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I'm trying out a new story I wrote. I'm kinda new to the original stories business, so if you throw stuff at me, please make it tomatoes, and not too hard? *puppy dog eyes* And lemme know if it stinks. Wait, not NOW, after you read chapt. 1. And sorry bout the pics, that's the best I could find.

Created by AlmostLegalJollyRogeress on Sunday, July 30, 2006

17-year old Diana got fucked up bad. Her family was killed, leaving her with enough money for a lifetime, and people that were after it. Mean people that don't mind killing little girls for money. Talk about SOS, huh?
So, little Diana sat down and prayed to the allmighty (not Bruce) to send her some sort of help. Any sort of help.
And the Allmighty did.

Name: Diana
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Occupation: Highschool student, currently on vacation.
Likes: McDonald's french fries, the ocean, guys with pretty eyes, comedy movies, walks near the ocean, smoking.
Dislikes: Maple syrup, when Lurdez and Lucas fight and start ignoring her, any mentioning of the word scisophrenia.
Special: Stubbornly avoids pondering the fact that two people live in her head that only she can hear/see. Instead, consults with them frequently. Follows their advice.
All in all: a kind, sweet, caring person really. Only a wee bit psychotic.


Name: Lourdez
Age: A real woman never tells ^_~
Sex: Yes, please.
Occupation: Full time devil.
Likes: Sporking Lucas, talking to him about sex, getting Diana to do stupid things, Absolut vodka.
Dislikes: Stupid fag wuss Lucas (WHO IN HELL MADE US RELATED?!) who keeps trying to stop Diana from doing stupid things.
All in all: A sadistic bitch with no moal principles whatsoever. Deep down she's good at heart. Really deep down. Really really.


Name: Lucas
Age: Same as Lourdez'... Oh, wait, she didn't tell you?
Sex: Male. *Lourdez butts in..."NOT!"*
Occupation: An angel. It's a full time job ya kno...
Likes: Doing the right thing, helping Diana, listening to soul music, nature.
Dislikes: Mean bitch Lourdez that keeps trying to get Diana in trouble, sporking him and asking him when's he gonna get laid *blush*, cruelty of all kinds, immoralty and wrongness in general.
All in all: A kind, caring, honest, loyal, moral, modest, tadadadada and all that shit. Sometimes his righteosness even gets on MY nerves. And I'm the effin author.

These aren't ALL of the charcters, obviously. As new ppl come into the story, I'll add them up here. Kay?
Part one should be out about now...

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