I Switched Bodies With The Hottest Guy In School?!?! [ oo1 ]

Another new story! This will be the second story I will concentrate on.

Created by PredictMe on Saturday, August 26, 2006

I woke up that morning to a pale blue ceiling that was pretty far above my head. I blinked, frowning slightly. I could also feel smooth silkly material beneath me, on my bare skin. My frown deepened.
First of all, my ceiling was lower than that, and had a huge poster of the hottest guy on Earth, Tom Felton, pasted over it.
Secondly, I never sleep in the buff considering the fact that I was the only girl in a family of four other males. Yup, I had four of the more obnoxious, irritating, sex-obsessed, and messy gender as my siblings.
I sat up then, stretching my hands over my head and yawning. Then my eyes widened and I froze, when I realised that I wasn't in my room at all.
Okay, no need to panic, Bailey. You're probably in...Dylan's room or something. Yeah, that's it! He's playing an April's Fools joke on me!...Except that...This room is way too big to be any of my brother's, and it's December now.
Then I looked down on my body.
I looked under the covers and promptly screamed, only this scream was lower and more hoarse. I heard footsteps rush up the stairs and my door flew open, to reveal a beautiful middle-aged blonde woman in a simple black dress which flattered her fiure modestly. Her hair was up in an immaculate bun, not affected by her hurried run up here.
"What's wrong, honey?"
"I-I-I'm...naked!" I squeaked out.
"Yes, you always sleep like that. I do wish you would stop." she sighed. "I heard that if your skin has a lot of contact with surfaces, the dirt off there will create moles and such on your body."
"I have a penis!" I stammered somemore.
"Well, you are my son." she gave me a weird look. "Are you okay, Theodore?"
"Who are you?" I blurted.
She walked into the room then, and felt my forehead for a temperature.
"No temperature." she murmured, frowning.
"I'm not sick." I pushed her hand away. "Just humour me okay?"
"Okay..." she continued to eye me with concern. "I'm Sarah Townsend, your mother."
"Wait...Did you call me Theodore just now? And you're Sarah Townsend?" I asked slowly, the puzzle slowly piecing together.
"Yes." the woman looked worried now.
"Theodore!" the woman exclaimed, shocked.
"Sorry. Could you excuse me while I change? I remembered that I have something important to attend to." I said, wrapping the bedspread around my body and standing up.
"Please." I added when I saw that the woman looked reluctant.
"Alright. No more swearing." she admonished, before leaving and throwing me a dubious look.
I slammed the door behind her, and threw open the wardrobe door. Cursing and swearing like a sailor under my breath, I quickly pulled on any random briefs, sweater, and jeans that I found. On the top of the underwear dresser, I found some car keys, and a backpack. I grabbed them and dashed out of the room. I went down the left side, and came to some stairs. I ran down it, and came to a huge foyer lit by a shining crystal-and-gold chandelier. There was a man in a butler uniform there, and he opened the front doors immediately when I approached.
"No breakfast, Young Master?" he asked politely.
"Yeah." I said hurriedly, and dashed out.
Then I realised that I had no idea where "my" car was and dashed back in.
"Erm. Can't you drive my car out please?" I asked, tossing him the keys.
"Yes, Young Master." he gave me a strange look, before going on his way.
This is not even possible! How the hell could this happen?! It's not possible! Oh, shit. I wonder how Theodore's holding up.
Soon "my" car, a sweet silver Lambourghini, arrived, and I jumped into with a "Thanks". I hurriedly drove out of the long driveway of the Townsend mansion estate, and located the correct route back to my real home. This town wasn't big after all.
I soon arrived at home, and jumped out. I locked the car and ran up to the front door. I hammered on it repeatedly, until Aiden opened, looking grumpy and still deprived of his morning coffee, which I always made, but since I wasn't there, he was bound to be grumpy.
"What?" he snapped at me. "Who are you?"
Trust me, seeing a huge, muscled, grumpy guy in the morning could very scary. You know what the strange thing was? Girls actually thought he was hot.
Mental shudder.
"I need to see Essa." I said, attempting to step by him into the house.
"Essa?" he repeated, stepping into my way.
Almost instantly, the moment my name was mentioned, my three other brothers appeared in the doorway, each with a piece of toast in their mouths.
"Why do you want to see our little sister?" Blaze demanded.
"She's busy anyway." Chase said, frowning at me. "You're Theodore Townsend right? The captain of the soccer team."
I nodded impatiently.
"Look, can I just see her? This is urgent." I said.
"Can't it wait til later?" Dylan raised an eyebrow at me. "You never paid any attention to our sister before anyway."
"Yeah, well. We're...project partners!" I said. "So this is urgent. Unless you want her grades to suffer."
The four of them glanced at each other before deciding that I could be let in. Aiden stepped aside.
"Fine. First door to the left up the stairs. Make sure you knock first!" he called after me as I pushed past them and zoomed up.
I hurriedly burst into my room to find myself struggling with a thong. She, or technically, he looked up when I entered.
"Me!" we both burst out at the same time.
We rushed at each other and grabbed our hands.
"Okay, what happened?"
I was looking into my own face. It was so weird.
Well, we did switch bodies somehow. Yup, overnight, I, Estella Brekedown, exchanged bodies with Theodore Townsend, the hottest guy in school. Why? I thought that it could be because I wished to be him last night. I wanted to see what it was like to be so popular. To be the center of attention everywhere you went. To be liked.
"Who are you anyway?" he asked. "And these thongs are so uncomfortable."
"Nobody told you to wear them. I never wear those." I said, picking out a pair of panties and handing it to him.
"Oh. I didn't see that." he said, dumbfounded.
"I'm Estella Brekedown." I said, sitting on my bed and finding that the floor looked a lot more lower than before.
"Oh, that girl who has four of the most popular guys in town as brothers." he nodded, things coming to a light. "Now tell me what the fuck did you do?"
"I...kinda made a wish." I said, pulling open the bottom drawer of my dresser and rummaging through it until I found a bra.
"Wish?" he asked sharply, taking the bra.
"What wish? And why?"
"That doesn't matter, but it could be because of that." I said, staring down at my feet.
"Tell what the wish was about. Now." he said, a warning tone in his voice.
"Dude." I looked up at him. "I'm the 6 feet tall, football playing guy here. And you're a girl."
"A 34C, virgin girl." he added, smirking evilly.
"Don't even go there." I shuddered. "This is so wrong. I do not want to think that I have something hanging between my legs...Shit, I just did."
"You're the one who caused this." he pointed out. "You're lucky I'm not screaming and attempting to kill you right now."
"I did not cause this to happen." I protested.
"Yes, you did." he shot back. "What are we going to do now?"
"Be each other I guess, in the mean time. I'll try and find out the cause." I said, sighing and laying back on my bed. "But this is...impossible. Something magical must have happened. So, what we need to do is find the impossible."
"Theodore Townsend becoming a loser girl who is also a virgin is already the impossible." he snorted.
"Stop harping on about the virgin thing." I snapped. "Just because mostof the girls you choose to associate yourself with are sluts doesn't mean somebody else can't be a virgin."
"Fine. But why me?" he asked.
I sat up, and found him dressed in a blue sweater and jeans, sitting on my desk and looking at me, frowning.
"Simple." I shrugged. "Because you have it all. You have everything anybody could possibly wish for."
He stared at me for a while, grey eyes unfathomable. My grey eyes. Then he looked away, and stood up.
"You're wrong." he said.

