Is it Really you I Loved? (Atticus Rhodes) #1

I'M STARTING A STORY ON MY MOST FAVORITE CHARACHTER IN ALL OF YGO GX! I lurve Atticus so much and I never had any story idea's about him so i worte ones about the other boys I liked. Now that I feel this story is good enough to post (Well the way I want to be) I'm posting it! Yay! I LOVE YOU ATTICUS! Atticus: ^-^ Me: *Huggles Atticus*

Created by Krads-Demon-Angel on Monday, July 31, 2006

If you see something with a number by it in ( ), it means I'll explain it later.

So I've been going to Duel Academia(1) for about 2 years now. My best friends are Atticus Rhodes and Zane Truesdale. I've always liked Zane more then a friend and Atticus and I are the best of friends since were so alike but I never thought I would fall for Atticus...Until now.

"Hey Zane!" I shouted running up to the teal haired boy next to a blonde girl. I stopped in front of him and put my hands on my knee's panting slightly. Atticus had disappeared when Professor Banner called him to a duel exam so he wasn’t here.

"Hello Namie."(2) Zane said back calmly. I looked up at him and smiled. Zane was so handsome with his Teal blue hair and his light gray eyes. He was really every girls dream. Smart, handsome, a good-no-extraordinary Duelist, and to top it all off he was single. Though people didn’t usually thing he was since he spends most of his time(When he's not in class or dueling) with me and Atticus's younger sister-Alexis Rhodes.

Alexis is the girl every guy wants now. Pretty dark blonde hair and brownish-amber eyes. Smart, nice, caring a great duelist. See? They're perfect for each other but no they don’t like each other that way. Of course I don’t really like that idea. I kind of...have a crush on Zane and have since a little while after becoming friends with him. Zane could never like me though. I mean I'm so...not up to his league.

My hair is a normal dirty blonde color that's almost brown and my eyes are a very dull shade of green mixed with blue but you can never see my eyes because I have to wear glasses. I'm average in height and weight and unlike Alexis I have no chest (3). My deck has average cards except for a few that my father got especially for my birthday. He went all the way to Pegasus J. Crawford (4) just to ask for them! That's not the point though! As you can see I'm way out of Zane's League dueling and appearance. At least he's my friend though.

Well anyway let's get on with it.

"So did you have a nice summer Zane?" I asked standing next to him now watching the young duelists go against the proctors.

"Yeah it was okay. What about you?" Zane asked.

"Well I had to watch my little brother most of the time and I got to see my mom in America! Other then that I pretty much lazed around." I explained. Yeah so you're probably wondering why I'm here in Japan and my mother is in America? Well my parent's got divorced about 2 years ago when I was 14(I'm 16 now) and my brother was 10. She moved to America once everything was settled but we still talk to her over the phone and we visit. She visits sometimes too. I wish I looked more like my mother though. I inherited everything of my dads. Though I did get my mothers eyesight...-_-; stupid geans.

My mom has long pretty golden locks of curly hair and beautiful Amber eyes. She's very pretty and my brother looks more like her. Cept his hair is short and not curly...

"I know this isn't the greatest time Alexis but can I ask you about Atticus?"

"It's okay Namie but I haven’t heard anything about him." Alexis said.

"Oh..." I said disappointingly.

"I miss him..." Alexis said.

"Me too." I said. We looked out at the duelist and now there was a brown haired boy who in my opinion his hair looked like a recess peanut butter cup(5) was going up against the most annoying teacher on the planet (And the ugliest) Dr. Vellian Crowler. He's a freaking cross dresser (Well me Alexis, Atticus, and Zane think so anyway) and I'll leave it at that.

The boy-who I think was named Jaden Yuki-won against Crowler pretty easily.

"Wow that was pretty good. I bet he'll be sent to Slifer red though knowing Crowler." I said. Crowler was to overly emotional so even though that boy deserves to be in Obelisk Crowler will put him in Slifer just to get 'revenge' against the poor kid.

"I know. I hate to say it but he's way more emotional then a normal man should be. He's just like a woman." Alexis said.

"Yeah but I don’t think Dr. C is either gender. I mean he's an insult to woman and an even worse insult to men. So therefore he is an 'it'." I explained making Alexis laugh and Zane smirk. Atticus and I thought of that last year when we found out how annoying he really is.

"I remember when you and Atticus made that up." Zane said.

"Yeah. It just doesn’t work as well though if Atticus isn't here..." I trailed off looking at the ground. Zane put an arm around both me and Alexis.

"Don't worry." He said comfortingly. "Atticus will come back." he finished taking his arms off of us. Of course I blushed since I liked him but I don't think he noticed. Alexis sure did though.

-FF to Duel Academia- (Sorry being Lazy here)

I got to my dorm room which I got to myself since the Obelisk dorms are so big (mentioned I'm in Obelisk right? Well only because I started out in Slifer and worked my way up in under a year) and my room was across from Alexis's with Mindy (Blacked haired girl) and Jasmine (reddish haired girl) on either side of her. Since I wasn’t a first year I didn’t have to go to the Welcome party so I was on the computer talking to people on IM the whole time. When it was about 10:30pm I dressed for bed and fell asleep after a few minutes of lying there.

-Dream Flashback-

"Atticus wait for me!" a 12 year old version of me shouted to a 12 year old Atticus Rhodes.

"Come on run faster Namie!" Atticus shouted back going up further ahead.

"Atticus I can't! Come on stop! Wait-AH!" I didn’t finish because I slipped off the side of the mountain path we were running on.

