Why doesn't Daddy love me?(Sesshomaru daugther) 1

ok this a new sorry i'm story since i can't find a lot of sesshomaru daughter stories.OK you have black hair that goes to knees you ussally have it in a ponytail.Gold eyes and a puple moon likes sesshomura's.Light brown skin.You have black dog ears.You are 7 years old.Now your mom didn't tell you who was your father untill she was about to die when the village you where staying in was burning.She was an human so Sesshomura used her.That happen about 6 months ago.your name is Shora.You wear a black with red

Created by inuyashareallover on Saturday, September 02, 2006

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Read the memo it's important it has your desciption in it.Just then i caught a scent that was close to mine's.'maybe it's my dad'(if u read my other stories u should know that ' ' means thoughts.)I headed off towards the scent,but when i got there was a man in a red kimono hanyou,a girl in weird clothes,a monk, a little fox demon,a demon slayer,and a cat demon.Girl in weird clothes:are you sure smelt sesshamura this way.Man in red kimono:Well i smelt someone who smelt similar to him.Excuse me? i said in a small shaky voice,as i steped out from where i was hinding.Man in red kimono:You the one i smelt!I jumped scared when he yelled at me.Girl in weird clothes:You scared her!I'm so sorry he scared you,I'm Kagome,thats Inuyasha,Miroku,Shippo,Sango,and Kilala.Whats your name?I'm Shora.i said in yet another small voice.Inuyasha:you know why you smell like Sesshomaru?Shora:He's my Daddy,but i don't think he knows that he has a child.I lifted up my bangs to show them my Moon mark.(sorry i don't know what it's really called if it has a real name messaged me)Miroku:looks like Inuyasha's a uncle.Shora:your Daddy's brother.Inuyasha:Half brother.Lets go see if we can find your dad Inuyasha said as he picked you up and put you on hs shoulders.and Shora call me Uncle Inu.I nodded my head in response.Kagome(whispered)Inuyasha do you thimk he will accept her?Inuyasha(whisped)i don't know.A while later Inuyasha caugt Sesshomura scent,we went straigt for it.When we got there we saw a girl my age,a toad looking thing,and OH my daddy.I was suddly engulfed in nervousness.There stand the man i wanted to see for as long i could remember,since my mother found a husband i never had a father figure.I don't know why,but i just had a feeling that something bad was going to happen.Inuyasha took you off his shoulders.Inuaysha:Sesshomura!Sesshomura:What do you want little brother, i see you picked up another half-breed.As he said those words it felt like a daggers going throug my heart.I just couldn't believe he just said those words.Inuyasha:how can you speak to her like that?Sesshomura:I don't see how you can't,she is no one to me.Inuaysha:No one to you?!Shes your daughter!Sesshomaru:I have no daughter.Inuyasha:yes you do she evens has the moon mark.Inuyasha lifted up my bangs to show the mark.Sesshomaru:A hanyou is no daughter of mine.With that he left with the girl my age and the toad thing.I just couldn't belive that he would want a human as his daughter insted of me.Inuyahsa turned around to see me with tears running down my face.He picked me up and cruddled me in his arms.It's ok Uncle Inu here for you.All i could do was cry.
sad isn't it,please rate i'll start making the next one tommarrow.
sad isn't it please rate.

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