Snow White and the Seven Insane Midgets(A twisted version of the original)

Yea if you like original fairy tales, then I warn you now, Do not read this. This snow White story I wrote in senior year of high school, which was 2 years ago. I love it to death, Its funny and very very twisted. So, enjoy and lemme no what you think! Pimp out your webpage with PimpWebPage

Created by cortie on Saturday, July 29, 2006

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Snow White. Snow White had Beautiful black hair, blue eyes, her skin was white, and she had rosy red lips. Her dad was a much respected king. Her mother died when she was a baby and since then her dad has remarried. Snow White lived in the most beautiful castle, with a garden that had every kind of flower. She loved animals; she would sit outside for hours on end singing with the birds. Well you like how the stories going so far? Everything so perfect and Beautiful? Well here is the catch; this is not how the story goes at all. Here is how the story really goes.

In the town Doubledum there was a governor, his daughter Snow White, and her stepmother Theodore who happened to be a man. This family with the exception of snow White thought their lives and the town they ran was perfect. That was hardly the case. Doubledum was as messed up as a town could get. Before her dad got married, after her mom died, Snow White got along with her dad great. But ever since he married her male stepmother Theodore, things have been off.

Snow White did not look like every other 21 year old in the town. She had long black hair, Green eyes. Her attire consisted of Black Jeans and a red tank top. She only had four outfits. Her family was pretty poor. They lived in the smallest house in the town. You cant even really call it a house, more like a shed. Snow White had the worst relationship with her dads husband. He was one of those guys who desperately wants to be a woman. He despised Snow White for her beauty. The thing that puzzled Snow White the most was why her dad turned gay.

One morning Snow white sat in her back yard reading a book. Thats when she heard a voice coming from the forest in front of her. She followed the voice into the forest. About 50 feet away she came to a clearing there she saw Theodore in her mothers pink fluffy dress. He was jumping around a well in the ground, screaming, "O water water in the well, whos the fairest one do tell!"
Confused and angry she started to walk towards Theodore. Suddenly a voice shot up from the well along with a splash of water. Snow White, she is the fairest I tell!

"Noooooooooooooo!" Theodore screamed. Snow White took another step forward snapping a twig.
"Whos that?" Theodore yelled turning around to see Snow White. Ill kill you, you ugly beast." he said running toward her with a huge rock. Startled Snow White ran into the forest.

"Ahhhhhhhh." A scream came from behind her. She turned around to find Theodore face down in a mud puddle. Snow White laughed silently to herself and kept running.

About a half hour later Snow White found herself at the entrance to an Insane Asylum. Unsure if Theodore was still chasing her, Snow White climbed over the gate and ran to the building. She studied the building for a few minutes looking for a way to sneak in. She walked around to the back of the building and decided to climb up using the vines that had grown there. She struggled all the way up and climbed onto the roof. Over on the opposite side of the roof was a door leading into the building. Snow White ran to it jiggling the door handle to find it locked. Frustrated she banged on it and from the top of the door fell a box. Surprise Snow White opened it. Inside was a key to the door. Snow white smiled and opened the door.

Back at the shed Theodore was scheming a plan to get rid of Snow White once and for all. He was flipping through a book of magic when he came upon an interesting spell.

Running through the building, the first door Snow White came to she ran in. It was a large room with seven tiny beds.

"A childrens room." Snow White said to herself. She decided to take a nap.

A couple hours later Snow White woke up to little heads peeking up at her. She adjusted her vision and stared down at them.

" Hello children...ahhhhhhhhh." Snow white screamed and jumped from the bed.

"Your not children your, your midgets!" she said aloud. One of them then laughed uncontrollably.

"Hey pretty lady, Im Tootles; this is Swirly, Bouncy, Tripp, Bubble, Loopy and Dister." Tootles said stepping up. With hesitation Snow White said hello to the drooling, murmuring, crazy midgets.

"7 insane midgets." She said to herself.

3 weeks had gone by that Snow White secretly stayed with the 7 Insane Midgets. Once day it was time for the midgets to go on a fieldtrip to the park. They all said good buy to Snow White and took off. Snow White had been quietly sitting, reading a book when there was a nock on the door. She got up to answer it, there stood an oddly familiar nurse.

"Hello Snow White" the nurse said.

"How did you.." snow White started to say as the Nurse cut her off.

"Hahhahahahhahahahahahah", the nurse laughed evilly. Snow white looked at her oddly and stepped back. "Change!" the nurse screamed grabbing Snow Whites arm.

"What the?" Snow white said as she now stared at the nurse who looked just like her. Not recognizing her voice Snow White looked down at her hands. Confused and disoriented she ran around the room looking for a mirror. When she found herself to the bathroom, she let out a shrill scream.
"Nooooooooooooo, I look like Theodore!" Snow White ran back out of the bathroom looking at her body.

"You,.. You Theodore what did you Do?" she screamed.

"Excuse me, my name is Snow White." Theodore laughed and walked out of the room. Snow White fell to the floor.
When the 7 midgets returned they were surprised to see a man sitting on their floor.

"Who you?" loopy asked.
"It's me Snow White." She told them.

"You crrrrazy man, yyyyou is nottt a girrrrl!" Bubble said

"Doctor, Doctor theres a crazy man in here!" Bouncy yelled.
"No, no its me Snow." She was then picked up and hurled in the air by a doctor.
"You dont understand I"she tried to explain.
"Its the quite room for you mister!" A nurse said injecting him with a needle.
"No...... I'm not a man....Im....not....Theodore.Im...Snow...Whi" She was then out like a light.
"What is with these crazies these days?" The doctor asked.
"Water, water in the well, whos the fairest one do tell!" Theodore yelled down to the well.
"You are Snow White, the fairest one, I tell!"


KK, yea that was my very wierd version of snow white. Hope you enjoyed, and I atleast made you laugh once!

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