suite life of zack and cody love story

if you want you and ur friend can replace the names for each other but this story was made for vikki and diana my best friends

Created by KikyoTheBeautifulDead on Thursday, August 03, 2006

z/c's mom: zack cody you guys are grounded for spilling coke on mister moesbie.
zack: but mom...
mom: no butts... go to your rooms
they both go up and in a couple of minutes 2 girls and thier mom go in. the girls names were diana and vikki. and their moms name was Sara.
Sara: im going to check us in and dont do anything vikki!
vikki: why do you always look at me!
moesbie: welcome to the tiptin
Sara : im here to check in
moesbie: whats your name
Sara: Sara jackson
moesbie: ahh yes Ms. Jackson your room is ready and by the way i loved that movie you were in
Sara:thank you so much
*moesby hands Sara the keys*
*with vikki and diana*
vikki-this is a pretty gay hotel
diana-no its really nice im suprised we could even afford it
vikki-oh pa-lease were not poor
diana-ya and were not rich
vikki-this place probaly costs 25cents a day
diana-ya thats why all the hobos are checking in
vikki-i knew that
diana-riiiiiiite*walks away*
vikki-hey where are you going*follows diana*
*with zack and cody*
zack-lets get out of here im sick of this room
cody-zack we were in here for 15 minutes
zack-and thats too long
cody-then how should we get out
zack-hmm good idea
*with diana and vikki in the elevator*
vikki-sooooo where are we going
diana-to our room
vikki-cool i guess
diana-very cool we get to see the place where we will be living
vikki-living?!ha i doubt it were always moving from place to place
diana: thats true.
vikki- lets skip going to our room
diana- mom said not to get into any trouble.
vikki- and your point is...
diana- never mind u will not under stand
vikki- lets go to the arcade room
diana- how about the ball room,l danceing is fun
vikki starts laughing and stops
vikki- wait you weren't kiding
diana- duh
vikki- well im going to the arcade room
diana- finnne ill go
-zack and cody-
zack- i got a way out! the vents!
cody- lets go
they both go up the vent
zack- where should we go...
cody- ball room!
zack laughs and stops
zack- wait you werent kidding
cody- duh
zack- we're going to the arcade room
they crawl for awhile and they get to the arcade.
zack- hey someone is playing my game
he goes over and sees vikki and diana
zack- cody get over here
cody- wha... uh hi...
vikki- yo
diana- hi

dant dant dant
next one coming soon

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