Hinata and Naruto Lemon

I couldn't find a lemon with Hinata in it, so I decided to make one. And yes, this is my first lemon, and yes, I am a guy.

Created by demonfromheaven on Monday, July 17, 2006


Hinata blushed as her lips met Naruto's. It wasn't their first kiss, but she blushed none the less. As the couple passionately kissed, Naruto picked Hinata up bridal style and carried her into his room, then gently lay her down on his bed.

Hinata broke away from the kiss, and stared up at Naruto, as he was now on top of her. "Naruto-kun,I love you." She whispered in his ear.
"I love you too, Hinata." Naruto replied then began to kiss her again. After about a minute of making out, Hinata began to stare up at Naruto needingly.
"Naruto-kun, I..." She looked away, her face turning a crimson hue. Naruto gently tilted her head back towards himself and smiled at her.
"Hinata, you can tell me anything." He encouraged. Hinata smiled back and continued.
"Naruto-kun, I want you to be the one to claim me." Naruto was surprised Hinata actually said something like that, but still very excited and happy at the same time.
"Are you sure Hinata?" She nodded, and began to slip her jacket off over her head. Naruto helped Hinata by taking her pants off for her. Then he quickly took off his jacket and shirt while Hinata lowered took his pants off.
"N-Naruto-kun!" She exclaimed, blushing. The growing bulge in Naruto's boxer's was to blame for that.
Naruto smiled, then began to kiss Hinata. Slowly, his kisses began to work their way down to Hinata's clevage. His smile turned into a smirk as he ripped Hinata's bra, then panties off.
He paused for a moment to take his boxers off, making Hinata nearly faint at the size of Naruto's manhood. She closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure as Naruto sucked on her left breast while massaging her right one.
"Naruto-kun! I need you so badly!" Hinata moaned and rolled over, so that she was now on top. She then began massaging Naruto's manhood,i rubbing her hands up and down his shaft. Immediately a moan escaped Naruto's lips. Hinata gently took Naruto's manhood in her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down on it and licking the 'head' of his manhood. Naruto moaned one more time before coming in Hinata's mouth. Although surprised, Hinata swallowed it all, then removed his manhood from her mouth.
"Wow... That felt really g-good!" Naruto exclaimed. For her first time, Hinata was good. Suddenly, Hinata reached up at Naruto and kissed him, her tongue sliding across his.
"Wow... Hinata seems totally different. " Naruto thought. Turned on by this sudden change in behavior, Naruto rolled over, so that he was on top again, then positioned Hinata and himself doggy-style.
"Hinata, this will hurt, but it'll feel good in a while." Hinata nodded and braced herself.
Naruto slowly inserted himself little by little, trying to make it less painful for her. Hinata bit her lower lip to keep from screaming.
"Naruto-kun, it's to big!" She screamed, making Naruto stop.
"Don't worry, Hinata, the pain will go away in a second." And boy, was he right. Hinata moaned, and started to move with Naruto as pumped into her.
"It feels so good!" Hinata moaned in between breaths. A wonderful feeling was growing inside of her and it was only getting better.
"I know how to make it feel even better." Naruto smirked and slid his manhood out of Hinata, making her whine slightly. He rolled Hinata over, and positioned himself in front of her warmth, then thrust inside of her.
"Now wrap your legs around me." Hinata obeyed, then Naruto began pumping into her harder and faster. And as Hinata began to move with him, she screamed out in pleasure as she climaxed, falling foward onto Naruto, exhausted but never better.
After a few more minutes of pumping, Naruto came, his seed spilling inside of Hinata. Now being exhausted himself, he removed himself from Hinata, then helped her into bed and lay down beside her.
"I love you Naruto-kun..."
"I love you too Hinata." And with that, they both fell asleep in each other's arms.
Aww!!! ^_^ That's so sweet!
If you liked it please rate. ^_^ Message me if you have a request.

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