When Love Is Stronger : A Vampire Love Story : 10

just read it and ignore the spelling and grammar mistakes :D

Created by AyraRomanov on Thursday, June 22, 2006

As breakfast was over, Thiery announced that in half an hour everybody should be in front of the castle for the morning training.Allegra went to her room and changed into the most comfortable clothes she could find in Alexs wardrobe ( some black jeans and a huge metallica t-shirt). She went outside the castle where everybody had already gathered round.As Allegra had noticed, Thiery, although he did not speak much, had already taken the role of the leader and she had nothing against it, althought she was sort of afraid of him. - Sya and Henri, you have to go in the cave that is 500 m away from here and practice using your magic and fire power together.Sya,you must help Henri gain control over his anger and release it only in the presence of evil beings and Henri, you must let Sya help you and you must agree to her magic that will increase the power of your fire, said Thiery in a cold voice and in an instant Sya and Henri were teleported to the cave. Allegra and Alex, you two shall go into the woods and Alex you must kill all sort of creatures of light you can find there and Allegra will have to heal them.And youd better heal them otherwise....(Allegra froze when she heard Thierys threat). As for Anne and I, we will stay here and we will try to combine the power of light and darkness and protect the gate between the worlds (which by the way is Alex and Henris castle,i forgot to mention that *blushes* ) with a thick layer of vegetation and sorrowful deceiving spells. Allegra felt a cold chill around her and within 2 seconds she was teleported into the woods with Alex. Without saying a word Alex began hunting small animals and Allegra had to keep up with him and be very fast with the healing, otherwise she would have let innocent creatures to die. - What is wrong with you ??? Allegra started screaming when she just couldnt keep up with Alexs killing. What ?? Tell me !!! - Do you really want to know ? He asked her turning around until their faces were two mm away. -Yes ! -You are ! He said gently putting his hand on her back and drawing her closer to him until their bodies were as one.You are my only desire, the one thing which i can no longer have and it drives me mad ! I never wanted to hurt you ... Your powers would have never been unleashed unless you fought Sebastian de Vampiria ! And my feeling for you are indeed real ! Sya got everything wrong...I cant live without you, he said with his sweet, tender eyes drowning in tears.You are my everything and I ... but he didnt manage to finish his sentence because Allegra gave him a passionate kiss (what the hell am i doing?,she asked herself remembering all the times in her life when she had actually liked guys but she was too shy to even approach them...but the answer slowly came into her mind..she was indeed in love...but how so fast? Why Alex? She did not know the answer to these questions...) As the kiss deepened Allegra started crying remembering Henris words that Alex had done nothing wrong and both Alex and Allegra felt the gentle tingling sensation of warm rain on their skin.Alex broke the kiss and slowly whispered : - Even weather obeys you and your desires...But you are mine and forever will be... He kissed Allegra slowly one more time and then he move his lips closer to her neck. She felt his fangs grow against her neck but now she didnt care anymore...

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