[pt12] Revenge is Sweet, and its my Sweet Revenge[Neji Hyuuga] LEMON!!!!!!

okay like i said before, the Chuunin exams are differnt cuz i say so, and this one is a lemon, but it is separtaed from the rest of the story, so if you dont want to read it you dont have to. oh...and sorry if it sucks, this like the first one ive written on my own.

Created by I.AM.YOUR.ALTER.EGO. on Sunday, June 25, 2006


well...it was the last day and i hadnt lost my sanity. YAY! that means that i won the bet! i had to greet Neji, Tenten and Lee, then Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto, THEN Kakashi.well it happens as follows, i found Team 7 first then Nejis team. then i couldnt find Kakashi. so i hung around with Sasuke. neji's team with me. Lee wouldnt stop bothering Sakura, and Sakura was really starting to get on Sasukes, Nejis, and my last nerves. i finally saw Kakashi.
"pay up!i won!"
"you won wu?" he asked lazily
"the bet! i didnt go crazy, now pay up!" his one eye went in an upward grin as he put his hand behind his head. to me that meant that he didnt have the money.
"well, 1) i dont have the money. and @0..."
"listen you preverted bastard! i want my money! we played fair now pay up!!" i said getting angry.
"that reminds me. i get half."Neji said.
"i get half. i was part of some rediculous bet, so i get half."
"fine...but he better pay up!"
"and you will get your money just not right now." i was going to kill him. that is until Neji dragged me away.we went to his place. i sat down on his bed.
"why did you do that?" i asked strenly.
"you had fire in your eyes. is getting that money really that important to you?"
"...compared to you, no...to everything else, yes. at least i had the money in case i lost." i mumbled the last part under my breath. he sat down next to me. he then pulled me onto his lap.
"you kno hes probably not going to give you the money anyways." i groaned at that. that dirty bastart played me and i fell for it. and nothing was going to get my mind off of that! well...something might...i gave him a kiss and wrapped my arms around his neck, he laid me down on my back and....
[okay here starts the sucky lemon secne...dont hate me for it, it the first one ive written on my own. if i get messages saying it sucked well, up yours i hate you too! so here it is the horrible Lemon sence!!!i hope you enjoy^^]
Neji got on top of me and started taking off my clothes, still kissing me. his toung found it way into my mouth as one of his hands roamed my body. i arched my back, telling him to continue. his hand ghosted my side as he moved down to my neck. he nipped playfully, teasing me. i let out a soft moan. he pulled away and smirked, happy with wut i had done. he quickly removed his clothes. he came back down over top of me sliding his toung over my breasts. he stopped to taste both of them, before running his toung down to my navel. i felt the heat rise up in me, as he went farther down. he stopped, then started gentally rubbing my womenhood. this caused me to have a minor orgasm. he moved up to my ear.
"are you ready?" he whispered. i nodded slowly and shyly.
"...yes..." i answred sounding a bit like Hinata. Neji entered me slowly. still bit unsure about all this. i let out a moan of pleasure, encouraging him to move faster. he started goinf sater, going deeper inside me. i grabbed his arms in pain, but it slowly turned into pleasure and i slowly released his arms. i reached the climax and he slowly pulled out of me, falling down next to me, laying on his back. we were both covered in a little sweat. i layed there gasping for air. i looked at him with a bright smile. he pulled me over to him with one arm and i rested my head on his chest. and we both fell asleep from exhaustion.
[okay thats the end of that! now with the rest of the story!]
CLicky~~~~~~~>[if it sucked it sucked, just tell me how i did, but dont bad mouth me. or i will bit your head off.*bites a head off of an old reader*]
i woke up the next morning with the memeories of last night still playing in my head. i groaned at the bright light in my eyes. i got out of bed tired, and still exhausted.i went to take a shower. i walked into the bathroom and turned on the water. i waited until it got warm, then got in. i closed my eyes and sighed. i felt arms wrap around my waist. My eyes shot open as i turned around to look at Neji. he made me feel short compared to everybody else. there were only a few people my age that were taller.
