The Diary of Koga's Mate...Koga and You...Kidnapped again...Wait you're my PARENTS!!!...part 18

Created by AlanaNixon on Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ok...The last part You and Koga shared your first kiss. avoid the confusion This is about a year later. Once or twice a week Koga would take you out shopping and to eat just like he did before. And every single time he told you that you were going out you got even more excited. Izole is one now and her growth spurt slowed down so she now grows like a full human child. She can already walk and tries to speak. she still cant though. Oh and Now you are living with Koga again and not the castle
i really think you need to shut up
But i'm glad we finally shared our first kiss.(me: story starts)I woke up to Izole tapping on my back for me to wake up. She looked like she was about to cry. I guess she wanted me to play with her or she wanted something to eat. Now I know for sure that Koga raely sleeps. A couple of times he did though because I heard him snore, not loudly but a little growl. I sat up and brough Izole on the bed. She has a room of her own but the only time she is in there is when she sleeps somewhere in the house and me or Koga carry her to her room. Every time she wakes up she manages to crawl out of her crib onto the floor. She is big enough to reach the door nob so shutting her door doesn't really stop her. I looked down at her and she was smacking Koga's face to wake him up, even though he already was up...just resting his eyes. When Koga had enough of Izole smacking him he grabbed her to startle her. She sreamed and then laughed. Koga sat up and put Izole in his lap. I noticed that she had brough her stuffed wolf with her again. It was beat up now and stained but she didn't care. I tried throwing it away but she would always find it in the trash. I turned to Koga, "Morning Koga." Koga smiled at me and kissed my neck, "Good morning my mate." Whenever Izole saw us kiss she would do her style of kissing on our cheeks(me: you know how you make a farting noise with your mouth...well she does that while presses her lips against your cheek) Koga did it back to Izole and she laughed. I got out of the bed to take a hot tub bath. When I shut the door I heard Izole scurring to to door to stop me. Then I heard Koga get out of the bed I guess to keep her company while I was bathing. When I got out Koga went In and I took Izole and gave her a bath in her room.(me: the reason why she has her own bathroom is because her room was a guess room for when Ginta and Hakkaku would come over) She loved it when she would touch the water, she would wine every time I took her out. When She was finished she fussed and whined untill I gave Izole her stuffed wolf. When Koga was finished we all had breakfast. Koga and Izole had the hunks of meat. Of course Koga's was as big as his stomach and Izoles was as big as her's. Her fangs were fully grown now and some of her other teeth, And a few times when she would close her mouth a fang would poke out. When We were finshed we went to the castle so Koga could see Ginta and Hakkaku and His two other kids fom Mamimi and Ayame, Masami and Akiko. Izole would play with her half brother and half sister while I stayed with Koga's concubines. When Koga was finished he came into the room with the girls, holding Izole, and told me it's time to go.
oooh...where r we going
When we left the castle we went to another strip to go shopping. I didn't realized that this strip was so close to my real home. I didn't think much of it. Then I started to see missing signs with my picture on them. Then I got a blank feeling...I didn't know what to feel. I was walking down a street with missing signs of me all around. Well we continued with our shopping. We stopped at a store that Koga wanted to go into. Izole seemed scared to go in the store for some reason and started to whine and fuss. Koga went in by himself because I told him that I would wait outside for him. At that time it was sort of dark outside. I was Staring in the store because i figured that Koga was going to come out any minute. When I felt a hand on my shoulder that turned me around. I just came eye to eye with my mom and dad. My mom was staring at me in disbelif, "_______, Is that really you...What are you doing here?" I didn't know what to say and before I knew it she wrapped her arms around me sobbing. She looked at Izole who was pushing her off me because Izole tries to be protective of me, plus she is only a baby. I looked in my mom's hands and she had freash new missing signs in her hands. I guess she was taking down the old weather worn ones and putting up newer ones. "I thought you were gone for good...when I came back from my trip I never new you were has been about a ten months." I looked at my mom like she was crazy...i was gone for about a year and a month. Then I remembered my Dad who was still staring at me but didn't seem to be as happy as mom to see me. I still didn't know what to say to them though. My mom grabbed my face, "Oh...Your sister will be so happy to have you back home. She missed you so much...she was so tramatized when you left she stopped talking." My mom started to pull me and I tried to pull back. "Mom don't understand I cant go back." "What are you talking about...Who's kid is that." "Mom shes mine but I'm sorry I can't go back home." My mom had froze when she heard the words out of my mouth. She looked at Izole and realized that she did look like me(Me: but she still looks more like Koga). My dad Walked up to me, "Stop being foolish you are coming home now." I looked at my dad in dusgust because he had obviously lied to my mom about the time I had been kidnapped and is pretending that he cares. He Lifted me up and took me to the cars. I started swinging my legs because My arms was holding Izole. She gave a look like 'oh whats going to happen now'. They drove me home and locked me in my room with Izole so I couldn't try and run out the house. I didn't think about calling Koga's name...I am sorta glad I didn't because I was afraid that he might harm my mom and dad. But before they put me in my room my sister ran up to my like a little kid at christmas. She looked confused though when she seen me crying and being pulled in my room. Izole just looked at me in confusion becasue she didn't know where we were or why I was crying.
oh no!
Just so you know the charecter's new ages and other stuff. Now...i said you are the second to youngest so if u r older or younger bear with me.
Koga (Wolf demon)=19
You (human)=(u r your age or you can pretend that you are a year older now)
Ginta and Hakkaku (wolf demons)=18
(next are Koga's concubines)
Mamimi (Dog demon)=somewhere in her 700dreds(i want her percise age to stay unknown)
realize that Mamimi is the tribe's doctor and Is in second in command with Ginta and Hakkaku
Sitori (Wolf demon)=327
(also realize that Mamimi and Sitori look younger than they are)
Niome and Niame (Wolf demon identical twins)=17
Ayame (wolf demon)=16
Katrina (wolf demon)=13
(Koga's Children)
Izole (your child)=1
she IS a half dog demon half human
Masami (Mamimi's boy)=1 (a day younger than Izole)
half dog demon half wolf
Akiko (Ayame's girl)= 1(also a day younger than Izole)
full wolf demon

Ok...Please messgae me and RATE!!!! I need rateing so bad. I want to see if people like it our not.

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