Moonlight Dreams (Koga and You)#18 ~Rape~

Yup,its a lemon....only a rape.....I'm making no darn sence here now am I? ~.~. (Sorry x0xEdwardLoverx0x)

Created by Lunamoon01 on Friday, September 15, 2006


READ MEMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~Your POV~
You layed there on the bed slowley rising but ended up falling back down on it *D-Damn it!Too much bloud lost,If I can only-* you were cut off with a jolt from your body,your eyes widen.You couldnt move,your body wouldnt obey you! *Wha-What the-* you thought with a worried look on your face,the only thing that obeyed you were the tips of your fingers,slightley flintching.
"I see you already have noticed the purifying barrier,how tragic I would have exspected more sences from you" Naraku said with a smirk,you glared at him,he started walking towards the bed,"S-s-stay....A-AWAY...from m-me!" you managed to get out of your throat,it was trying to paralize your voice as well,while you flintched away slowley from him.
You quickley grabbed your left side,squeezing it,blood began to escape between your fingers *Why is this...HAPPENING TO ME!?* you thought with frighten eyes "Hmph,even the barrier will make your wounds spread even if you try to escape" Naraku said now on the bed.
You glared at him "Y-YOU STAY-" you coughed up blood and plopped on the bed,the barrier got to you again,you felt Naraku's body over yours,your eyes were closed close to tears,"You will bear my heir" he said and grabbed the part of your shirt between your breast and ripped your shirt off *WHAT!?* "NOO!" you yelled and hit his chest,but the barrier paralyzed you,you started to shake as Naraku took the under shirt off(yeah you had it under your shirt that helps you not get that wounded in battle...some use)Naraku placed his lips on your neck.
Licking,sucking,even nipping with haste,tears started flowing down your cheeks "Dont cry" Naraku said from your neck,you shook your head fast as tears started pouring.
Naraku's lips brushed aganst yours with love and lust but it wasnt coming from you,his hands traveled everywhere,you hated yourself since you felt pleasure,Naraku's tonguge licked the bottom of your lips,begging for a entrance,when you didnt cooperate,he bit down on your lip,you gasped in suprise and he wasted no minute exsploring your mouth with his tonguge.The taste disgusted you,you felt like you were going to gag.
You needed air but Naraku forbid to let you seperate,thats when you bit down his tonguge,the taste of blood was in your mouth,Narakus bit down on yours,which made you whimper.Naraku was already shirtless and he started taking off your bottoms,you tryed to pushed him off,but the barrier held you in place.
Naraku went down to your breast and licked the left one,you know this felt good,and you couldnt resist the urge to moan,you felt him smirk against your breats,you wished you didnt.He bit down on it making it bleed,you whimpered fighting the pain,he went to the other one and sucked on it at first then made it bleed too.
Tears followed the path of the earlier tears as they ran down your cheek,he came back up again and forced his tionguge inside your mouth,giving you no chance to breath.
You were already bottomless and so was Naraku,unexspected he slipped to fingers in you,you cryed in pain,ripping the covers that were between your fingers "A virgin I knew it" he said,you felt his lips o your neck again "You will stay with me,you will soon forget that there is no Koga" he said ,then sucked on your neck,he had a sensative spot and you moaned,you tryed to muffle them but it was no use.
Pain screamed in your body as you felt a horrible pain between your legs,you screamed in agony,warm tears followed,Naraku was biussy (sp?)licking the blood away from your cuts on your upped chest,another strike of pain waved through you,you screamed again,Naraku smirked at your faceal (sp?) emotions,you kept crying with your eyes closed,you hated it when plesure took a quick sweep on you but it was again replaced with pain,you felt your blood slid down your legs.
You felt something rush through your body and it made your eyes go wide,Naraku did a few moans himself and collasped on you.You lay there paralized with widen eyes,staring at the ceiling blankley.
You heard Naraku chuckled "Thank you" he said patting your stomach,your eyes slowley looked at his crimson ones "Demon babies only take a few weeks to form,soon we will have ownr on baby" he said with a smirk as if he really wants to become a father.
You felt a horrible sensation in your stomach,you didnt know what it was,Naraku placed his lips on your neck,kissed it lightley then dugg his fangs in your tender skin,you screamed and he smirked when he heard you,you felt the blood come from the gash to the pillow.
Naraku got dressed and walked out of the room,leaving you crying to yourself.
THAT WAS HOT! (O_O.....)
I'M GOING TO KICK HIS FUCKING ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~Koag's POV~
Your wounds havent healed in the past hour,you didnt understand why.Your a demon,it should have healed in a minute! Something struck your nose,you smelled blood,LOSTS of blood and not only that it was Lukias! "LUKIA!!!!!!!" you screamed and ran as fast as you could with the remaining power of the jewel shards in your legs.*I do smell her,but Naraku's's as if.......his stentch is IN her!* you thought with worried eyes and speeded up your pace.
DONT END IT HERE!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry it's short! I broke my promise!I'm very very very VERY sorry!
Next one will be a thriller! What will Koga say when he finds out you have been raped!? DUN DUN DUN!
(Oh and first lemon/rape what do you think?)

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