love of two flames~portgas d trace-love story~

hey dudes. here is for all you one piece portgas d trace/ace fans.

Created by kairi0021 on Sunday, September 03, 2006


your names is rein. you have a little sister named sara. she around 17 and you are 21. you have long black hair down to your shoulders and she waers her down half way donw her neck. you have blue eyes. sara is your whole world and if you lost her you would probably die. sara wears a white tank-top and black pants. she loves to waer her black hat you gave her when see was waer black shirt and black pants. and you also waer sunglasses. you and her love to eat a lot.nowyou guys are wondering throught town.
"where are we?"sara conplained
"dose it look like i know."you said
BANG!!!!!!!!!you two hear
"what was that?'you both yelled. so you and sara run where the bang came from. there was two guy there fight a smoky guy. one had a straw hat, a red shirt, and blue jeans. the other guy had a orange hat on, no shirt and black jeans. the smoky guy had a jacket on and white hair.
"i'm gonna get you straw hat and heat fist."he said
"straw hat?"sara said
"heat fist?"you said
"we can get him easy."the straw hat kid said
"yay."the older guy said.
then the smoky guy looked over that you and sara. tuonsgue(whats the girls name that hang out with him?)
yes, captain chaser."she said
"there they are the two girls that eat the crused fruit."he said pointing at you and sara. you both looked around and said,"who? us?" you both said pointing at yoursalfs
"get them, tusgue."he said to the girl.
"yes, sir."she said and ran over to you both.(you both ate a cursed fruit. you ate the dar dar fruit. it make you shot dark flames. and sara ate the light light fruit. which got her the power over flower(me:that is a crapy power.) so anyway back the story) you jumped up in the air and yelled,"dark flamin' hurricane." and a hurricane made out of dark fire came out of your fist. it chased her and chaser away. you landed on the ground and then fell on your butt.
"way to go, rein."sara yelled. the two dude that was fighting chaser was standing with there mouths open. then they snapped out of it. you got of your butt and brushed it off. they both walked over to you and the small one said,"that was so cool. you should join me pirate crew."
"no thanks, i'm with her."you said pointing to sara, who said,"hi."
"she can come too."he said
"wait. who are you?"you said
"monkey d luffy."he said
"and i'm his older brother, portgas d trace or just call me trace."the older dude said
"ya, just call me luffy."luffy said
"well,i'm sara and the one you asked to join your crew is rein."sara said
"nice to meet you both."luffy said
"are you going to be coming with us?" trace said
"i don't know?"you said
"please, rein."sara begged
"well..alright."you said
"whoope."luffy and sara yells
"let's go."trace said
all four of you started walking toward the ocean.
"so, how old are you girls?"trace asked
"i'm 17."sara said
"me, too."luffy said
they started walking farther ahead
"and, you?" trace said.
"i'm 21."you said
"we do have a lot in common."he said
"like what?"you asked
"we both have younger kids, we both have black hair, and we're both 21."he said,"and we noth like hot in black."he added and made you blush
"what kind of name is portgas?"you asked
"what kind of name is rein?' he smirked
'because,"you said starting to spin around,"i love the rain."
"we're here."luffy said and you stopped spin to see.... a cliffhanger. and you fell off.

what do we look like?
i love trace
i love luffy
this is what you look like. go to result to see more.
this is trace. go to result to see more.
this is luffy. go to result to see more

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