Why Can't I Escape? 7 [Itachi] Forced Lemon

sorry its taken so long..but it's here

Created by ShadowFire17 on Monday, September 11, 2006


You woke up to find yourself in a room. Everything about it was dark- the walls, the floor, the sheets. And looking at the window, it was already night.
*How the heck did he... No time to waste, I've got to get out of here*
With that you tried to move your arm, but found it impossible. Chakra ropes made it impossible for you to move your arms, which were by your sides.
"Well, you did wake up sooner than I expected."
You nearly jumped up to the ceiling hearing his voice. Then you saw him emerging from a chair against the wall. His hand came up to your face and brushed your cheek gently.
"I can't believe I finally have you...at last..."
"Let me go Itachi. You have no right to touch me or keep me here."
He just smirked.
"I intend to enjoy this completely."
Itachi retied your arms above your head with his chakra ropes. You had no way to break them because they were so strong. He brought a kunai to your stomach and you gasped at its coldness. Itachi cut open your tank top and removed it from your body. He started to slide off your shorts, but realizing that there weren't constrained, you tried to kick him. It only made him rip your shorts off completely.
"I love it when you struggle. No matter how much you trained in these past few years, it's futile. I'm just too strong for you. You should just give in..."
"Never" you snapped.
"Then I'm going to enjoy this even more" he smiled.
Itachi grabbed your right breast with his left hand making you gasp. with his right hand, unclasped your bra. You squirmed even more.
"Please don't...Itachi"
Instead of a reply, he just kissed you. You felt his tongue proding at your lips but you wouldn't give in. So he grabbed your breast even harder causing you to gasp again. His tongue entered your mouth, dominating through your struggle to make him let you go. Soon it became really hard for you to breathe. Sensing this, Itachi finally broke the kiss. You spit in his face but he just wiped it off.
"Are you tired of this already _____? I can do so much more to you. Do you want that?"
"No! Get off of me! Please stop this, please don't..Why must you--Ah!" you gasped as he started to rub your clit. You tried kicking him again but his free arm stopped you in an instant.
"Do you want me to bind your legs to? For sure I thought you were going to wrap them around me as we enjoyed our night together. Guess that will have to wait till much later... tell me if its too tight" he chuckled.
Itachi tied your legs to the bed as well. Now you couldn't kick back. Since you were now immobilized, Itachi continued to aggressively molest your clit. You could feel yourself getting wetter and wetter as the pressure in your stomach started to increase. You closed your eyes tightly and tried to take deep breaths to prevent your body from doing exactly what Itachi wanted your body to do. This made him only increase his speed.
"Do you really want me to?" Itachi flashed his red eyes at you and smirked.
"uh~uuuuuuuuuuh! Yes please...stop!" you moaned as you edged even closer.
"Alright." he said. And that was it... until he undid his pants and the rest of his clothes slowly. He neatly folded them up and placed them beside the bed. Realizing his new intentions, you shut your legs as tightly together as you could, given that your legs and arms were still tied up.
"You know, if you just gave in, this would be a lot less of a struggle. You might enjoy it."
"Shut up!" you shouted as you turned your head away from him.
"Alright, I guess I'll just have to..."
Itachi stroked your thigh gently and you shut your eyes even tighter. With his other hand, he caressed your breasts. He released the rope around your right ankle and forced you to spread your legs. His grasp on your leg was too tight and you couldn't make him let go. He straddled himself over you and you could feel his hardened dick brush against your inner thigh. A small whimper escaped your mouth.
"Shsssssh" he whispered.
You felt his member at your entrance, warm and wet. Ever so slowly he started to enter you and you started to tear up. Noticing this, he brushed away your tears and continued to slowly push into you until his member reached your hymen.
"You waited _____. I'm honored."
"I wasn't waiting for you Itachi. I swear I will get my revenge." you muttered.
With that he tore through.
It was very painful but it gradually subdued as the walls of your vagina started to get used to the friction. The pain turned into pleasure, although you hated to admit it. Itachi continued to increase his speed and you could feel your climax build up again. He kept hitting your G spot. If this continued, you were going to orgasm. Itachi kept thrusting and your body started to take on its own mind. You legs longs to be wrapped around his body so he could go even deeper into you. However, one of your legs was still tied to the bed. Noticing this, Itachi finally released your leg and wrapped both your legs around his waist. You two were soon in sync. After a few final, deep thrusts, both of you climax together and Itachi collapsed onto the bed with you still in his arms. You both lay there panting heavily, your bodies coated with a thin layer of sweat. You couldn't believe what just had happened and you were disappointed that you allowed Itachi to rape you. However, you were too tired to move even though this might have been a good opportunity to escape. Soon you were fast asleep and Itachi smiled at your beautiful figure in the moonlight before he fell asleep as well.
hope you enjoyed it!

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