~~Teacher's Pet~~ (Sexy Lemon)

Hello this is my first lemon that i have posted. All lemons that I have writen will be posted soon!

Created by BlackSakuraRose on Thursday, August 17, 2006


Stacy Karmicheal is the name. With hair as dark as the midnight sky, eyes as green as a toxic poison, and body with the most curvaceous hips you walked down the hall swinging your hips. High school was the battle field and love was the war. Every girl in school envied you. Everything about you was perfect for every guy. Popularity can fast upon your social life. With a bazillion "friends" and a few close friends your life was perfect. Not even mentioning your home life. At home was like any other house full of three spoiled kids, two annoying pets, and two noisy parents: full of joyful, embarrassing, touching memories to last a lifetime. Ahh life was just perfect for you. That is until the day you became the teacher's pet.

Walking down the hall you were greeted with the many 'Hello's, 'Hey's, and 'Ho's from the other students and staff members of the unpopular kind. You would nonchalantly say "Hi" back not really caring. You walked into your last class of the day where math equations were on the walls and math geeks discussed the homework from the previous night. You carefully took your seat in the center of the classroom. "Hello class would you take out your homework and… review it." The last part the teacher said slowly looking over at you or rather your body. You smirked. You knew what he was doing. Gazing your body Mr. Fergerson, the teacher, cleared his through and started shuffling the papers on his desk. Your smirk grew. Obviously in this lesson you thought you had the upper hand. After an hour and a half of doing math equations, trying to make your chest more noticeable by Mr. Fergerson, and Mr. Fergerson staring at your body the class would finally be over in a matter of seconds. 'Come on! You damn clock move faster!' you thought. Unfortunately for you it wasn’t over yet. "Ms. Karmicheal please see me after class. We have to discuss your class work." He said putting up his papers getting ready to leave himself…or was he? Anyway as the bell rang all the other kids your age left the room screaming from their freedom while you sat their awaiting your private lecture. Mr. Fergerson just sat their shuffling his papers. More shuffling…shuffling…again he's shuffling…shuffling. Your patients was growing thin as you rubbed your temples. Finally you stood up making a screeching noise from moving the chair back and walk up quickly towards the teacher's desk. He looked up at you with a questioning gaze. 'Good I've got his attention now to get this over with quickly' you thought. You leaned over and put your arms on the desk slightly lifting your breasts from their container. "Mr. Fergerson why don’t you be a nice teacher and let me out of here now?" you said in a sort of sluttish tone. Just when you thought that your "talking" had gotten to him he smirked. "Now now Ms. Karmicheal be a good student and be have yourself." He said chuckling slightly. "Hmpt" was the sound you made as you sat your butt on his desk pouting. "What makes you so sure that I want to be a good student right now?" you said leaning your head over to see his face. He chuckled and walked around in front of you. He put his hands on either side of your body making you faintly feel his fresh icy, minty breath on your neck. You shivered in some what pleasure mixed with disgust. He moved his face closer to yours as he whispered in your ear, "If you aren’t going to follow my rules then you will be punished my way." You gasped. You knew. That was all there was to say about the current situation. You knew sometimes you acted like a slut but to tell the truth you never did anything vile to earn the title of one. Now look at what your perfectness got you into. A perverted teacher is now going to give you the punishment of his choice and it wasn’t pickin' daisies in Rosedale park. You gasped again when you felt his lips on your ear. Sucking and sucking on it making you feel slight pleasure. 