The Water Fan ~A Sasuke Uchiha Fanfiction~ (Chapter One)

Created by SasukesRevenge7 on Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Yawning, you sat upright in your bed. You stretched your arms out, and rolled out of you bed. You sleepily staggered to the patio of your house and peered at the Ichiraku Ramen Bar.There you saw a blonde haired boy in an orange jumpsuit, waving at you and yelling, "Eliiiiiiis-chaaaan!" You put your index finger up to tell him one minute. "Be down in a minute Naruto!," you replied and ran into your room. Naruto was your best friend, strangely, but he was nice and didn't care who you were so you were fine with it. You raced to your dresser, trying to hurry, and pulled on your camo-like green pants that had fishnet strips on the side of the cloth part and fishnet from above the knee (attached to the cloth part) to your ankles. Then you pulled on a black tanktop/belly shirt on, then a plain fishnet shirt with black fur around the neck to finish off your top. You added black gloves with black fur around the wrist and black ninja sandals. You hurried up and put you short tea-green hair in a small ponytail and let some of the strands hang in your face. Sighing, you grabbed a light spring green headband and put it in your hair to keep the shorter strands out of your hair. You reaced outside, when you made impact with someone. You felt yourself fall forward and land on someone, and felt you lips touch theres. 'Please be a guy!,' you thought frantically, opening your eyes to see Sasuke Uchiha!
Ooooh yaye I got to kiss Sasuke!
Uhhck! I kissed HIM?
Your eyes widened, blushing deeply. You leaped backwards, and realized Sasuke hadn't moved. "I.. Sorry Sasuke!," you muttered, and Sasuke got up. "Watch it Diluviare!," he hissed coldly and stormed off. You got up, feeling dizzy. That happened so fast. Had you really kissed? You've always liked Sasuke.. but geeze. You ran over to Naruto, who looked mad. "Awww geeze Elis!," he complained. "Even YOU?" You shook your head furiously. "Who do you take me fore, Naruto!?," you snapped, and stormed off in the direction Sasuke went. "Wait I didn't--!," Naruto started to yell, but stopped, realizing you had disappeared. "Elis..," he muttered sadly and headed towards his apartment.
Poor Naruto!
Ehehehhehe serves Naruto right!
After a couple minutes of walking, you realized you had reached a strange lake. "I don't remember that..," you started, but were stopped from talking by a figure hopping down from a tree, and grabbing you, the person's hand over your mouth. "Mmmm!," you screamed, and wiggled around, just enough to ram you elbow into the person's chest. You whipped around once you were free, and saw Sasuke on the ground, his hand to his chest. "Wha-aht was that for?," he asked irritatedly.
What the heck? Why'd Sasuke do that?
Hah hah hah Sasuke hah hah hah
Thank you for reading my Sasuke fanfiction! It's not quite done cuz there'll be more, but yup! Please read the next one! Rate and/or message if you ever want to see chapter two!
Hey, if you don't like Sasuke then why are you reading this? Eh? Fine don't answer. Rate and message if you even care about seeing chapter 2! ANd just for not liking Sasuke u get no pic! ^_^

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