"This is so weird." I muttered to Theodore, or rather me, or Theodore in my body.
God, this is so confusing. I'll just refer to him as Theodore from now on.
"Yeah, well. It's your fault." he griped.
"Stop it, okay?" I snapped. "I discovered that having a penis is not all it's cracked up to be. It's gross."
"So are having boobs." he muttered darkly. "Oh, c'mon. I suppose I, I mean, you had better make your appearance. Remember. Give Tasha a kiss and squeeze her butt. It's our usual mornnig greeting."
"Yeah, yeah. You're lucky I'm bi." I said, roliing my eyes and stepping out of the car.
Theodore stepped out of the passenger seat. Tasha instantly made a beeline for me. I leaned over and kissed her briefly, then gave her butt a squeeze.
"What's she doing in your car?" she pouted.
"We're project partners." I explained. "Had to go over this morning and give her something, so I gave her a ride on the way."
"Oh." she still had her pout o though, a sign which I took to kiss her again to pacify her.
I did so, and made an excuse to go off, with him tagging along.
"This is real isn't it?" I asked.
He nodded, tossing hair over his shoulder. "You had better reverse this fast."
"I don't like being you anymore." I said, pouting.
He poked my face. "Don't pout! You make me look girly!"
I scowled inside. "Better?"
"Essa!" a loud voice called.
Theodore and I whirled towards the voice and saw Dylan and Chase striding towards us purposefully, with other people clearing a path for them in awe.
I forgot to mention that Dylan and Chase were twins, and seniors at the high school we went to. They were, admittedly, hot by standards. In fact, all my brothers were actaully. All my brothers were also, unfortunately, overly protective of me.
"Oh no." Theodore muttered under his breath. "Your brothers are ridiculous. They are like a suffocating blanket."
"And I've lived with them my whole life." I said to him, watching warily as they approached, eyes fixed on me.
"Seriously, you had better find a way out this. Fast."
"Essa. He's the one who took a ride with?" Chase asked, grabbing Theodore's upper arm, causing him to skid sideways and crash in my brother's chest.
"So?" I replied.
"Nobody's talking to you." Dylan interjected, stepping up close to me.
I sighed. They were doing it again. Everytime, a guy seemed interested in me, they would intidimate them off. Such a pity. I was the one they were intidimating off.
That was my life.
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