.....
Jaden.(me:hehehe.You thought it was Zane did ya?)
You:Jaden Hide Me!
Jaden:Ok.Hide behind that tree.
You hid behind the tree and the boys went up to Jaden.
Boys:Hey Jaden.Do you know where Tia is?
Jaden:She went through the forest.
Boys:Ok.Thanks dude.
The boys ran to the forest and you came out.
You:Phew.Thanks Jaden.
Jaden:Your welcome but,why were they chasing you?
You:*thinking*I shouldn't tell him or he'll ask me to the dance.I know,I'll duel him for practice when I go against Zane.*aloud*I'll tell you if you win this duel.And if you don't win,I don't need to tell you.
Jaden:Deal.Get your Game on Tia!
You and Jaden:Duel!(You/Jaden:4000)
Jaden:I'll start if you don't mind.
Jaden:I play Elemental Hero Avian in attack mode and end my turn.
You:Ok.My turn.I play my Dark Sorceress in attack mode and place one card facedown.
Jaden:My turn.I use my polymerazation to fuse Avian and Burstinatrix to make Flame Wingman(Atk:2100)and i play my field spell card Skyscraper.It raises my Elemental Hero's attack by 1000.(Atk:3100)And now Flame Wingman,attack Dark Sorceress.
You:Tsk Tsk Tsk Jaden.You should have seen my duel against Andrew.I activate my trapcard Love Struck and now your Flame Wingman is destroyed.Now Dark Sorceress,attack him directly.(You:4000/Jaden:1500)Then I use her special effect so she can attack again if I pay up 1000 life points,now attack!
Jaden:That was a sweet duel.
You:*stomach grumbles*O////O Sorry Jaden.
Jaden:It's ok.I'm hungry too.See you later.*walks to cafateria*
You:I got to eat something.After I eat,I'll see if Zane is at the lighthouse.*stomach grumbles more*I just hope I don't faint before i get to the Obelisk cafateria.
~At Cafateria~
You were eating by yourself until Alexis went up to you.
Alexis:Hi Tia.
You:Hi Alexis.
Alexis:Are you going to the dance?
You:Not really.
Alexis:We can go as friends.You,me,Jaden and the others.
You:That would be cool.Hmm..
You:You like Jaden,don't you?
You:You do!He is so clueless.
Alexis:No he isn't.Well,kind of.
You:Hmm...Trying to defend Jaden.You really like him.
Alexis:Fine I do.Don't tell anyone.
You:Ok.I have to go.
You:To duel Zane.You can come if you want.
Alexis:Ok I'll be there.*thinking*I'll tell the others to come.
~The Lighthouse/Docks~
Zane was looking out to the sea and then you came.
You:You ready to duel Zane?
Alexis and the others came running to see the duel.
Jaden:You were going to duel Zane?!
You:What?!I needed practice from a good duelist and you *points at Jaden*were a worthy opponent,even though you lost.
Jaden:Really?Thanks.*anime fall with anime cry waterfall*But you really had to bring up that I lost?!
Chazz and Bastion:But I'm a worthy opponent too.*glares at each other*
Zane:So you beat Jaden,this duel will be interesting,even though I beat him too.
Jaden:*anime cry waterfall*Why are people ganging up on me?
You:Oh,this will be interesting.
Zane:Ladies first.
You:Thank you.What a gentleman,not like somebody I know*reffering to Jaden*
Jaden:What?!But you let me go first.
You:Even though.
Bastion:She's right Jaden.You have to be a gentleman.
Chazz:What were you thinking?
Jaden:Why does eveyone blame me?
Syrus:Because it's true.
You:Thank you Sy.
Chazz and Bastion:*glares at Syrus*
You:It's alright Jaden.You know.You should be more like Zane.*thinking*I can't believe I said that and Zane heard me.He might know that I like him.
Chazz and Bastion:*thinking*Why Zane?Why not me?
Alexis:*thinking*I knew she liked him.
You:Ok.I play Sorceress of Light(Atk:2100/Def:1100,remember I'm making up her cards)
Zane:My turn.I play my Cyber Dragon(Atk:2100) and place a card facedown.
You:Alright.I play a magic card Sorceress Arise.It let's me play a monster with the name Sorceress in it so come on out Dark Sorceress.
Jaden:Wait.Couldn't you just normal summon Dark Sorceress?
You:I could but can't because my Sorceress of Light is out and I can't normal summon my Sorceress monsters.
Zane:Other Sorceress monsters?
You:You can't understimate(sp?)a girl by their looks can you?And now, I use her effect,she and any other Sorceress out get 500 extra Atk points.(Dark Sorceress:3000/Sorceress of Light:2600)Attack Cyber Dragon,Sorceress of Light.
Zane:Sorry,I play my magic card Negate Attack.
You:Fine.Now Dark Sorceress,attack Cyber Dragon.(You:4000/Zane:3100)
~At the End of the Duel~
You:Aw man! lost.That was a great duel Zane.
Zane:Yes,it was.
Everybody including you were yawning.
Jaden:Boy I'm sleepy.
Everbody started to walk to their dorms.You were about to go until Zane called your name.
You:Yeah Zane?
Zane:I was wondering if you....
You:If I what?*looks at time*Oh sorry Zane.It's getting late.I'll see you tomorrow.*walks to dorm*
Zane:*says quietly to himself*If you wanted to go to the dance with me?
Awww!Zane was going to ask you to the dance but you were to sleepy to hear what he had to say to you.Well,here's a pic of you.Just wait for part 4.(sorry,it might take a while)

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