~Crescent Moon of Promice~ Sesshomaru 13

Created by ranphasan92492 on Thursday, July 27, 2006

You awoke the next morning to a constant scratching noise from the door. You rolled over and faced Sesshomaru to see he was sleeping soundly. You smiled and began to play with his hair only to hear the same tip tap against the door. Sighing, you went to climb over Sesshomaru to open the door and see what was outside. "Where are you going?" Sesshomaru asked tiredly as his arms wrapped around you trapping you against his strong chest. He was exstremly tired this morning and you looked at him with your head to your side. You smiled as he closed his eyes once again and drifted back to sleep. "Late night?" Sesshomaru smirked with his eyes still closed and said, "I guess you could say that. I was working late last night on that baby you want." You blushed and for the first time that day you noticed you were without clothes. "Sesshomaru! You could have adleast woken me up!" you whined as you pinched his cheeks. He opened one eye and smirked once again. "I tried but you wouldn't wake up. You sure made alot of noise in your sleep though." You blushed once again and ignored Sesshomaru's coment. You hid your embaracement tinted face against Sesshomaru's neck and sighed contently. Sesshomaru light breathing let you know he was asleep once again. You sat up and untangled Sesshomaru's arms so you could get out of bed and finally open the door. You threw on Sesshomaru's kimono top and smiled for it looked like a short dress on you. The familar scratching noise interupted your thoughts as you modeled his kimono in front of the mirror. You sighed and walked over to the door. As soon as you opened the door a flash of creamy white shot through the door and jumped onto Sesshomaru's bed waking him up instantly. Sesshomaru's 'attacker' made his way from your side of the bed to Sesshomaru. She climbed onto Sesshomaru's chest and began to nip at his pointed ears. Sesshomaru groaned and tried to swat the creature away thinking it was you teasing him but when it bit his hand hard, enough to draw blood, his eyes shot open and he glared at the small puppy. "What the hell is this?!" he growled as the small pup hung onto his hand no matter how hard he shook it. "Oh Sesshomaru, don't do that you'll it!" you cried as you went to the puppies aid. Sesshomaru lifted the puppy up so it was eye level with it and began to glare into its eyes. The puppy let go with a fearful yelp and began licking Sesshomaru's wound. "How could you be so cruel Sesshomaru! She's just a baby! I hope you don't treat our children that way." you yelled as you cradled the little puppy against your chest. "Your going to take a dogs side over your mates?" he asked in a amused tone. "Just to remind you, your a dog as well!" you growled before kissing the puppy on the head, "Besides she's so much cuter!" you cooed making the puppy wag his tail in delight. You giggled and sat down on the bed letting the puppy roam free. She stayed away from Sesshomaru and began to tunnul under the blankets. Sesshomaru shot out of the bed and glared at the puppy once again. "What's wrong Sesshomaru?" you laughed only to stop and blush when you saw that he was without clothing just as you were a few minutes ago. "It touched me!" he growled making the dogs ears go flat on her head. She looked from Sesshomaru then to you before scurring out of the room.
