I've Been Here Before A Few Times, And I'm Quite Aware We're Dying {{Sequal}}

^^The shitty banner above was made by me, when i was overly bored. If you would like to make me a less visually painful one, please do. FINALLY THE SEQUAL TO THE VAMPIRE STORY! There are no vampires in this story. It is all human, and all set in 2002, 81 years after my last story ended in 1921, which was when Evelyn died, Peter died in 1926 but I'm not counting that as part of the story.

Created by TanziCopp on Monday, July 03, 2006

"Excuse me miss? I'd like to pay for these." I was brought out of yet another dream. The same one I'd been having for weeks now, I was a vampire, and I'd sold this guy's soul so I could return to humanity. Only causing myself to die.
"I'm sorry sir." I smiled at the older gentleman as I took his things from him and started to scan them, "Please don't say anything to my manager. I haven't been able to get a good night's sleep in almost three months."
"Trust me, sweetheart, things happen." His wrinkled face smiled at me, "If I could give you the day off, I would."
"Thank you sir, have a nice day." The odd thing about my dream was that there were these four guys in it. Some how I knew these four guys, which was odd because 1)I had never met them. And 2)A week after the dreams started this band Fall Out Boy released their CD, An Evening Out With Your Girlfriend, the four guys in Fall Out Boy were the four guys in my dreams.
I lived in the same city as the boys, and could have gone to any of their houses at anytime if I wanted to, but what would I say, "I'm Evelyn Ringer and I've been having dreams about you since before your CD came out. I was wondering if you recognized me." Like that would never happen. I felt that if I did that I would seem like one of those freaky fan girls. And the dreams appeared as if they happened in 1921 so clearly it was all fake. It was 2002, a whole 81 years later. Since none of the guys were even 25, two of them weren't even 18 yet, I had even more reason to believe that these dreams were just an insane thing in my head.
I had picked up the Fall Out Boy CD the day it came out, to see if the names were the same too. They were, Joseph Trohman, Peter Wentz, Andrew Hurley, and Patrick Stump. I wanted to know if they had been having dreams like mine, but it would just be too weird if they had been. There was no way that any of the stuff in my dreams could have ever happened there was no Evelyn Ringer and Pete Wentz in 1921, there was no cousin Joe Trohman in 1921, and there was definitely no Brendon Urie from Las Vegas in 1921. My family wasn't dead anyway.
It was the oddest thing, all I remember is killing myself in 1926 and then waking up in 2002, the bassist of a band with my friends who had all died. When I asked the guys about it they had all made comments about random drugs. And to make my day weirder, I was human again. Heartbeat and all, it was scary. To me at least.
But then like two days after I woke up, or whatever, I saw this girl who looked just like Evelyn, working at a store, I was too afraid to go up and see what her name was. But she had all the perfect features of Evelyn, the eyes, the smile, the hair. The everything. She was my Evelyn, at least she was in my head. I went by that store at the same time everyday just to stare at her. Even if it was my Evelyn, she would be just like the guys and think I was on drugs.
I knew almost nothing of my reality, and everything that was my reality. I knew the bass parts, and the parts I was to sing, I knew how to drive. I knew where my house, and my friends houses were. I knew what label we were on. And nothing more except the year and the date. Everyday more of the reality came to me. I learned my 'future-past' with out anyone telling me. I started trying to tell the guys about their real past, not the one that we were supposed to be living now, but they couldn't believe it.
Joe didn't want to believe that this chick I had showed him was his cousin. He'd met all but one of his cousins, and that was because her mother had hated his father and didnt want her 'perfect' child to mingle with 'trailer-trash'. Joe's exact words were, 'If she were that bitch, there's no way she'd be working at a grocery store.' Patrick had different reasons, he didn't 1)believe in or ever like vampires. 2) want to believe that in our past he had gone insane and killed two of his best friends. Andy just refused to touch the topic. In all their minds this was just some dream that had taken over my life, and I thought it was real. I knew it was real I just didn't know how it could have been.
Everyday I saw Pete Wentz standing out in front of the store, just staring. Once when he had brought his friends he pointed at something in the store and they all started laughing. Leaving him there, hurt. I wanted to go out there and ask him what was wrong. But there were two problems with that, I had to work, and I didn't want to seem like one of those Fall Out Boy whores.
It seemed like he was looking at me, but I knew that wasn't possible, everything I knew about him was a dream. If he was anything like the dream Pete that I had fallen in love with and sold, I wouldn't want anything to do with him. I'd hurt that person too much, even if it was fake.
One day he actually walked into the store, picked up a thing of marshmallows, and walked over to the counter where I was sitting. I was trying not to stare at him, he was just as hot as I had remembered from my dreams. "Hey. What's your name?"
