Fruits Basket continued

This is a dream I had where I was Dasani Sohma Hope You like it!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by HatorisLittleGirl on Wednesday, August 23, 2006


As we last left the characters of Fruits Basket Yuki, Kyo, Tohru, and Shigure were going home Kyo running to the house so him and Yuki can fight.
"That damn Rat! ha I am finally going to beat him!" Kyo thought.
When they got home Yuki still beat Kyo.
Then everything went back to normal. Then a couple weeks later Hatori drove to the house. He walked in with a girl that had long dark blue hair tied up and she was wearing a uniform from another school a blue plaid skirt and a white spaghetti string top with a see through black sweater and long blue knee highs. Yuki was with Ayame so of course Kyo wouldn't sense a rat.
"Why do I smell a damn rat!" Kyo said
Shigure and Hatori were talking and this comment interrupted them.
“Oh Dasani go and get your bags,” Hatori Paused as she walked out the door. “Dasani is my daughter, she is a member of the zodiac too, and well……… she’s ummm.. The rat”
“What!!!!!!!!!!” Kyo yelled
“Hm you must be the damn cat!” Dasani said as she walked up to him
“Well I guess you’re the DAMN RAT!!!” Kyo yelled in her face
They started fighting and yelling then Hatori walked up behind her and pulled her shirt collar and pulled her back toward Shigure.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I WANT TO TEACH THIS CAT A LESSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she yelled trying to get back to Kyo.
“Now this is Shigure.” Hatori said
Just then Ayame and Yuki walk in. Then they all went to the back yard and they had a pool. Shigure to show off his house tripped and fell back into the pool. Then Ayame jumped in and saved him and Shigure wasn’t breathing and Ayame decided to give him CPR and then Shigure’s arms wrapped around Ayame and
They began making out!
“Who is this girl?” Yuki asked
“I’m Avion Dasani Sohma, the daughter of Hatori and Canna.” She said "You can call me Dasani for short"
“I am Yuki” he said back “Are you a member of the zodiac?”
“Yes I am the Rat just like you.” She said
“Cool” Yuki said
Then Kyo started to get mad.
“Is she staying?” Tohru asked as she walked in with her famous rice balls
“Yes” Hatori said
“What! Why not just go back to the main house with you dad and Akito!” Kyo yelled from the kitchen
“No! I am never going back to that hell hole!” Dasani yelled as she ran out
Yuki ran after her. Shigure’s face turned red and Ayame with his hand around his waist backed off. Shigure walked toward Kyo and ordered Tohru to hug him when he turned into a cat he drew a cold bath and forced him into the water. Yuki found Dasani on the roof crying.
“What’s wrong?” Yuki asked
“Akito is a bastard, I am never going back to the main house!” Dasani said to Yuki
“Oh why what did he do to you?” Yuki asked calmly
“He would beat me because I was the daughter of Canna she was the reason my dad is blind in his left eye, he would tell me I was worthless and always say if I ever went back to my mother he would kill her.” Dasani explained she went on “Then one day he did, He had just sent me out of the room and I went to go tell my dad but he was here so I ran home and when I got there she was lying in the yard with scratch marks on her neck and Akito standing over her.”
“Oh! See he beat me too but he didn’t do as much harm to me as he did to you.” Yuki said
“The only reason I’m here is because of what happened at school I didn‘t know anything about the zodiac, well this really cute guy asked me out and I said yes and then we hugged and I turned into a rat. After that everyone made fun of me and a girl would make fun of me so I punched her and her boyfriend came up behind me and hugged me and then he squished me and so I have very bad breathing problems.” Dasani paused “after Akito found out he sent my dad.”
“Oh WOW!” Yuki replied
Then Dasani and Yuki became boyfriend and girlfriend and then on Monday the I love Yuki fan club tried to beat her up. Of course it didn’t work Haru went black and kicked there sorry asses. After that everything went back to normal.


“You damn rat I am going to put an end to you and your pride!” Kyo said as he ran toward Dasani.
“Yeah right!” Dasani yelled
She kicked Kyo right into the door!
“My door AGAIN” Shigure said sadly
“That is it Kyo come here Dasani I am going to call you father to see how to punish you so go to your room!” Dasani scared ran up the stares to her room as for Kyo Shigure had already asked Kyo’s “Dad” how to punish him and he did, he put Kyo over his lap and started spanking him. Then he told Ayame to call Hatori to see how to punish Dasani. When Shigure finished spanking Kyo he called Dasani down from her room.
“We called your dad he said that I will go over and get what I need to punish you! I will be back, Ayame watch Kyo and Dasani and make sure they don’t go any where.”
“Okay!” Ayame yelled to Shigure
About ten minutes later Shigure walks in the door with Hatori and Hatori called to Dasani
“Avion Dasani come here it is time for your punishment I decided that this is probably the way your mother punished you so I will spank you come here.”
Dasani walked slowly over to her father. He put her over his knee and began to spank her a couple smacks later he pulled down her underwear and began spanking her harder. Dasani wiggled and cried.
“Dasani as your father……..”
“FATHER!!!!!!!!!!FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!” Hatori was interrupted “You may be my birth dad but you haven’t been there! You came along when that Jackass Akito wanted you to!” Dasani said as she ran out
Hatori knew what breathing problems she had and so did Yuki. Yuki grabbed Tohru and hugged her he turned into a rat and went after her. He found her in his garden passed out then he turned back to his regular self and carried her back Hatori treated her when she awoke she saw all of the zodiac members gathered around her. A couple months later Shigure and Ayame got married and Dasani went back to the main house for a while. Ring Ring Ring Shigures phone rang loudly at 2:00 in the morning.
"Hello" Shigure yawned
"We have a big problem" Hatori said
Shigure could here Dasani crying in the back round "Can you get up we will be there soon." Hatori finished
Shigure got up and woke Ayame up too after that everyone ended up getting up. Finally Hatori's car pulled up and Yuki ran up to the car and didn’t see Dasani.
“Where is Dasani?” Yuki asked
“She is right here” Hatori said sadly as he showed Yuki a Dark blue rat in a little blanket.
“Oh my god, what happened?” Yuki exclaimed
“I’m not sure Akito was doing something to her but I didn’t see anything when I got there she was like this.” Hatori explained
A little bit later Yuki got up to check on Dasani, but she wasn’t in her room she was on the roof.
“Dasani…….. it’s me Yuki what happened?” Yuki asked
“It’s Akito, he h.. he raped me.” Dasani said
“Yes, he told my dad he just wanted to talk to me so he let him and well he just did it.”
Yuki got up and his face turned red and he jumped off the roof and ran back inside he ran to Hatori and woke him up. He than told Hatori what Dasani told him. Hatori got so mad and went to the main house sadly Akito was waiting for him. He attacked him. Luckily nothing happened. Yuki and Dasani ended up getting married at thirteen so she wouldn’t have the baby out of wedlock and named their daughter Canna Akita and she was the sign of the dog. When Tohru and Kyo got married beacuase Tohru got pregnant at sixteen boy was Shigure and Ayame mad and their son was the sign of the Cow and named him Eiri Akito because when Akito found out he became nice and then two days later he died so they remembered him. Shigure adopted Haru because his parents died in a car accident and Hatori moved to the house and lived with them.
After that everything was fine everyone lived happily.

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