A Vampire's Pet (girls only)

Im rewriting the chapter of vampires pet.. nothing in the storyline will change.. I just think Ive gotten a lot better at writing then in the first ones and want to make them better...

Created by dEmOnLoVeR4eVa on Tuesday, December 27, 2005

In the story of a Vampire's pet you are the main character. However you will not decide your fate, that is my job. Unfair maybe, but you might just like the way this story goes. In my story you are a teenage girl, so if you're a guy reading this, you might feel a little lost and I suggest you leave. You have deep blue eyes and medium length black hair with a few crimson red streaks. You are 5' 7" and are of a normal weight. Your best friend is Amanda, who looks very similar to you except for her brown eyes and sky blue streaks in her hair instead of red. Each of you dress in mostly black, though you would not consider yourself goth. That is just a stereotype of what some people might choose to call you. People around you find you to be a very defiant and untamed person. You would never follow the orders of someone else. Well, until HE happened that is. What do you think so far?
I'm interested, keep going.

Story starts: You walk into the cold night air and make your way towards the movie theater. You and Amanda had been dying to see the Underworld movie and were finally getting the chance to. You glanced at Amanda and smiled, laughing to yourself. She could be such a coward sometimes, but you loved her anyways. She already had a worried look on her face, if the walk in the dark to the movie theater scared her you could only imagine how she would be on the way home after she'd seen the movie. Amanda: "Are you sure we absolutely have to see this movie? I really don't like being out here at night." You: "What's wrong Amanda? Are you afraid a vampire might jump out and scare you?" Once again you laugh to yourself, if she was childish enough to believe in vampires then you would have fun with it. Amanda: "___(your name)!Please don't start this already. I want to see this movie in peace. I know you don't believe in them, but that doesn't change my mind. All the rumors had to start from somewhere right?" You: "They aren't real. They are just some story parents tell their children because of the sick sense of humor the past generation has. Sometimes you can be so..." You stopped before you finished, an idea formed in your brain. If she wanted to believe in them, then you'd let her be scared. You decided after the movie you would take advantage of her fear and see just how frightened she could be.

~~~~2 hours later~~~ The movie had just gotten over and you and Amanda were walking home. You shivered from the cold and wished that you had brought a jacket and maybe something to help you see too. That movie actually had you starting to doubt your beliefs on vampires. You shrugged it off and continued walking trying to decide when to take your plan into action. You spotted an alleyway up ahead and shook your head thinking it was all too easy. You starting walking faster, trying to reach it first and automatically jumped into the darkness when you reached it. You: "AMANDA! Help me! Please! Oh my god its got me! Ahh!" You tried desperately to make it sound real, but you knew she'd be the only one in the world that would fall for it. Amanda: "Come on, this is your worst attempt yet. I'm not scared _____, just come out already." Her voice came out a little shakier than it should have and you knew your plan was working. She was definitely scared. You walked casually to the very back of the alley into the shadows and laughed quietly. Too easy. Way too easy. You watched her get more and more nervous. She REALLY needed to get out more. Amanda: "_____, please come out! Where are you?" You watch her get closer and closer and sense that she will see you soon. You look away and see another shadow coming behind her.. "Who is that?" you thought.. "Probably just someone Amanda was talking to.." you reasoned with yourself. You pull yourself to the side of the wall and move yourself behind Amanda cautiously without being seen.. You: "Looking for me?" you whisper in Amanda's ear and watch her jump and scream. She turns around automatically and you see the anger in her eyes but for some reason it quickly turns to fear again as she spots the person you had seen. Amanda: "___(your name) Who else came in this alleyway with you?" You: "What are you talking about Amanda? No one else came with me.. I thought you brought someone else in here with you.." You start to get a little worried but think maybe she's just trying to get you back for scaring her.. "Oh, I see.. you are desperately trying to get me back.. you could at least wait a while until I stop laughing.." Amanda:"___(your name), I swear I am not kidding.. Won't you just give it up for tonight? Didn't it satisfy you enough to hear me scream earlier?" You: "I'm not kidding either, Amanda. Where are they at?" "Right behind you," you hear someone whisper... Before you can even scream this person clamps a hand over your mouth and another over Amanda's. "Wouldn't want me to have to kill you would you?" The voice whispered.. "Now if you promise not to scream I'm going to let go of your mouth, but remember you scream.. and you're dead.. Understand?" The voice asked. You see Amanda nod. 'Coward.' You smiled at the attacker and shook your head. You bite down fiercely on their hand surprising them enough so that the person momentarily lets go of you.

"Why , you little whore!" it screams and you finally realize its a female.. You feel a little better knowing its not a male but not much. You most likely would not be sexually abused, but there was always that slight doubt.. People were weird these days. You start running at the person but are suddenly grabbed around the neck.. You feel the grip get tighter as you realize it was her. Her grip is so tight you can barely breath and you try to say something but cant. You look to Amanda for help but you see notice that something was wrong with her.. She wasn't moving or saying anything, she was just standing there with a dazed look on her face staring straight ahead.. Your captor laughs as she sees what your looking at. "Now, why cant you just be like her? She gave in so easily. Its not like I want to hurt you. If I damaged you before my brothers got you on their birthday, father would be upset with me.." You were really angry now, the fact that someone would actually give a person for a birthday present sickened you. You weren't a toy, someone's property. No way someone could do that to you. You glanced to Amanda again and thought about what the girl said. Why was Amanda acting like that? Was it possible that this girl really could be a vampire? You hear her laugh again and you wonder what's so funny. "Aww ____ (your name), you don't believe in me? Why not?" she asked. Exactly how did she know what you were thinking? This can't be true you thought to yourself, it had to be someone's sick sense of a joke. She started to set you down seeing as you were about to pass out from loss of air and made sure you still couldn't get away. You tried you best to move but couldn't.. she had a good hold on you.. "Not trying to get away again are we _____(your name)? Come on, save your struggling for Damian he loves that." You: "You cant give me as a present! I'm not going to let you! I know what you are and I'll get away and tell everyone!" You watched as her face started to soften and you thought maybe she might let you go but still you were stuck. "I'm sorry, I cant let you go.. Father would kill me.. Damian will take good care of you I promise. And your friend Amanda will be fine with Dante. As long as you don't disobey them they wont hurt you." You: "I don't want to go! You cant do this!" You looked up at her eyes for the first time and started to feel funny. You were paralyzed . You couldn't speak or move. "That's a good girl, come on we don't have much time.. sunrise isn't that far off." You watched still stuck in that spot as two wings came out of the girls back. "By the way.. My name is Rinkyu. Now just stand still.. Oh that's right your still paralyzed." She laughed. "Well that works too.." she said.. With that she picked you and Amanda up and started flying into the sky.

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