A Love Just Between Us - part 16

Well, here's the next part, and the series is coming to an end soon. Well, as soon as I can get out the next few parts.... "Forming Friendships"

Created by darkdreams07 on Monday, August 28, 2006

Moria had wondered why Cian seemed to be so upset, but then she remembered the details of the conversation that they had before his mood had darkened. An angel...that had to be the one he was pushing away, the problem was why and who.... She sat there thinking to herself before standing up and heading for the door like her brother before her. There were a few questions that she had, now was the problem of finding the angel, but somehow felt that she already knew who it was.

During the couple of days with the elderly couple, you had gotten used to them as well as the situation that you were in. Of course not being able to ever go back did hurt...but maybe there would be a new start this way. Maybe you would be able to forget Cian.... It was highly unlikely, but at least you could try to fool yourself for now.

The day had been clear, but rather cloudy, blocking out most of the sun. It made the day cool, but not uncomfortably so. Imara had asked if you would help her out in her garden a few days ago, and since then all of the weeds had been pulled, and new flowers were in their places. The only reason you had agreed to it instead of moped around was because that it reminded you of the time you had tended to such things when you had been living. During your time out in the garden you had often wondered how things turned out for your brothers and father. You couldn't have cared less about your stepmother, so she was not a concern during your thoughts, in fact, she was hardly ever thought of.

This day you had been sitting by the garden, gazing off toward the distance as someone else held your mind's thoughts. It was Cian who you wondered about. Amara was a concern as well...but your heart was leaning toward him for the day, and it seemed that no one was going to pull you away from the thoughts today.

A few more minutes passed before a muffled voice could be heard from inside that did not belong to either of the couple you stayed with. Of course you were curious, but you remained sitting there, your thoughts slowly reclaiming you. It was only when someone was standing in front of you that you managed to pull away from them.

"So...you're fine it seems," the stranger said.

Immediately you noticed that the other was a vampire. She seemed kind enough, and you assumed that this was Moria that Imara had talked about.

"Yes, I am...fine."

Moria had noticed how your reply, although truthful in one way, seemed to be the opposite in another. She nearly sighed in frustration from the evasiveness that only matched her brother's. That thought only made her certain that she was on the right track.
*points to above answer*
"Hmm...yes...physically you are fine, I'll agree to that, but something's bothering you. Do you have a problem with me being a vampire?" she asked, trying to keep from asking the question she really wanted to for the moment.

You shook your head. Vampires were no longer considered an immediate danger if they had not tried to harm you. Not since you had gotten to know Cian at least.

"No...you being a vampire has nothing to do with it."

"Then is it this place? Would you like to be elsewhere?"

"No, it's not that either. This place...I've gotten used to it. Besides, I can't go back to where I once had been, so I might as well stay as long as I can."

Moria stood there, watching you. Well, with those possibilities thrown out the window, she figured that she might as well ask what she wanted to know.

"Did you lose someone you loved? It seems to be the only other explanation for your mood."

At the question you froze but then managed to turn your gaze. That was the problem, but how could you explain it to her? Would she be supportive or spurn what you felt for a vampire? For the moment you decided to keep the details to yourself, there was no need to share them right now.

"In a way...yes."
Now Moria knows...now what?
Hmm.... *sits in silence*
Moria nodded but decided not to press the issue at the moment. She would let up on the topic and ask another question when you wouldn't be able to connect her random questions together.

"You must have been in love," she sighed. "Well, I'll be here for a few days, and seeing how I brought you here, I would like to make sure you're adapting well. Oh, my name is Moria. What does yours happen to be?"

You had known her name already, but you had forgotten that she didn't know yours.

"I'm Aeryn."

"It is nice to meet you, now, would you like to go on a walk so we can have a little talk, or are you busy for now? If that is the case, I can always come back later, tomorrow, whenever."

A small smile came to you as you listened to Moria speak. She seemed rather social, sort of like Amara, but different in their own ways. It was nice to feel that way about someone since your company had been only with the couple you were staying with for the time being. Sure, they were nice, but you had little in common with them.

"I don't believe I'm doing anything, I'll go."

Moria smiled a bit and nodded. This would be a nice time to get to know the angel without knowing whether or not she was correct in her assumption. If you were who she thought, she would know you before feeling a need to get used to you, and if not, then there would have been no reason to let you go friendless. In a few days she would ask more, but for now, she would try to build a friendship.
Yay, Moria wants to be my friend. ^_^
A few days?! *sigh*
Days had passed and you had managed to start forming a true friendship with the vampiress. She was quite kind and reminded you of both Cian and Amara. The fact that she was a vampire who wasn't like the stereotype you had known reminded you of Cian, but her talkative nature and sociable ways was what made you remember Amara. Despite those things, she was her own person, someone who was different from Amara due to her daring nature. It was sort of finding someone with an opposite personality of Amara when it came to being wary of others.

On this day the both of you had wandered off to the outskirts of the little village, merely walking around to pass the time. For the moment there was silence standing between the both of you, and that's how things normally went. It was as if Moria was trying to analyze her statements, and you merely had always been a bit distant. Lately you had been wondering when it would be that she would leave you there on your own again, which was your reason for silence. You knew that she wouldn't stick around forever since she had informed you of the other villages that held other angels of your kind. She said that she liked checking in on her other friends.

"Aeryn? Can I ask something?" Moria asked, breaking the lingering silence and shattering your thoughts.


"Have you ever known any other vampires other than me? Just call it curiosity."

You fell silent once again. Moria had asked something, and yet it was an innocent question, so there was no reason to hide anything from her. Besides, it wasn't like she would know who you would be talking about, right? There were two you knew, but one that you only knew for the wrong reasons.

"Yes. There's the one that took my life and then the same that changed me. I rather resent the idea that he's still living, but it cannot be helped. Though, don't think that I'm bitter toward vampires because of him. No, there's another that I knew. He was rather kind to me...and I miss him...."

Moria smirked a bit. This is what she had been waiting for days for, but she would pretend to be the curious, nosey friend, not someone who knew the other party involved.

"And does this vampire have a name?" she asked with gleaming eyes. "Did you like him?"

You figured that she was just wondering, so, might as well let her know.

"His name...is Cian, and as for liking him...I still...love him."
O.o Now what'll happen?
Now we might get somewhere!
Moria finally had her thoughts confirmed. So, her brother was involved, and you still loved him, so why in the hell were the both of you separated?

"What happened?"

You sighed and glanced over to her.

"He didn't want anything to happen to me because of us being together, but now...."

"Do you blame him?"

"No!" you exclaimed, and then sighed. "No...I could never do that. He didn't want anything to happen, but the fact that it did...it's not his fault."

She smiled a bit, and decided to let you fall silent to your thoughts again. It stayed that way until the both of you were in the center of the village as you were headed back to your place with the elderly couple.

"Aeryn, I'll be gone by tomorrow morning. I'm sorry about the short notice, but I remembered that I have to check on something that needs my immediate attention. I'll be back in a few days, but until then you have to entertain yourself."

So...it had finally come; she was leaving. You nodded to what she said, wondering how you were going to pass the next few days, but that wasn't necessary to think about just yet.

"That's okay, you need to tend to things, I know. I'll find something to do until then."

Smiling, Moria nodded in return.

"Thank you for understanding, but as I said, I'll be back as soon as I can. Goodbye until then."

"Yes, goodbye."

Standing there a moment longer, you watched as Moria turned away before you did as well. It would be a long next few days, and you knew it.
*sigh* Now I'm all alone....
*waits impatiently*
*glares* Get back here!
*sigh* I'll wait....
Moria is now off to go see Cian...will everything turn out as it should?

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