Finding Love in a Library Book, part 9

Morrissey - Let Me Kiss YouMusic Code provided by Song2Play.Com i think this song fitst the story well. I came up for the idea for this story while listening to this song, all sort of fits! (and I love Morrissey...)

Created by nerd.with.a.purpose on Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"Okay, let me see the evidence." Andy said.
The three of us were sitting in the local ice cream parlor, discussing the topic of Ryan Ruther.
I handed Andy the lettermen jacket, still damp.
She scooted away her cup of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, and examined the coat. She, like Henry, sniffed it.
"Ooh," She said, grinning happily, "What cologne does he where?"
"Isn't it lovely?" Henry chirped.
"Guys!" I snapped, getting them back on track.
"Sorry." The said in unison, with little smiles.
"Well," said Andy, looking at the jacket with critical eyes. "It's definitely authentic,,," she said, handing it back to me. I laid it across my lap.
"Yeah, it's authentic," I said, digging at the remains of my ice cream, "but what does it MEAN? Why did he give it to me?" I asked.
"How the hell should I know?" Andy asked. "It's completely illogical. It makes no sense. I think you're going to have to talk to HIM about it."
"But I don't want to talk to him,,," I said. Completely untrue.
I wanted to talk to him. Look at him. Be near him. Anything really that involved him, I wanted.
But mostly to talk. To get to know the real Ryan.
But the logical nerd in me warned me against it. That girl, who was too smart for her own good, told me that it would only bring heartbreak, and stress, and all that stuff I didn't want. And I'd be better off if I just did nothing.
But at times like these, you must do SOMETHING. Otherwise, what's the point of living. So, I did something.

what is she doing...?
It wasn't anything much that I did. I went for a walk. In the rain. With the jacket slung over my shoulders, keeping me warm.
After I dropped Henry and Andy off, at their separate homes, I went strolling around the local park, aimlessly.
And wouldn't you know it, there was Ryan, laying beneath a tree, sulking.
He was the only person I wanted to be with, but he was the last person I wanted to see.
I wondered why he was there. Shouldn't he be out with the jocks and the cheerleaders on a Friday night, partying?
I shook his jacket off my shoulders, before he could see me, and see that I was wearing it. I approached him hesitantly, and stood over him, looking down on his handsome face.
His eyes were closed, and he looked to be sleeping.
"Hi." I whispered, my voice cracking with emotion.
His eyes fluttered open, and a small smile drifted across his lips.
"Hey," he said sitting up. "What're you doing here?"
"I was about to ask you the same question." I said, sitting beside him underneath the large tree, that shaded us somewhat from the light rain.
He grinned. "I'm just,,, thinking."
"About what?" He asked.
"You." He said with a sheepish smile. I tried not to blush, and ran my hand through my hair, giggling softly. "What about you?" he asked. "What are you doing here? Thinking?"
"No." I said. "Just walking,,, but, now that you're here, I guess I'm here to return your property to you." I said, holding his jacket out to him. He didn't look a jock without it. He just looked any average boy, but when he had that lettermen jacket, he was just like the rest of the nameless faces a despised. Is it right to despise someone when they are nameless to you?
He wouldn't take his jacket from me.
"Keep it." He said, pushing it back to me.
"No." I said gently, nudging towards him.
"Yes!" he said, laughing, and handing it to me yet again.
"Why?" I asked, furrowing my brows.
"Because,,," he said, and then he mulled it over himself. "Because, it's what boys do when they like a girl." He stated, sounding rather immature.
"How many girls have possessed this piece of material?" I questioned.
"Not many,,," he said. It wasn't enough to justify anger, but I got a little angry. Just to know that I wasn't the only girl he had ever had feelings for irritated me. But I expected it. I mean, he was him, after all. Mr. Quarterback.
"Well," I said, shoving it towards him. Forcing him to take it into his possession. "If you really liked me, you'd give me something important. With meaning. That jacket doesn't mean anything. It's just a symbol of your popularity, and we both know, I don't care about that."
He laughed.
"You're picky." He stated, smiling.
"I told you I'm hard to please." I said smugly, but grinning all the while.
"Well then, I'll have to give you something that you'll appreciate. With 'meaning'."
"Good." I said happily. I stood up, and brushed myself off, free of damp grass.
"That's it!?" Ryan asked, as I began to walk away, into the rain.
"Yeah!" I called, through the sound of falling rain. "You can talk to me again later, when you've found something special to give me, to prove your devotion! To see if you have what it takes to hang out with me!" I said, laughing pretty loudly.
His eyes squinted for a moment, and I turned around, walking away.
"Wait!" I heard him call.
I spun around, and he was jogging towards me.
"Hold on." He said, standing in front of me, grinning. "I know what I can give you."
"What?" I asked, putting my hands on my hips, and staring at him.
"Close your eyes." He said earnestly. He slung his jacket over his shoulder. "Give me your hands." He directed. I stuck my palms out, and closed my eyes. I was giggling to myself wondering what the hell he was thinking.
"Ready?" he asked.
"Mh-hmm." I mumbled, nodding my head up and down.
"Okay," he whispered.
I braced myself.
"What're you--" I began to ask, but I was cut off by the pressure of his lips pushing against mine.

At first, I thought I'd scream, but instead what came out was a soft moan, as Ryan's body pushed softly against mine, and the rain fell on us together.
He pulled away from me quickly, leaving me with a feeling like my head was spinning.
"Wha- was tha-?" I slurred, opening my eyes slowly. He was still gripping my hands in his.
"That was a kiss." He said grinning.
"Yeah, but,,,, why?"
"Because, it's what boys do when they like a girl." He said, repeating his own words. "Was it satisfactory?"
"I,,, um,,, I,,," I didn't know what to say. I didn't know what to do! My first kiss had been given to me by one of the most popular boys in school, a boy I barely even knew.
"I'll take that as a yes." He said, rubbing his thumbs over the top of my hands.
He let go of my hands, and began to walk away from me.
"That's it!?" I shouted.
"Yeah." He said, walking happily through the rain. "You can talk to me again when you've made up your mind."
"About what!?" I called, chasing after him.
"About us! If you want to let me be with you." His deep voice echoed through the empty park.
I stopped chasing him, and let him walk away.
"Fine!" I called, turning around, and walking in the opposite direction, beginning to wonder if I was ready to let Mr. Mystery/ Mr. Quarterback into my life.

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