Yuki Kigo no Ano Inu Daiyokai-Sesshomaru-Chapter Three

Created by JedivsSith on Monday, August 14, 2006


+=At Souungas Citadel++
Takemaru: Theyre coming.
Souunga: Yes they are. Put Sessura in another room. We will battle first.
Takemaru takes Sessura into another room and puts her body down on the floor. He walks out. A sudden explosion comes from outside. It was Sesshomaru.
Souunga: Hes here.
Sesshomaru enters the room.
Souunga: Its been quite along time Sesshomaru.
Sesshomaru: You hurt Sessura.
Souunga: I did plenty more.
Sesshomaru takes out Tokijin and charges at Takemaru. He blocks Sesshomarus attack with Souunga.
Souunga: What are you going to do? Kill me over a little scratch?
Sesshomaru: It wasnt a scratch. It was a gash!
Souunga: If you didnt leave her there, it wouldnt have happened!
An explosion came from outside. It was Inuyasha.
Souunga: Inuyasha. Takemaru, that is Izayois son.
Takemaru got mad and began to walk out of the room.
Souunga: Ive left something for you in that room behind you. I think youll be surprised.
Takemaru left the room. Sesshomarus Tensaiga started to act up.
Sesshomaru: You sense something?
Tensaiga started to pop in and out of its sheath. Sesshomaru opened the door behind him. He found Sessura on the floor. He walked over to her body in shock. He fell down next to her. He turned her over and saw the stab wound in her chest. He caressed her face. He took the Tensaiga out and revived her. He waited for her to wake up. Sessuras eyes opened and she looked at Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru took out a cerulean blue kimono and puts it over her. He puts a hand on her face.
Sesshomaru: Leave.
Sessura: Okay.
Sessura gets up and leaves. Sesshomaru watches her until he doesnt hear her. His eyes turn demonic red. He gets up and walks outside. He sees Takemaru and Inuyasha fighting and runs over to them in a rage. He knocks Inuyasha out of the way and fights Takemaru himself.
++At The Castle++
Sessura just arrived. She ran down to the fifth room and opened the door to a hidden room. Shizumaru and Seiza were crying. Sessura picked them up.
Sessura: Shh. Shh. Its okay.
Shizumaru and Seiza took ten minuets to calm down. Seiza looks at her mother and claps while Shizumaru laughs.
Sessura: Im glad you two are okay. I wonder how Sesshomaru is doing.

++Souungas Citadel++
::Takemaru died already. Now its juts Souunga::
Sesshomaru: You killed her! You shall pay!
Souunga: Lets see what you can do!

Souunga and Sesshomaru clash swords. Sesshomaru unleashes his Dragon Lightning (or something like that) at Souunga. He blocks it. Inuyasha come in with his backlash wave. Souunga blocks it. Kagome shouts out that they have to work together to defeat Souunga. Sesshomaru doesnt listen and attacks Souunga with his Dragon Lightning. Inuyasha comes in again with his backlash wave. The Dragon Lightning and Backlash Wave combine and hit Souunga and deteriorated him. The sword with Sesshomarus severed arm falls to the ground. Inutaishos spirit comes out.
Inutaisho: Together you two have defeated Souunga. I have nothing more to teach you. Sesshomaru, now do you know the meaning of protection?
Inutaishos spirit disappears and the light deteriorates.
Sesshomaru snorts and walks away.
++At The Castle++
Sessura: Your father will be home in awhile.
Shizumaru and Seiza laugh. Sessura smiles. Seiza puts her tiny hand on the healed wound on her mothers chest.
Sessura: I guess I need to change out of this blood-stained kimono dont i?
She puts Shizumaru and Seiza back in the fur bundle, but doesnt cover them up. They go to sleep. Sessura then changes into the cerulean blue kimono that Sesshomaru gave to her and goes to sleep next to them. Sesshomaru arrives at the castle an hour later. He found Sessura sleeping. He sat down next to her while Jaken, Rin, and Ah-Un slept in another room. Sesshomaru watched Sessura sleep until he wanted to move somewhere else.
Sesshomaru: Sessura, get up. We need to move somewhere else.
Sessura replied with a growl. Sesshomaru was not pleased.
Sesshomaru: Are you growling at me?
Sessura growls again.
Sesshomaru: Sessura, get up.
Sessura: What?!
Sesshomaru: We are moving.
Sessura: Where?
Sesshomaru: For you, a safer place.
Sesshomaru helps Sessura up. Sessura picks the bundle of fur up and follows Sesshomaru outside.
Sessura: Is this new place far?
Sesshomaru: Its my fathers castle.
Sessura: Thats in the northern part of the Western Lands.
Sesshomaru: Are you concerned about walking?
Sessura: Yes I am.
Sesshomaru: Youre not walking.
Sessura: Then I must be flying?
Sesshomaru: Dont put your sarcasm on me.
Sessura: Who says I was being sarcastic?
Sesshomaru: Just sit on Ah-Un.
Sessura: Fine.
Sessura sits on Ah-Un and the group begins to walk. They reach the castle in a matter of hours. Sessura was about to fall off until Sesshomaru caught her.
Sesshomaru: Were here.
Sessura got off of Ah-Un. She followed Sesshomaru into the castle. Shes been here plenty of times. Sessura walked upstairs and went through two rooms and found herself a corner. She put the bundle of fur down and made herself a new nest. When she was done, she went to sleep. Sesshomaru came in a few moments later and sat next to her. The thought of what his father said earlier came to him.
:::Inutaisho: Sesshomaru, now do you know the meaning of protection?:::
++Sesshomarus POV++
The meaning of protection? What does he mean?
++End Sesshomarus POV++
Sesshomarus thought was interrupted when Sessura laid a sword on his lap and went back to sleep.
Sesshomaru: A sword?
Sessura: Its a sword from your father. Its called the Tenmongaku.
Sesshomaru: Another sword from father?
Sessura: Im assuming you passed the test?
Sesshomaru: What test?
Sessura: When you protected me against Souunga. You earned the sword. Its yours now.
Chapter four and so on will be about Sesshomaru and Sessura's childhood.

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