You giggled and glided over to Sesshomaru gracefully before pinning him to the wall. "I forgot to tell her that only I can touch your handsome skin." Sesshomaru shivered as your hot breath teased the flesh of his neck. "Sesshomaru?" You waited for his answer only to feel a grunt against your neck as he began to attack your flesh. "Have I not been pleasing you?" you whimpered before moaning as his tounge glided over your mateing mark. Sesshomaru froze in his place for a moment before meeting your gaze with a puzzled look. He had thought you were only joking but when he saw your weakened smile he knew you were serious. He brought his hand up to the side of your face and carrased it lightly. "How could you ask such a thing?" He whispered into your neck as he pulled you into his arms. A knock came from the door interupting your moment. Sesshomaru's eyes widened in suprise before turning red with annoyance. "Sesshomaru get dressed. I'll answer the door." You said as your lips graced the flesh of his face. Sesshomaru traveled to the dresser and got a new pair of clothing before changing quickly while you answered the door. You made sure Sesshomaru's kimono top was tied securly around your body and opened the door slowly only to gasp at the little girl before you. She looked so smililar to you but she had long silver hair like Sesshomaru's which she had held up in two ponytails. Her eyes were also the same shade as Sesshomaru and you almost fainted when you noticed this. You and her shared the same exotic tan skin but her markings were not of yours nor Sesshomaru. They looked exactly like your mothers. Pink stars wcould be seen apon her tan flesh. Her forhead possessed one along with two others which were located undernealth each eyes of her golden eyes. When she looked into your eyes you instantly knew she was the child you had lost and there was only one way she could have returned. She looked down guiltily under your gaze and mummured, "Hello Mother." You smiled and ushered her inside where her eyes met with her fathers. Sesshomaru sighed and ran a clawed hand through his beautiful hair which resembled his daughters. "Luna I was going to tell you-" "It's alright, I'm not angry. Right now we need to discuss what occured when I was unconscious along with what you have been hiding from me. My mother must have somthing to do with this." you whispered angerly at the thought. You kneeled down to your daughters height so your eyes met. "What did my mother name you?" you asked softly as you held out your arms. The little girl smiled and ran into your arms knocking you over. "Tsuki." you smiled and closed your eyes and took a deep breath. Sesshomaru pulled Tsuki off of you so you cuold stand next to him while Tsuki sat on the bed. "Tsuki, why are you here? You should be in Ygdrasil..." Tsuki looked down as she realised what her mother told her about you was true. You were kind but fair, and wouldn't lead her on when it came to how she felt about her arrival. "Grandmother gave me a choice. I could either stay in Ygdrasil or leave with her. She promiced me a body that would have resembled the one I would have possessed if I lived but I would have to live as a demon of hell like her instead of a goddess like you Mother. Please Mother you have to understand! She promiced me power and a new chance at life-"
hehe Sesshy was in his birthday suit<333
Tsuki gasped as your hand made contact with her taned cheek. You looked up at you with disbelief only to see that you were trembling in anger. "How could you be so foolish! Making a deal with the leader of hell is the worst possible thing you could do! If you would have stayed in Ygdrasil you would have been reincarnated as a goddess but you would be forced the live my sister Skuld's domain. Hild didn't make you a body, she took the souls of your unborn siblings and molded them into that body! It's no wonder why I've been having trouble getting pregnant! It's your fault!" Tears began to flow down your cheeks and soon afterward your sobs fallowed. Sesshomaru stepped forward abd took you in his arms allowing you to cry into his chest. Tsuki stood up and looked down at her father who held her mother in his arms. "Father I will be leaving now. In six days I will return and I will be at your side in the battlefield." Sesshomaru nodded and looked back down at his upset mate with a frown. When he looked back up Tsuki was gone but at that moment he didn't mind for all his attention was focused on you. "Luna, it wasn't her fault, it was your mothers. Besides she just informed us of why you couldn't get pragnant but now you can. Luna, we can now start our family..." Sesshomaru stayed quiet and waited until you finally calmed down and looked up at him with hopefull eyes. "Do you really think we'll be able to have a baby?" you asked softly as you laid your head against Sesshomaru's chest. Sesshomaru remained quiet but almost to quiet. You looked up and mummured, "Sesshomaru?" only to discover his miscivous golden eyes. "Sorry love but you had your fun last night. Although tomarrow at our aniversary you ca always seduce me as a gift." you coed with a wink and left Sesshomaru alone in the room, on the floor, with a mamoth erection.
