Ninjas can't have girlfriends can they?{Naruto\Sasuke love story}(For Girls)Part5

Welcome back to this ninja romance. Okay before we begin I would like to say I am completely sorry for not starting this sooner. I think I had writers block. But anyway where were we? Oh yeah! You were with Sasuke and he was about to tell you something. Lets see what it is.

Created by Hinata16 on Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Its really dark and the only light is from the moon. Sasuke turns and looks at you. Sasuke:"I want to tell you that I -" Right when hes about to finish Sakura comes. Sakura:"Sasuke-kun!" You both look at Sakura. Sakura:"Sasuke-kun! Stop pushing my feelings away....I love you Sasuke-kun! Onegai....say you love me back.." Sasuke:" You really are annoying." Sakura:"Theres someone else isn't there? Tell me who you love!" Sasuke:"I don't have to tell you." Sakura starts crying and shouting. Sakura:"Tell me!!! Sasuke looks over at you. Sasuke:"I love Rei." Sakura looks over at you. Sakura:" Rei-san...?! Sasuke:" You were listening weren't you, clumsy idiot?" Naruto comes out of the shadows. Naruto:" Noni?! love Rei-chan too?" You look over at Naruto. Naruto:"I love Rei-chan too. So that means you can't have her Sasuke!" You think...
Sasuke...I'm soooo happy!!!! Sorry Naruto, I have Sasuke and go away Sakura!(me:yeah go away Sakura! wish I had a stick to hurt you with.)
Naruto...Yay!!!! Naruto loves me!!! and not that dummy head Sakura!!(me: yeah thats good. Now Sakura can be miserable. ^-^! Yay!
Well whatever you thought...there it was. Naruto and Sasuke started arguing over you. But Sakura was getting angry cuz not only did you steal the affection of Sasuke from her but you have Naruto and Sasuke fighting over you. Sakura couldn't take it anymore and slapped you. Both Naruto and Sasuke turn to look. Sakura:"How dare you! How dare you steal Sasuke from me?! Sakura goes to punch you when....
Sasuke punches Sakura in the face and says"Don't touch her!" then he starts kissing me.(me:"I like that plan. especially the punching Sakura part.")
Naruto pushes Sakura to the ground and says"Leave her alone1" (me:" Yay for Sakura falling!")
When Sasuke grabs Sakura's arm and Naruto grabs the other arm. Naruto:"Sakura-chan, why are you doing this? What did Rei-chan do?" Sakura starts crying, breaks away from both their grasps and runs off. Sasuke:"Are you alright?" You nod. Naruto starts getting jealous but then stops. Naruto:"I hope Sakura-chan is okay. Did you do something to her Rei-chan?" Rei:" I...." Naruto then looks at Sasuke. Naruto:" you truly love Rei-chan?" Sasuke:" Yeah. I do. You too?" Naruto:" Yeah." They both stare at each other and then look over to you. Naruto:" Should we...?" Sasuke:"Yeah." Naruto:"Rei-chan." Sasuke:" Rei-san." Naruto & Sasuke:" Who do you love? Me or him?" You look surprised and say......the quiz is over!!! Alright thats it for right now. Please join me again for the next one. Please rate and enjoy your ninja boyfriend.
Well ...Sasuke I love you!!! Lets go off somewhere away from Sakura.*rates 5*(me:"Goodluck!")
I love you Naruto!!! Your my one and only blonde haired ninja.(me:" ummm thats great.. you must like his hair alot.")
You are completely in love with Sasuke! You were probably screaming bloody murder when he told you those three special words. Your moment probably left when Sakura came. But if there is ever a Sasuke fight you'll be cheering for him. And he won't mind. And hes ready to beat the tar out of Naruto to prove his love for you! How romantic of him huh. ^-^
You are in love with Naruto!!!! You absolutly adore the guy! You were probably all happy and heart-ponding for Naruto when he came and said his feelings. Your probably like If only Sakura would go and jump off a bridge right now!...oh wait...thats me. uhhhhh But anyway Naruto loves you too. And hes willing to beat the fudge out of Sasuke to prove it! How sweet of him huh. ^-^

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