"Namie?" Atticus looked back when he heard the scream. He looked over the side to see I had fallen unconscious (6) "NAMIE!" Atticus shouted sliding down the path on his own coming next to me. "Namie are you okay!? I'm so sorry!" Atticus shouted frantically while lifting me up and putting me on his back to take me home.

"It's okay Atty." I said to him softly. My leg hurt really badly though.

"No its not! I should have waited! I'm so sorry!" Atticus ran back to the house (His house) to see little Alexis under a tree.

"Atty what happened to Namie!?" she shouted.

"She fell down and it's all my fault! I'm gonna go get mom and dad!" he shouted. "Watch Namie." He set me down and ran inside to get his parents.

"Are you okay Namie-chan?" Alexis asked.

"Yeah my leg hurts is all. I'll be fine." I smiled at Alexis. Soon Atticus came back out with his parents and took me to the hospital.

Since that day my leg has been permanently damaged and I can't run very fast since I have to limp when I run and I sometimes limp when I walk.

-Scene Change-

"Come on Atty!" I shouted while limp/running to the boat on its wait to Duel Academia.

When we got to DA we met a boy named Zane Truesdale in his second year. He didn’t really want to be friends at first but he became friends with us finally. Around Christmas time on break is when I really started to like him. I got him a duel monster card to go with his deck for Christmas and he got me a pretty necklace with a crystal purple crescent moon on it.

-Christmas time-

"Here Zane I got this for you." I said handing him a box. He opened and smiled at the gift then said, "I got this for you." He handed me a box when I opened it I gasped. "Zane it's so pretty! Thank you so much!!!" I shouted throwing my arms around his neck and knocking him down.

"Your welcome." Zane said while helping me back up. Other then that Atticus...well he forgot to get anyone anything so as his present we got to spend the day with him. ^-^ He was so silly.

-Scene Change-

"What!? Atticus is gone!" I shouted.

"Yeah! He just...disappeared when Prof. Banner called him for the duel exam." Zane said.

"Oh...I hope he's okay." I said looking at the ground. 'I've known Atticus since 6th grade...he's never gone missing before and I spend most of my time with him so I'm gonna be so lonely without him if he's not here.'

-End Dream/Flashback-

I woke up and dressed thinking about the dream. when I was about to put on my glasses (I don't need them all the time. I can walk around without them it's just a bit harder too see) I dropped them in the sink and started to cry.

"Atticus. Please come back. Please." I sobbed on the floor. I felt an arm go around me and looked up to see Alexis crouching beside me.

"You okay? What are you crying about?"

"I miss Atticus. I want my Atticus!" I sobbed. "I'm sorry...he's your brother so you must miss him too."

"Yeah but your bond with him is really strong too. I can understand that you miss him. Can I ask you something?"

"Sure." I sniffed.

"Do you like Atticus? I mean like are you in love with him?"

"What!? No! You know that I like Zane! Besides Atticus probably only thinks of me as another sister."

"Not true. He used to always tell me how pretty you were and how he loved you so much." I blushed at this.

'That's sweet of Atticus but I like Zane...'


"Come on lets go to class." Alexis helped me off the floor and I grabbed my glasses then walked to class with her.

Okay so here are some explanations of things.

(1) I like the Japanese name of DA then the English one so I'll be using that one.

(2) Namie is the name of my favorite Japanese singer and I know it kind of sounds Mary-sueish but trust me it'll be more clear later.

(3) Alexis's chest is huge. Enough said.

(4) I'm probably going to end up using the Original Yu-Gi-Oh Characters Japanese names cuz I like them better.

(5) I think Jaden looks like a Recess Peanut Butter cup. Don't ask. It's just his hair that oh so reminds me of one.

(6) This is kind of like what happened to Mayu in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. She was chasing after her sister Mio on a forest mountain path and fell down. Except she did it purposely so Mio wouldn’t leave her. Namie did it on accident because the path was slippery. As for her leg injury the same thing happened to Mayu when she fell. I know I use Fatal Frame a lot in my stories but I luv Fatal Frame so much <3 so yeah. Sorry if I over use Fatal Frame stuff though.

So anyway I'll continue soon if you guys like the story. I had another idea for a story but it sounded to much like all the other Atticus stories out there (No offense to Atticus stories) so yeah...sorry if this one might sound like another one but I don’t normally read Atticus stories since there aren't that many.

OMGS! ATTICUS! *Huggles Atticus* (Me: MY ATTY! *Takes Atticus away and pets him* My Atty...) [Atticus: You know you don't have to pet me and you can share me ^^] (Me: But I dun wanna! Your mine Atty! Your my favorite character ever!!!!! Well in YGO Anyway...nope nope your pretty much my favorite anime guy ever! Just like Seifer Almasy is my favorite Video Game guy!) [Atticus: I feel so loved ^-^] (Me: Yay!!!!! *Huggles Atticus* You peoples go to results now GO! I COMMAND THYE!) [Atticus: I dont think you spelled that right...] (Me:...meh...whatever) QT: *goes to results because of bordem*

So yeah that's the first part. Sorry I don't have any Atticus pictures uploaded on quizilla yet but I will soon so just be pattien. in the mean time we have Zanie pictures! Rate and Message please! Zane: Don't call me Zanie. Me: I'll call you what I want. Now Atty be nice and ask the people to rate and message. Atty: *Puppy dog eyes* Please rate and Message? Me: Awww! I'd even rate and message myself with that face! Atty: You can't do that -_-; lame person Me: Shut up! I've got...*Counts on fingers* 5-I think-other accounts I could message myself with! But I think that's silly so I wont. ^^ Atty: Aww it's not that silly! Me: Thanks Atty! Zane: *rolls eyes and walks away*

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