Heading towards Rin's room you placed your hand on your belly. You prayed there was a child growing inside, and the fact that you had a better chance of getting pregnant made your whole body tingle with excitement. "Mommy!" You broke away from your thoughts and smiled as Rin came running down the hallway, but she didn't stop. "Oof!" the air was knocked out of you as Rin tackled you to the floor in a hug. "Rin, hunny," you giggled, "you need to be more careful, you could have hurt mommy." Rin pouted a bit before smileing. "Ok mama. Can we go outside and play with the puppy? She came to my room scared this morning so I wanted to cheer her up." a sweatdrop rolled down the back of your head knowing Sesshomaru was the one who frightened the puppy. Fallowed Rin to the garden you didn't notice Sesshomaru was fallowing you, that was until he made his presence know by pulling you into a empty hallway. At first you thought it was one of the guards in heat so you elbowed him hard in the stomach. Sesshomaru groaned and lapped at your mating mark making you shiver. "Sesshomaru! I'm so sorry are you alright?" you asked worridly as Sesshomaru coughed up a small amount of blood. "I'm fine, adleast I know you can handle yourself when the males go into heat while I'm away..." "Away? Your leaving? When?" "Luna calm down, I'm not leaving for another six days. I'll tell you why, tomarrow- Rin how long have you been there?" At the entrance of the hallway stood Rin with a blush on her face out of the embaracement of being caught. "Not long Lord Sesshomaru I just came to see if Mommy still wanted to go play with the puppy." Sesshomaru's eye twitched at the thought of that puppy; he never forgave her for biting his hand. "Sesshomaru, I'm going to go with Rin. I'll see you tonight alright, and don't forgot to finish what ever plans you have for our anniversary!" you warned before running off with Rin and stayed in the fields for the rest of the day.
hehe sesshy dosnt like the new puppy
Rin is so cute!
poor tsuki! my mom is a bitch!
yay mayb ill get som lemon action!!!!!!!
To the results!
The next morning you awoke to see Sesshomaru was not asleep next to you. A white rose was on the bed where Sesshomaru would have been along with a note.
Seeing as you already slept through the morning, take a long bath and meet me for a early dinner. I'm sure you can find something beautiful in your closet that's perfect for this ocasion. Either way anything would look beautiful on you. I'll see you tonight.
Your mate and love,

You smiled to yourself for Sesshomaru was being romantic which was somthing difficult for him to do. It wasn't that he didn't love you it was the fact that he was a person who lived on thier pride. You read over the note once more before running to your dresser. Inside was a beautiful midknight blue kimono with silver crescent moons embroidered onto the silk fabric. A sasphire necklece in the shape of a crescent moon was hidden inside one of the long elegant sleeves of the kimono, and fell to the floor when you took the kimono out of the dresser. After placing the beautiful piece of clothing on the now made bed you returned to the place where you dropped the gem and lifted it from the floor. The pure silver chain that held the gem seemed to run though your fingers like water, while the sasphire stayed in the center of your palm. It looks so exspensive... Sasphires are rare in japan exspecially this time era so he must have traveled all the way to the ocean villages. you smiled down at the necklace and grasped it in your hand tightly while thinking of how much you loved Sesshomaru. After cliping it on and admiring the jewel that hung just above your cleavage, you entered the bathroom to take a bath as Sesshomaru had told you to. Inside the ground was covered with black rose pedals and inside the tub blood red pedals floated around. The room smelt of Sesshomaru, he had been the one to set all this up, not a servant. After removing your clothing from your body you entered the large bath with a relaxing sigh. Your tan skin shimmered as the water ran over your flesh, leaving behind the scent of roses that seemed to be egded into the soothing bath water. Both of your arms reached above your head as you streched before sinking back into the warm water. Your hearing was heightened due to your relaxed state but you heard no servants, only Rin and Jaken playing in the distant fields of never ending flowers that would soon die for autumn was approaching. Feeling a bit lonely without Sesshomaru's presence you left the bathroom after a good two hours of bathing and walked back into the room with a towel wrapped around your body. Longing to see Sesshomaru at dinner you quickly dressed into the kimono and sat infront og your vanity