Martial Arts Dragons-Xiaolin Showdown-Chase Young-Chapter XV

Created by JedivsSith on Sunday, July 09, 2006


You were looking at the scenery below you until you felt someones presence behind you. You look behind and saw Chase.
You: What are you doing here?
Chase: Traveling with you. Is that a problem?
You: Why didnt you go travel with Wuya? Since you cant possibly get rid of her.
Chase: She went with Jack.
You: Is that your excuse?
Chase: No. I ran out before Wuya decided that she was going with me.
You: You still impress me.
Chase: I like to think so.
You three reached the Andes Mountains to be met by Jack and Wuya and the Xiaolin Warriors. You moved five feet away from Chase. Omi ran to you. You held your arms out and picked him up. Everyone except the Xiaolin Warriors had odd faces on.
Wuya: Stupid. Dont hold your arms out for the enemy!
You: Im not stupid. Holding my arms out so my son would know I love him.

All the evil people except Chase had odd faces on. Chase knew this somehow, but doesnt know hes connected to it.
Omi(whispers): Mother, do you know who my father is?
You: Didnt you already ask that question?
Omi: I did, but I really want to know.
You: All I can tell you is that hes is closer than you think.
Omi: How close?
You: About five feet next to me.

Omi counts and comes next to Chases feet. He looks up and then looks at you. He points to Chase. You nod. Omi puts a fan boy smile on his face. Chase raises his eyebrow obviously forgetting the Shen Gong Wu.
Chase: Chesana, why is he looking at me like that?
You: Think about it. Me, you, and Omi. Theres a connection there.
Chase: I cant think of anything.
You: And people call you the most evil mastermind of the world. Let me put it to you this way, I Chesana, is your wife. Omi is your son. And you Chase Young, are my husband and Omis father. Come on! Youve obviously been watching him some time now. And you said so yourself you felt like you know him.
Chase: .
You thought of something. Then a line from a flashback came to you.
+Flashback Line+
You: Chase, dont make me get Dashi
+End Flashback Line+
Omi ran back to you and tugged your dress. You held his little hand and smiled. He smiled too.
You: Chase, dont make me get Dashi
Suddenly, Chase had thousands of lost memories coming back to him. From the time you two got married to the time you chased Wuya away and the time you had Omi and also the time when Hannibal Bean came in. His head started to hurt. You and Omi walked over to him. You put a hand on his head and Omi attached himself to his leg. You put your hands on Chases shoulders.
You: Please tell me you remember something?
He didnt answer.
To Be Continued..........
Don't stop here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry I had to end it there.

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