Blue Moon~~~9~~You and Inuyasha~~~LEMON!!!!

Hello! Well, two in one day. And one is a lemon! I say I'm getting good. Yay, your lemon with Inuyasha!!! Yay! Ok, please don't read this if your parents are watching. Ok then, ready, set, Inuyasha and you!!!

Created by MysticChick12345 on Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Inu: Wait...would you do the honor of being my mate.
U: Inuyasha...of course!
Inu: Sarai...I hope you know that means sleeping with each other.
U: do you think I escaped from Naraku. Some kind of protection spell pushed him back when he tried to...
Inu: I love you, and thats a risk I'm willing to take.
U: Ok...ok...
Before you could finish, Inuyasha pulled you into a deep kiss. It was so wonderful. So romantic. You loved him so much. You wrapped your arms around his neck, making the kiss deeper. He took off your shirt, revealing your bra. You pulled off his pants as he pulled off you bra. You then took off his underwear. He started sucking on your left nipple, licking it at first. You stooped down to his manhood once he stopped and started teasing him. His breath became uneven.
Inu: My turn to tease.
U: *wide eyes* Oh no...
He kissed the opening to your womanhood and you started to giggle. Then he started sucking. You moaned a little. He then stuck his tounge into your womanhood. It hurt at first, and then you wanted more. You cummed after a couple of minutes. He came out a little later and kissed you. You kissed him back, lovingly.
Inu: Are you ready?
U: Yes...I am.
Inu: This may hurt.
He stuck his manhood into your womanhood. He was right, it did hurt. It was so big. You gasped in pain. Then your woman instincts kicked in and you wanted more.
U: Your just so big. *pant*
Inu: I'm the dog here.
U: Oh, haha, just fuck now.
Inu: Gladly.
He cummed deep inside of you and you squealed. It felt good. You wrapped your legs around his sides. You started to moan again as he cummed. He then stoped. You layed down and he came on top of you and started pumping...hard.
U: Inu-yasha...p-p-please slow down...
Inu: Sorry.
He slowed down a bit, but continued pumping. You sighed with delight when he came out. You jumped on top of him and kissed. He chuckled and kissed back.
Inu: Your more of a cat then a wolf.
U: Thats only when it comes to sex.
Inu: Right...
U: *laugh*
You layed down on the bed. He is wonderful!!! you thought to yourself. It was dark so you accedentaly grabbed Inuyasha's kimono. Someone knocked on the door and you ran to answer it. It was Kagome.
U: Kagome....
Kag: I thought...the double bed was Miroku and Sango's...
Inu: Kagome...
Kag:'s ok. I love Koga, anyway.
U: No you don't, I can tell. I'm sorry for not telling you.
Kag: Inuyasha, why! I thought you loved me! Same as Kikyo, I guess.
Inu: Kagome, your not.
Kag: Shut up!
She ran out of the room and you looked at Inuyasha. You sighed and changed back into your clothes. You walked out and knocked on Kagome's door.
Kag: Who is it?
U: Kagome, it's me.
Kag: Coming...
She opened the door and offered you a chair.
Kag: I never thought we would ever fight for a boy.
U: Me neither. I'm really sorry.
Kag: Don't be. He loves you, not me.
U: But...
Kag: ...Don't worry. I'll be fine.
U: Ok...
You said good night and walked back to your room. Inuyasha was already dressed and asleep. You kissed his forehead and fell asleep. It was a dreamless sleep, but you still worried about Kagome.
O.O omfg....

Wow, pretty dense, huh? Well, you are now Inuyasha's mate. Wow...
^.~ Anyway, thanks for reading!!!

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