Sesshomaru had recently bought you from a near by village. You brushed through your long silver hair and decided to leave it down for Sesshomaru seemed to like it better that way. Standing up and walking over to the mirror you made sure your kimono had no creases from sitting and ran your fingers through your silver hair once more before walking down stairs towards the dining room. There Sesshomaru sat looking so handsome it made your knees go weak. Sesshomaru's eyes met yours as he noticed you had entered the dining room and you couldn't help but notice his eyes sparkled a bit when he saw you. Sesshomaru stood and glided over to you with a emotionless gaze but his eyes gave him away. Sesshomaru finally reached you but he didn't stop, instead he took another step closer so your noses were touching. Your breath was caught in your throught making Sessomaru chuckled as he pressed his lips against your forhead. Your stomach tightened as lust began to form in the pit of your stomach. Not seeing Sesshomaru all day made you long for his touch and now that you finally received it you craved more. "You look beautiful..." Sesshomaru whispered into your ear breaking you from your lust filled spell. His pale but strong fingers brushed against your forhead ridding your flesh from the stray spools of silver threads of your hair. "Let's eat..." you whispered knowing if you didn't you would risk Rin coming in while you and Sesshomaru where at it. Sesshomaru nodded and led you to the table which had replaced the large dining room table for the evening.
The dinner went by slowly much to your dispointment. Even though it was exstremly romantic and you and Sesshomaru even shared a few laughs which was very rare for Sesshomaru, the longing you felt for Sesshomaru to finally shealth himself inside you made you squirm impatently in your seat. The fact that you and Sesshomaru continued to gaze at eachother as you ate only made your lust grow. Finally you and Sesshomaru finished your dinner, and Sesshomaru blew out the two candles that had lite the romantic dinner and added an intoxicating aroma throughout the room. Sesshomaru then took hold of your hand and gently lifted you from your seat and led you out of the room and through the vast hallways of the castle. "Let's go to my study, I promiced you I would tell you what's been going on and I shall," He paused and looked towards you with a smirk though you weren't paying much attention to his actions. Sesshomaru stopped walking and grabbed you as you walked ahead of him. Your back collided with his chest and you gasped as Sesshomaru's hand cupped your warmth though your kimono. "Aftwerwards I can have my way with you." you groaned into your hair as he took in your scent. All you could do was nod and continue to walk beside Sesshomaru. You and he were so close together that you could feel the heat radiating off his body, only adding to the sexual tension between you two. You were to involved with your fantiasies with Sesshomaru to notice you had arrived to his study which was a large room with a fireplace and walls covered with bookshelves. "Luna come sit." Sesshomaru called from the other side of the room by the window. A low table was there along with two cushions for you and him. To the left of you was his desk with a large chair behind it. You gracefully walked over to Sesshomaru and decided to ignore the other mat and instead sat in his lap. "Well aren't you bold?" Sesshomaru teased as his arms snaked around your waist. "Hurry and tell me what you have been hiding. I want to have my way with you love." you whined and with a sly look reached behind you and brushed your fingers over his manhood encouraging him to hurry. Sesshomaru took a deep breath and told you about the upcoming war, how you had transformed into your full demon form, and how your mother came and left Tsuki with Sesshomaru. "I see... I was wondering why my mother left Tsuki here... Sesshomaru?" His gaze fell down to your quiet form before placing his head on your shoulder. "Yes Luna?" You turned around to face Sesshomaru and looked at him with pleading eyes. "Promice me... Promice me you won't die in battle. I know your a powerful demon but I- just promice me Sesshomaru. Promice you won't leave me here and not return. Sesshomaru please." you begged and placed your hands on the side of his face. Sesshomaru gazed into your eyes and felt torn as tears were lining your green eyes. "I promice I'll come back to you Luna... but right now let's just be with eachother." Sesshomaru said softly, before taking your hands from his face and tangling his fingers with your own. He leaned forward and captured you in a passionate kiss that would soon lead to more....

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