"good morning." he said giving me a kiss on the forehead. i smiled.
"isnt it? butdont you have the Chuunin exams to worry abou?"
"you are a real mood killer arent you."
"only wen i kno it will hurt the most. just kidding . but you really should be training."
"yes i kno...Gai-sensie wont mind tho. im sure hes just fine training Tenten and Lee. besides Lee is his favorite."
"dont pull the why-should-i-even-try-cuz-sensei-is-playing-favortives excuse. that wont work with me. you just have to prove to him that you are better."
"they already kno im better. But Lees differnt. since he has practiacally has no Chakra."
"its true, why else do you think that he speicalizes in Taijutsu?"
"he really wants to kick somebodys ass."
"okay now your playing stupid."
"love m, hate me." we washed up and got out. we both put on some clothe and walkedousie. i sighed as i walked towards ther training ground. i saw Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto running.
"hey Onii-chan!" i called out.
"oh hey hotaru. your happier than normal. wuts with you?" he asked.
"im just happy for you gusy! you passed the second part of the Chuunin exams! and now you have a day off and...hey Sasuke-chan... wut that on your neck?" i asked refering to the black mark on his neck. both Sasuke and Sakura looked own. Naruto didnt kno wut was going on.
"its nothing." i gave him a worried look.
"Sasuke stop lying to me its--"
"I SAID IT WAS NOTHING!" he snapped. "now leave me alone about it." i was in a small state of shock.
"okay somebodys PMSing... geez calm down. and Sasuke dont say its nothing! obviously its something other wise you wouldnt have made a such of a big deal out of it! now wuts wrong?"
"i have to go." he said walking away.
"...Sasuke..." i whispered. he was colder than normal.
"come on, lets go train." Neji said. i sat down and watch them train. wen he was done all three of them sat down next to me, but i was off in my own world.
"if you wanna laugh, laugh. if you wanna cry your eyes out, then just do it. if you keep everything bottled up inside, the person its hardest on is you..."[*] i said out loud with our relizing it. i was thinking about Sasuke.
"wut?" Neji asked. i snapped back to reality.
"nothing. its just something i remeber that Sasuke told me wen i was little." i said looking down smiling.
" 'if you want to laugh, laugh. if you want to cry your eyes out then just do it. cuz if you keep it bottled up inside, the person its hardest on is you.' hmmmmmm...well that tells the truth. if you do keep it all inside it is hard on you. Sasuke was acctually smart wen he was young." i smiled and nodded at Nejis comment.
"yup. pretty much. and Sasuke has always been smart but, he just has a problem showing his emotions."
the next day Neji woke me up again. i sat up next to him. istill wasnt used to sleeping with Neji, but i was learning. today they would hold the prilimarys, to get rid of the hopeless ones. the images of the recurring dream played in my head.
"Hey Neji... i wont be there for part of the fights, so if i miss your fight, im sorry."
"its okay."
"oh and this has been bothring me for a while now, but if you have to fight someboyd you dont like, like Sasuke or hinata, mostly Hinata, dont kill them"
"i honestly dont kno wut you are talking about, but i will try."
"okay thank you Neji." i said smiling...

END OF CHAPTER 12!!!!!!!!
Aoutheress notes:
[*] "if you wanna laugh, laugh. if you want to cry your eyes out then just doit. because if you keep everything bottled up inside you, the person its hardest on is you..." okay i didnt make this up, this line came from my fave anime of all time, Chrono Crusade. Rosette tells this to Azmaria in the fouth episode. or at least i think its the fourth episode. but nothing you say or do, and no matter wut animes i watch Chrono Crusade will be my fave for evers and evers! i luff it1 Naruto is second on my list. but anyways id just thought id let you kno. and sorry if this chapter was short.
okay well rate, message unless its bad, and pick if you wish i dont care personally. just rate at least!!!TT^TT *crys uncontroalbly*hey after this story s done, which will be soon, it only has 14 parts. how bout another Neji story? or maybe a Sasuke one...beats me, but Neji i luff so much so i hope i can do another one.^^ oh and if you guys would read my Shino story. im workingvery hard on that one. i would appericate it alot!! this picture has nothingto do with the story i just like it. ^_^

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