'This is wrong' you thought. You felt his hand slowly creeping its way up under your shirt. You gritted your teeth as you felt his hand cup your left breast. Leaving a trail of kisses he move closer to your mouth claiming your lips as his. He licked your bottom lip asking for entrance. You kept you lips shut tightly together. He pulled away and looked at you angry at the fact that you were not reacting. "Move, react, something! Everyone says that you are as good as it gets when it comes to this! Prove them right!" Hearing this you got pissed. "You never thought they were lying you freak?!" you yelled at him. He slapped you. "Don’t speak to your master that way. You are what you portray yourself as slut!" he yelled back. "I'm not a slut!" you yelled with tears forming. "Then what was 'Mr. Fergerson why don’t you be a nice teacher and let me out of here now' about?" he said imitating you. You dropped your head in shame. Yes that was an example of your slutty attitude. You then felt him lift your chin up with his finger. "But that's okay that's the way I like them. Hmm you'll be more than a slut after I'm through with you." He smirked. You started to tremble. Unlike everyone thinks you didn’t want to do it yet. You wanted to save your self for someone special. Not particularly save yourself for marriage but for the right person to come along. Mr. Fergerson moved in closer trying to get in between your legs but you wont allow that. Using his hands he spread your legs and placed himself there. His hands then found their way to the clasp of your bra. That article of clothing was soon forced away like your shirt a second before. Now you sat facing your perverted teacher without any thing on except your skirt and thong. "Hmm what lovely breasts you have. I'll say they are at least a D don’t you think?" you nodded feeling sort of proud of them. What? They were something you should be proud to have but they did attract some unwanted attention for instance the guy in front of you. Feeling something wrap themselves around your breast you gasped. Thumbs kneaded your nipples, hardening them in the process. "Hmm you like that don’t you?" he asked massaging your breasts even more. You were trying your hardest not to moan out loud. Looking into his eyes you saw lust and desire that he had for you. A new wet feeling around your nipple brought you out of your thoughts and brought your attention to the man's silky lips sucking like a baby at your chest. 'Oh Gods! I-I-I cant be enjoying this! Its wrong in so many ways' you thought. "Grrr…why wont you react you little wench?!" He slapped you across the face. "Hmm I know just the thing you'll enjoy." He started to yank your skirt off along with your underwear so now you sat sprawled over Mr. Fergerson's desk without any clothes what so ever. He gazed at your body with wanting then crashed his lips into yours slightly bruising them. His hands had a mind of their own wandering all over your body. You groaned as they neared your warmth. "Finally some reaction!" His hands rubbed the inside of your thigh making it harder for you to resist. 'Nooo I cant enjoy this I cant!' you thought. Although you thought one thing your body betrayed you and did another. His lips left your mouth and head for your neck nipping, sucking, an biting all the way. Closer to your warmth the hands moved until they got to the wet entrance of your womanhood. "Want it don’t you slut?" he chuckled. Even though you would not admit it you did. Whether or not you liked it you were horney and you needed release. Suddenly your mind went blank as you felt immense pleasure stream through your body. In your lower region two fingers were pounding into you at a medium pace. In and out in and out at a slower pace he moved. You were going crazy. 'If he doesn’t move faster I'll go crazy!' Told ya so. You regretfully moaned…loudly. He chuckled. "Ha. I knew you couldn’t resist. Now give in…give in to the pleasure…give in to me!" The fingers abruptly moved in at a pace you couldn’t find a word for at the moment but it was fast. Now you were moaning like crazy. "YES, YES, YES! NOW CALL MY NAME! CALL ME DAMIAN!" Being in the state you were in you couldn’t refuse. "Oh Damian, Damian, Damian!" A few more thrusts and you were about to come but just when you were he removed his fingers. You let out a slight whimper from the loss of his touch. Mr. Fergerson, a.k.a. Damian, chuckled as he stared at your petite form. "You’ve had your fun time for mine." You stared at him in confusion. "Look in my pants and you'll find your self a piece of candy." You just sat there looking at him like he was crazy. He gave you and angry glare. "DO WHAT I SAY NOW OR YOU WILL RECIVE MORE PAIN TO YOUR PUNISHMENT!" Damian bellowed. You were scared to death what he might do so you did as he said and undid his pants. When the pants and boxers fell your eyes were wide as saucers. 