Gaara's little Girl (Gaara lemon)

k. Obviously not the actual Gaara story I'm thinkin bout writin, but I needed a Gaara lemon to tide me over. Cause I luff Itachi, Kakashi, and Gaara SO MUCH!!! SPLEE!!!...Speaking of Itachi, I need a lemon for him, too! Hmm...XD

Created by tigerseyeofgold on Friday, August 11, 2006


She walked with her hand in Gaara's, beneath the brightly shining full moon. Fukurou was not your average girl. That's what Gaara liked about her. Her golden eyes shone with the same intensity as the moon Gaara watched every night. Though lacking the ability to control sand, Fukurou's clan had a bloodline trait to them: body control. She could force anyone to do anything, besides using regular jutsu's, of course. It was this that gave them their first kiss. She had liked Gaara from the start, since she first saw him on the roof of his house on her first night in Sunagakure. He'd looked so sad! Fukurou's eyes had almost spilled over that night for him, her empathetic ways threatening to reveal herself to him.
"Gaara? I had a wonderful time tonight". She whispered to him, squeezing his hand tighter. the Kazekage looked over at her with seafoam eyes and gave her one of his few reserved smiles. He smiled only for her. Anything else like it was a smirk for anyone but her.
Gaara was in love.
Fukurou's platinum blond hair blew in the gentle desert breeze and tickled Gaara's cheek. He closed his eyes as he walked, breathing in her alluring scent of spearmint. He wanted it to linger beside him forever. Perhaps it would, if he was careful.
They walked in a peaceful silence until the lovebirds reached Gaara's house. He took Fukurou inside and to his study. He wanted to show her something.
"Gaara? Whatcha doin'?" She asked innocently, eyes big and round, just the way Gaara liked to see them.
"Just come on, Fukurou. I want to show you something." He said back monotonously.
Fukurou smiled and twisted a piece of Gaara's soft red hair around her finger. He smiled again to himself, enjoying her touch, and left her for a moment to get something out of a small engraved box he kept well hidden. It glittered in the palm of his hand as he returned to his girlfriend's side. Gaara held the trinket out to her and she plucked it from his hand delicately. It was a beautiful necklace; obviously the chain was gold inlaid with real diamond. The pendant was an owl, which was what Fukurou's name meant. But, what was it made of?
"Glass", Gaara responded, as if reading her mind. He closed her hand over the pendant and took her hands in his.
"You see, when sand is compressed to just the right degree, and with just the right amount of heat, it becomes glass. Many shards can be picked up and put back together, if you know how".
Fukurou's eyes glistened with tears.
"So, you're saying you made this?" She asked softly.
Gaara nodded wordlessly, after which Fukurou threw herself on Gaara, wrapping her arms around his neck and hugging him tightly. Gaara felt her breathing on his neck, and suddenly he became aware of...a lust. To go further and become one with this incredible girl. His lean body began to tingle with excitement. Fukurou pulled back and brushed her lips lightly against Gaara's. Nervous, for once, Gaara was tenative to ask for entrance, afraid that the fragile girl in front of him would think him weird and perverted. As much as that silver haired guy from Konoha who read those nasty little books with all those nasty little fantasies.
Nasty little fantasies Gaara was having at that moment.
Slowly he slid his tongue across Fukurou's bottom lip. He felt her melt into his arms and press up against his chest as she opened her mouth just a little. Enough to let Gaara's slimy pink friend slip in and search her mouth from top to bottom. Annoyed by Gaara's dominant nature, Fukurou decided to unleash her wild side and her own tongue lashed out and began a quick tongue wrestle which Gaara prevailed in. Gaara smirked his sexy smirk for her and pulled back, entwining his fingers in her light hair. He suddenly nipped her earlobe affectionately, and Fukurou giggled.
~lemon start~
Gaara's hands moved down from Fukurou's blond hair and he kissed her sumptuously on the lips again. Being now twenty years of age, he wasn't worried too much about his siblings, both of which, he knew quite well, were romantically involved themselves.
