Getting Naughty Before School (Sex Story)

For the guys ... a story about getting dirty on the way school :D .. enjoy

Created by LexiAsh on Saturday, September 09, 2006


Mark picked me up in his car at 7:30am on Monday. I was dressed in my school uniform, somehow forgetting about underwear (!) and wearing my tight shirt that showed my boobs through it. I slipped out the door without the parents seeing and opened the front door and sat down. He gave me a kiss and started up the car.
As we started driving along i complained about the heat and started to slowly unbutton my shirt, leaving the last few done up but with my breasts hanging out, swaying with the movement of the car. I leaned over him, my breasts pressing against his dick, and wound down his car window. I then climbed into the back seat and open my lunch and find the cucumber and banana. I push the cucumber in and out, pushing in as far as it would go, gasping and groaning in pleasure. Next i got the banana and pushed it in from behind, screaming out in pain but giggling with excitement.
Mark was getting hot and horny, so pulled up a country lane and stopped on the grass verge. I got up and sat on him face to face, pulling down his pants as he ripped off my shirt, sucking each of my nipples. He pushed his dick into me and i grinded against him hard, as he kissed me. I then opened the door and he swung his legs around as i sucked his dick, pulling it in and out with my tongue. he pushed me to the ground and kissed my pussy, licking at the juices. We got up and he threw me onto the bonnet where i turned around and wrapped my legs round his waist as he entered me from behind and thrust be against the bonnet, jamming his dick into me rear and pushing harder and harder till my juices were flowing all over the car. We kissed some more and saw his mates car pass the end of the road.
Mark called him up and Sam and Lucy drove up the lane and got out. I hand Lucy the banana while i have the cucumber and we climb into the back of the car, helping each other push them in and out. They guys get in and we sit on them, they enter from behind and we brace our legs against the roof as the penetrate really deep and really hard. Next Mark climbs out and i lie down on the seat, sucking his dick as he stands by the door. Meanwhile Same is under me, he dick ripping through me with pleasure as he also fingers Lucy sitting beside him. I suck harder as mark grinds against me, pushing in time to Sam who is pushing his dick in to me really deep and painful. Next Mark and Sam grab us both, and while Same enters Lucy from behind on the bonnet, I do a shoulder stand on the bonnet and wrap my legs around Marks Neck. He enters his dick into me from all angles, and i scream in pleasure.
Lucy is getting bored and sits in the car with her pussy of the gear stick, grinding against it and giggling with pleasure. Meanwhile i get into the back of the car and Sam enters me from behind while Mark fingers me and licks out the juices. Lucy then joins in while masturbating and sucks Marks dick for him. Mark then grabs the banana and pushes it all the way in and then Sam pushes his dick in, pushing out the banana. Then Mark pushes the banana in at the same time as Sam pushes his dick in, grinding me inside at the same time and pain and pleasure ripping through me.
They do the same to Lucy while i masturbate on the gear stick, pushing it as much into me as possible and twisting around. We then see the time and Sam and Lucy leave. Mark and me have some fun for a few more minutes and I lay on the bonnet with my legs in the air as he penetrates me really deep and hard. I pump with my hips more and more. He licks me clean and i lick him clean. I put on my shirt and we sit in the car. Finally i sit on him, he enters me from behind and i drive to school.
What Happens At School with Lucy and Sam???
Hope you enjoyed it ... rate high and next will be "Getting Naughty In School" ... enjoy :D

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