Beyblade pt.2 (truth or dare)

ok well ya lol i hope u like my last one! im sorry if my stories are to short!i really am!

Created by skarmory on Saturday, December 24, 2005

we left off where akira suggested truth or dare right?ok!quiz start~ normal pov~
me-ok so how about if anyone backs out,they have to kiss the nex person who comes though the doors ok?
tyson- ok can i start? we all nodded t-ok Max!truth or dare
Max- truth
i watched as tyson grinned tyson-which of the wild cats do u think is the hottest?
Max blushed fiercley max-taylor..he whipered i turned my head to taylor who was as red as a cherry i let out a slight giggle
Max-Ray truth or dare
ray- dare
max- i dare u to kiss akira
kai walked over and punched max over the headkai- we just met them u bastard!
ray- i will if akira doesnt mind...
akira- i dont mind
when ray heard this he walked over
akiras pov~
*omg im gonna get to kiss ray! HES SO HOT!!!*i watched as he walked over and i stood up so he didnt have to squathe put his hand under my chin and pulled me forward the kiss was so passionate and full of love!i was so happy*AHHH IM KISSING RAY!!YAY!!*i kinda let out a smile as i pulled away. then ray went back to his spot
ray- i dare u to dress up as a girl and go flirt with the guy next door
normal pov~
i kinda wondered if kai would do it
me- so i guess ur gonna kiss any random person who walks thru those doors?
kai- so it seems tyson truth or dare
kai-i dare u to leave me alone for the rest of the day
tyson -fine Sakura truth or dare?
tyson- would u rather kiss me or kai
me- u *sigh but ur both idiots* hitomi
me- go make out with kai for a minuite
hitomi-if its ok with him
kai- whatever
kai pov~ *i thot she was hot as soon as i saw her so makin out with her coulndt hurt* i glanced and realized she was already right infront of her as she lent forward and started kissing me so to enhance the kiss i put my arms around her waist as i felt her arms around my neck
max-times up *damn u max*
as she pulled away she actually looked a lil happier than b4 so i smirked back at her and she took her new place next to me
normal pov~
* did she really enjoy that enuf to sit next to him haha im good*
hitomi-taylor truth or dare
hitomi- do u like max as much as he likes u? i stared at thyere faces as they turned cherry red
taylor- i think so but i dont know how much he likes me....ok anyway akira truth or dare?
taylor-ok go flirt with the guy next door
akira- i don know who he is
taylor- then get sum1 to go with u then hide while ur flirting
akira- ok so who wants to come see me flirt?
i looked around at the guys who were abou to kill themselves laughing
ray-ill go
akira-thanx ray

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ok ya so thats it for now!

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