"Evelyn Ringer. And your Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy." I smiled, it was my job. He didn't know who I was, meaning that clearly everything I knew was fake. I scanned the marshmallows, "That will be 3 dollars and 45 cents." He handed me the exact amount.
"Have you ever had any dreams about me?" He asked, shocking me. Maybe it would be better if I let him think that he was a cocky bastard that thought everyone and their dog wanted him in their pants. It could have been better and I chose to pick the stupider one
"a few." I whispered, "It doesn't matter though, a lot of people have dreamt about you." His face dropped, clearly that wasn't what he had wanted.
"Anything about 1921?" This was just getting odder.
"No." I lied, "What would I possibly dream about that had to do with 1921?"
"Wilmette in 1921, being over run by a group of people called the Dandies, where you and I knew each other and your cousin was Joe?"
"I'm sorry Mister Wentz, I'm going to have to ask you to leave now." I replied rudely, the dreams were just starting to subside and I didn't want to have to deal with him reviving them.
He wrote his number on a piece of paper and handed to me. Unfortunately for him it was one number I would never be calling. It was too weird that he had called out my dreams like that.
I had made a total fool of myself in that store talking to Evelyn. Her last name was the same, it had to be a sign. So I took it as one and asked her if she'd ever dreamt about our past together. She merely asked me to leave. The way she phrased it made me want to cry. I knew she was my Evelyn and I wanted her back. That night I sobbed into my pillow, knowing that the one person I wanted would never want me back.
The next day I stayed home waiting for my phone to ring. It never did. She wasn't going to call. It may have been just me but I found that the most depressing thing that had ever happened. I couldn't help but thing that maybe I was the only one who came forward. The only one who left the past and came to the future. I didn't like that idea in the least bit. I didn't want to be the only one. I didn't like the way new Patrick, Andy, and Joe were. They weren't like my friends.
"PETER WENTZ! OPEN THIS DOOR!" The voice of Patrick came through my door with a series of poundings on the same door. Old Patrick would have never screamed at me like that. So I pretended not to be home. He fell for it. It was one of the greatest things I had ever accomplished, at least in this lifetime, tricking my best friend. I still hated this lifetime. Eventually most people would stop saying 'this lifetime' and get used to it, but not me. I couldn't have Evelyn back in this lifetime.
Less than three minutes later I found out why Patrick had just left, he had a batting ram. He bust my door open and came in. Why he had a batting ram I don't know, I didn't want to ask either. I probably should have known, I probably would if I wasn't from 1926.
That night I had more vivid dreams that I had in a long time. Dreams of how Pete and I got turned into vampires. I woke up sweating, there was so much blood in that dream. I didn't even look at the clock, I just got out of bed and called Pete.
"Hello?" Pete's voice rang over the phone
"Pete? It's Evelyn, did I wake you up?"
"I'm an insomniac. I don't mean to seem rude, but why are you calling me at four AM?"
"Oh sorry! I didn't know what time it was. I just had to call you. I had another dream with you in it, and you called out my other dreams so well that I wanted to know if you knew anything about this dream."
"You said that I didn't call your dreams."
"I lied. Now can I tell you about the dreams or not?"
"It was about how 'we' got turned, in 1917. Do you know anything about that?"
"We met someone named Vladimir. He took us into a warehouse. He tied me to a chair, he made me watch while he ripped your neck out and turned you. You came back and turned me."
"This is just too weird." I muttered, "How do you know all of this?"
"Because it really happened. At first I doubted it, but I did some research. In 1923 Patrick went insane and killed Andy and Joe, so I looked up names in obituaries from 1923, and there was an Andrew Hurley and a Joseph Trohman, who died on the same date. I then went to Vegas records because you'd had a friend named Brendon Urie, there was a Brendon Urie who had gone missing in 1913, exactly like he had told you. Then I remembered that you had been human when you died. So I looked up the name Evelyn Jennifer Ringer, and found that in 1927, a year after I killed myself, they had found a grave behind an abandoned warehouse. I looked up the warehouse to see what all had been found inside. It was our warehouse, where we lived, getting revenge on the Dandies for what they did to us. Then I looked up Vampires from Wilmette, Illinois, in the 1920s, and what popped up didn't shock me everything I remembered had been true. I kept looking to see if the vampire population had just dropped off after 1923, and it did. They also had a list of people who had been proven to be vampires. You and I were on it. They had pictures of the two of us, we looked exactly the same, only you had darker hair." This was all too shocking for me
"Pete, this means that we're not supposed to be here. I'm coming over." I hung up the phone and started walking to the place that somehow I knew was Pete's house.
I am all powerful!

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