They weren't as good at keeping quiet as he.
His hands slid down her back and around to her front and then up, skimping across her breasts. Fukurou suddenly tensed and pulled away from Gaara. But he knew she wanted this. She just needed to be ready to move further.
"Gaara, I-" She started, then Gaara pulled her closer again and kissed her once more. His hands on her waist, he soon got tired of waiting and moved south to grab her ass. She gasped in his mouth and instinctively deepened the kiss. Gaara felt wild. He needed this now. And knew she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Besides... Shukaku liked her too. That was two against one.
Gaara won.
Backing her up slowly, Fukurou wrapped her legs around Gaara's waist as he laid her down across his desk. His fingers began to work at the tie around her waist that she wore to accessorize. The red ribbon was soon off, followed by her sweater as the impatient redhead cut it off with a kunai. Fukurou gasped again at Gaara's fast pace.
"Gaara-kun, don't be so impatient! We've got all night, love. And, besides...the bedroom is more fun." She growled, revealing a watering mouth a tongue already thick with pleasure. Gaara smirked again and picked her up off the desk and conjured his sand. he knew she liked it when he used his sand. She also didn't mind that it was mixed with blood. The sand wrapped around Fukurou, picking her up gently and carrying her to Gaara's room as he chuckled at her giggles of desert delight. It dropped her on the bed and Gaara made his beloved sand retreat and lie in wait. He pounced upon her, and allowed his girlfriend to remove his sash and shirt, revealing a pale, but well toned body that any girl would drool over. Fukurou sat up slightly beneath Gaara and kissed his hard chest, then pulled him down to her level and licked his neck lightly with the very tip of her tongue. He moaned softly next to her ear, and bit her again. Unbeknownst to her her, he had unbuttoned her under shirt and shortly thereafter pulled it off. Gaara kissed Fukurou's neck roughly and bit down, drawing blood. Her pain quickly turned to pleasure as he lapped up the blood puddle forming on her fair skin. Gaara looked down at her chest and then up into Fukurou's golden eyes. She nodded, and Gaara unwrapped the linen cloth that covered her medium sized chest. He smiled contentedly and Fukurou giggled.
"You like what you see?" She teased, stroking Gaara's hard stomach. He nodded.
"Yes. Very, very much".
Immediately he bent his head down to kiss her right breast roughly, his tounge flicking in and out of his mouth at intervals to deepen her pleasure and to taste her delicious peach skin. He felt her nipples harden in his mouth and this made him suck and lick more. Eventually he bit her, and again licked up her tasty blood. Moving to her left breast, Gaara caressed the one he'd formally been working on lightly, and this time purposely avoided Fukurou's spot.
"Gaara, do not play games with me", she moaned.
He complied and his warm tongue lapped at her pinkish-purple nipple.
"Fukurou, say my name". He commanded.
She tried, but as there were many vowel sounds, only ended up letting out a loud, long moan that could have been heard half a mile away.
Gaara got tired of her breasts and jammed his knee in between her legs. She gasped beneath him, but made no effort to stop his relentless bashing. She knew what he was tryin to do. Toughen her up now so it wouldn't hurt so much when he was inside. He was also admittedly having fun. The redhead sand-man teased his girlfriend by stroking her gently through her brown pants and not making any move to pull them off her.
"Gaara!" she yelled angrily at him. He chuckled and unbuttoned the three buttons on the waist line of her rough linen pants, then pulled them slowly down and off her. Fukurou held up a hand to stop Gaara before he went any further.
"Nuh uh. not fair, I'm here with only my underpants still on and you're sitting there half dressed! Can we make this even?" She begged, and then swiftly pushed a hand up into his crotch. Gaara groaned softly at the new sensation of arousal. Fukurou smirked and Gaara allowed her to take his pants off as well. As she did, she kept one hand firmly on his plusing manhood, making him moan more than she had yet. Gaara closed his darkly rimmed eyes for a moment, and then pushed himself down upon Fukurou. He kissed her stomach down to her hips and then used his sharp teeth to bite throuh the leather ties on her underwear so that it fell off her body. leaving her completely exposed to the man straddling her waist. Gaara stroked her womanhood lovingly, happy to finally be getting somewhere.
