Tales For The Midnight Hour: The Furry Collar

hey this is a horror thing but i ain't sure who wrote it or what, if you guy's like it and i get alot of feed back about it, then i'll post up some more. i got heaps of 'em and only god knows where they came from.

Created by wildbubbles on Thursday, August 17, 2006


Susan was my best friend. but i try never to think about her. it's only on certain nights, when i'm all alone in my room, that i remember...
scared yet.....*giggles*......>
it was during the christmas holidays last year when Susan asked me to stay at her house overnight. she lived in a big, gloomy house set a long way back from the road. and she didn't want to be alone there at night. her parents had gone to visit some friends and wouldn't be back until the next afternoon. Susan said we could have a really good time without her parents around.
and we did. At about 12:00 we decides to get dressed for bed. Susan had been given a velvet dressing gown for christmas that ha d a thick furry collar. it was blood-red velvet and she looked like someone from a Dracular film in ti. we had been watching tV in the living room, but then we turned it off. we hadn't noticed it before, but now the stairs seemed too big and almost sinister.
we started to go up stairs. then, all of a sudden, we both ran up the steps to Susan's room as if something was coming up from behind us. after we closed the door, we laughed at ourselves. but neither one of us wanted to leave the room again. we sat down and started to talk. that's when we first heard the noise. it sounded like somebody sharpening a knife on an old grindstone.
we stopped talking and looked at each other, feeling really scared inside. there was just a thick silence in the room. suddenly, Susan started to laugh. she said she had heard a sound like that in the house before. she said it was probably the sutters or something. that made me feel better and we staarted to talk again.
then we heard it again!
the sound made my teeth vibrate as if somebody's fingernails were scratching on a blackboard. but this sound was much worse. it shrieked up from the dark, lonely rooms below us.
Susan got a wild look in her eyes, as though something horrible had come into her head. before i could catch her, she ran out of the room, slamming the door shut and flicking off the light switch. i heard her footsteps as she ran down the first flight of stairs, and then they stopped. i sat in the dark, sick with fright. i called out Susan's name; but my voice was answered by silence. i didn't want to stay in the dark room alone, but even more i didn't want to go out into that other darkness.
i heard it again, that terrible sound. then i heard Susan's footsteps, moving down the next and final flight of stairs. she went more slowly, as if she really didn't want to go. i heard her reach the bottom. i waited in the room, wondering what Susan was doing. i told myself she must be al right. you see, the noise had stopped right after i heard her reach the bottom of the stairs. it didn't come after that. Susan had probable just fixed the shutter. Perhapd she had known for certain about that all the tim. she had just acted strangely to scare me. perhaps she was sitting on the steps now, laughing at me.
i got up and started towards the door to turn the light on. but a feeling of fear swept over me that held me back like a hand against my throat. i decided i would wait where i was until Susan returned. i would wait where i was until her parents returned, if necessary. nothing could make me leave my darkness for that darker unknown outside room.
time passed. my ear's strained for a sound and my nerves tingled at imagined shadows. then i heaard a slow, shuffling noise on the bottom step. was it Susan? it had to be. Yet the footsteps seemed too heavy , too deliberate. my heart began to pound and for a moment i lost control of my imagination and i shook with terror.
then suddenly, i knew what i would do. Susan's new dressing gown with the furry collar! i would wait for the dorr to open and then i would reach out and touch the person's neck. if i felt the furry collar, i would know it was Susan - and i would get her back for scaring me like this. if i didn't feel the furry collar... well, then there was nothing i could do.
the shuffeling footsteps had reached the second flight of stairs. i forced my own feet to take steps to get near the door of the room. i felt the skin srawl on my back as the footsteps reached the top step and moved down the corridor. i braced myslef. the door creaked slightly as it swung open. i reached my arms out and hoped
rest in results..................>
My fingers closed around the think fur of Susan's collar. MY body drained with relief. i moved my hands up to touch Susan's face. i was so happy; i no longer wanter to scare her. but as my fingers moved up form the furry collar, there was nothing.
Only rhe bloody dtump where Susanls head had been.

cool huh! tell my please if you like ti, so i'll post more up. thanx for reading and don't forget to msg.

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