Why Can't I Escape? 10 [Itachi]

Created by ShadowFire17 on Saturday, September 23, 2006

So you reluctantly find yourself with several ANBU members on your way to this supposed Orochimaru hideout. Not only were you furious that you were on a team, but you also had to take the orders of someone else. You followed Yojiro's orders into the fortress and with the other ANBU members, you made your way deeper into the building with stealth- that is, until one of the guards one of ANBU attacked and didn't finish off, let off an exploding tag to warn the other Sound ninja's of the intrusion. Things became tough as waves of Sound ninja's started to attack. However, with your increased powers, you managed to take a lot of them out, making your way to the central chamber. The other ANBU members weren't far behind but you were still ahead of them.
"WAIT ____! Don't go in there alone! Wait till we catch up!" shouted Yojiro to you. However, wanting to advance ahead of the others, you opened a big set of doors into a dark room. The doors shut behind you with a loud thud and you could see a few lit candles, giving off an erie glow. You strained your eyes to meet another pair of snake-like eyes in the darkness-
"Return Sasuke or suffer the consequences Orochimaru. You've caused enough problems for Konoha."
He just smirked at your words. "What makes you think I'm holding him here by force? He wants to be here. He seeks power- power that poor little village of yours can't give him. You, too, seek revenge don't you..._____"
Your name coming out of his mouth sent chills up your spine. Before you could refute his claim, you were kicked in the side and sent flying towards the wall. After recovering from the blow, you turned to face your new opponent- Sasuke. Realizing it was him, your eyes widened and you started to go through a state of shock and flashbacks started to run through your head. You remember playing with him in the summers, seeing him at the academy, watching him bug Itachi to train him...
"Sasu--ke..." you whispered. But your words had no effect on him as he retook his fighting stance, ready to attach you again.
"Sasuke, if you really want to get revenge on Itachi, you'll need to defeat this girl first. After all, she's an Uchiha- just like you... and ITACHI." said Orochimaru and he exited through another, side door. You tried to run after him but Sasuke stepped in front of you. His eyes narrowed at you venomously and his sharingan appeared.
Inside you were hurting- all the memories came flooding back and all the emotions started to tug at your heart.
"Sasuke I don't want to hurt you. Let's go back to Konoha right now, you can't stay here with Orochimaru. You've been deceived- he's not going to grant you power. Power is something you must obtain on your own, through lots of training. He's just using you, Sasuke."
"Shut up! What do you know about power? What do you know about suffering? Do you know what it's like to be the last one left? To have seen your own brother slaughter your parents and your entire village yet sparing you because you're too pathetic to kill? I will kill Itachi, I am an avenger! and I will not return until I have killed him!"
"How can you say such things? I am in the same position as you if not worse. How do you think I feel? He killed everyone...because... of me."
With that, Sasuke's eyes widened and he realized that Itachi had committed all those crimes because he had been in love with you all those years ago but his father wouldn't tolerate it. His eyes narrowed again at you.
"They're all dead.. because of you... because you did that to my brother!!"
Before you could do or say anything else, Sasuke started to charge at you. You started to see flashing from his hand forming as he charged at you. Chidori no doubt. You quickly activated your sharingan and dodged his attack, forcing the powerful chidori to tear up the wall behind you.
"Sasuke I don't want to hurt you! I'm sorry! I'm ...so sorry!!" but your words didn't mean anything to the boy and he kept attacking you with kicks, punches, fire- whatever he could throw at you. Chaos ensued outside the room you were in- through the hole in the wall Sasuke had made, you could see the Sound ninja and your ANBU fighting a fiece battle, meanwhile Orochimaru was missing once again.
"Sasuke! Look at yourself! You haven't become any more powerful since you left the village! What has Orochimaru taught you? What power has he given to you?? He can't teach you moves like the chidori! He can't help you utilize your sharingan!"
Sasuke started to charge at you again with the chidori. This time you stood your ground though and looked him straight in the eye (without your sharingan) so he could see the real you. He kept charging at you until the last second in which he flinched slightly, allowing you to punch him in the stomach taking his breath away. He passed out on the ground. You were about to grab him and go, but you interrupted by an ANBU member's body flying towards you. You noticed that the ANBU were starting to loose their ground. You reactivated your sharingan and performed the seals for your 'Crimson Dragon Tornado' which sent a whole bunch of energy in the form of a red dragon into the fighting crowd, tackeling and knocking out most of the Sound ninja. However, this move drains a lot of your chakra causing you to kneel on the ground temporarily to catch your breath. ANBU regrouped and Yojiro shouted "retreat! _____ grab Sasuke and follow!"
You turned around to grab Sasuke but he was gone. You were so exhausted you didn't realize a kunai coming straight for you. It grazed you, cutting a deep gash into your side. It must have been your lucky day, because it was poisoned as well. Soon your eyes became heavy and you drifted off into a dark sleep.

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