He bent forward and licked her clit, then completely slid his tongue into her and swirled it around inside her warm folds of skin. She sqirmed a bit at first then clutched at the bedsheets as she felt a pressure build then release in her lower abdomen. Gaara licked her clean after her first climax of the night and retreated, then allowed the now enraptured girl to remove his boxers. She stared thoughtfully at him for a moment, then turned him over on the bed.
"I like, Gaara. I like a lot", she laughed lightly and pushed her head down between his legs to take his manhood in her mouth. He moaned again and now it was his turn to grip the bedsheets for dear life. Shukaku had to have been enjoying this as well, for he lay dormant at the moment instead of attacking this girl who dared get so close. Gaara arched his back as electric shockwaves shot up his spine as she bit him lightly. He climaxed in her mouth, and she swallowed the bitter seed slowly, turning Gaara on by the way she licked her fingers and the tip of his enlarged manhood to clean him up.
He flipped her over so that he was on top again and positioned himself over her. She clung to Gaara, knowing what was about to come next. He slid into her, breaking her nineteen year old skin and relieving both of them of their virgin status. Fukurou groaned in pain, and Gaara nuzzled her neck while he waited for her to adapt to his intrusion. About three minutes passed, and Fukurou stopped groaning and shivering, and released her firm hold on Gaara's hand.
"I'm ok now, Gaara-kun", She murmured, feeling Gaara pulse inside of her. Her pain once more turned to a continuing pleasure as Gaara began to pump in and out, in and out.
"Move with me", he demanded of her.
She fell into the rhythm with him easily and was soon caught up in the tingling sense that this was what she had been missing. Gaara was inside her, and now she felt a part of her was finally filled. They moved together, and soon Gaara sped up. The bed creaked and groaned as it rocked back and forth relentlessly with the two lovers. An hour of incessent punping and rocking was not enough to quench their need for love-making. Gaara pulled out after a simultaneous climax with Fukurou, his body drenched with sweat that tricked down his warm skin and glistened on his forehead. Once more Fukurou flipped him over and Slowly lowered herself onto him. Riding him, she said his name over and over again while Gaara recovered from his second climax. Finally, he decided one more wouldn't hurt.He pushed Fukurou over for the last time and pushed into her again. By now it was like old hat for him to be this deep, but he crashed against her this time, causing more moans that in the course of the entire night. He filled her once more with his bitter seed, but her liquid lay stale inside her. There was no more that night. But the pleasure still remained behind. Finally, after hours of nonstop love-making, Gaara pulled out and collasped tiredly beside Fukurou. Oh how he wished he could sleep! Even just for the remainder of the night. Fukurou answered his prayers once more.
"Go to sleep, Gaara-kun". She whispered to him, softly kissing the blood red kanji on his forehead. He shook his head slowly.
"You know I can't got to sleep, Fukurou". he muttered, suddenly angry at himself and the world. Fukurou laughed.
"But you forget my bloodline's trait! Ok. I can control bodies. When Shukaku gets loose, he's in an embodiement, as he's kinda just... there. So I can control him, too. Don't worry, Gaara. I swear everything will be alright". She finished with another kiss to the love kanji.
Gaara's eyelids slowly closed as he began to trust Fukurou's judgement and abilities. Before he drifted off into a sleep he never got, he pressed his face into her neck and said,
"I love you, Fukurou".
She smiled, because she knew he was already asleep when her answer came.
"I love you too, Gaara".
Teh end. Plz message and rate!!!
I hope you enjoyed it!!! Next up will be an Itachi lemon, then possibly...well, you'll see.

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