'He wants me to blow this huge thing!' you thought afraid it wouldn’t fit in your mouth. He saw your expression and smirked. "Oh don’t worry about that we'll just have to…make it fit." he said. Just as you were about to open your mouth to say something Damian forced his huge shaft in your mouth. You heard Damian groan. "Oh YES! Suck it!" you hesitated before sucking. "HARDER!" You did as you were told. In the next few minutes all you tasted was the salty liquid that was Damian's seed. Damian removed himself from your mouth and pushed you back on the desk hard. You let out a small whimper. "Okay now this is the fun part. Now you can either give yourself fully to me and I'll be gentle or you can be a bad girl and I'll have to show you my type of fun the hard way. Now which one my little Slutty Kitten?" he chuckled. 'Oh God what do I do? He is about to take my away innocence! But man I just cant but.. I'm so horney and I'm starting to want him badly!' you thought confused on what you should do. "Tick tock, tick tock, time's running out Kitten." He said getting on top of you. When you felt his head at your entrance you gasped. "I-If you be gentle t-then I-I-I'll cooperate." You stuttered. You were afraid of pain because of how huge this guy was and you still had your V-card (you were a virgin). He grinned. "Okay I wont hurt you.. much." You were about to scream as Damian forced his fat ass inside your small entrance but he forced his lips on yours to silence you. In and out he went causing more pain to your weak body. He groaned experiencing a pleasure you thought you never could value in this position. In and out he pumped. "Oh God my Kitten! Moan *thrust* for *thrust*Kitten!" he groaned. You kept your eyes and teeth clamped shut tightly. With each thrust he made your self esteem diminished slowly. Making you feel like you really were a slut. 'Noooo! I cant be a slut…can I?' Your eyes suddenly widened. In your lower half something was building up. Something good. The feeling was incredible. A very warm, hot feeling you felt as you started moaning up a storm. "Oh Gods Damian!" you moaned. "Oh YES! BABY FEEL IT! FEEL ME INSIDE YOU! FEEL THE FRICTION!" You did and may I add it was wonderful. Your mind was clear and your eyes clouded with undying lust and want. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better Damian's pace slowed down to a slug's run. 'Oh HELL NO' you thought. You tried your best to get him to speed up by bucking your hips but he wouldn’t have that. "Ohhh seems like my little Kitten is addickted to what I have to offer." He smirked. You were once again going crazy because of your slow ass tormenter, as you would put it. You grinded your hips against his to get him to move faster. He groaned. "Ah ah ahhh! Not until you tell me you want it." His smirk grew bigger. "OH YES Damian I WANT OH I WANT YOU SO DAMN MUCH!" Damian chuckled and picked you up with himself still inside you. He shoved you against the cold, hard wall and started thrusting into you like there was no tomorrow. "Damn. Who do you want?" he said in your ear. He gave one powerful and demanding thrust showing he wanted an answer. "Damian" you said in a soft whisper. "Who do you want?!" he said in a stern voice. "Damian!" you said a little louder. "WHO THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?!" "Damian!!" you yelled finally reaching your peak. But Damian wasn’t and kept on driving into you a mile a minute with his long and extremely hard manhood. Let's take a peek at what's going on threw your mind… 'FUCK ME!FUCK ME! FUCK ME!FUCKME! FUCK ME Damian!' Wow your thoughts are really…focused. While Damian was enjoying himself you were nearing your second climax. You both moaned in delight. "Oh God punish me! Punish me! Punish me! Oh I've been such a bad student teach me more! Teach me more!" you yelled in ecstasy. "Oh shit! Oh man you're a good fuck!" One thrust, two thrust, fast thrust, slow thrust. A few of fast thrusts and you both reached your peak. "Oh" you breathed out. Damian pulled himself out of you and lead to his desk where your clothes were discarded. "Gather your things. And maybe next time you will think twice before misbehaving in my class." He said chuckling and dressing himself also. "Okay Mr. Fergerson I will make sure I'll always be on my best behavior and always cum in your class." You said as you straightened your clothes. You grabbed your belongings and walked out the door. Never had you thought lectures could be so pleasurable.


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