Zuko Lemon

Alright I can't find almost any Zuko lemons so... I'm going to make one!

Created by Flaming-Siren on Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Name: Hatoru (firefly-in japanese)
Age: 16

Power: Fire bending
Usefull past info: Zuko saved you and you decided to show your greatfullness by helping him find and capture the Avatar. You live with him on his ship and as the days went by he became more and more open twards you. His uncle very much aproves and it was decided that since you love each other so much some day you would marry zuko...

Alright I belive that Is all you need to know If you want to know somthing else just ask! Or make it up yourself!
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"Hatoru? may I come in?" you here outside your door.
"Uh sure, it's unlocked" you see Zuko as he walks in looking oh so hot!
"What's that?" he asks pointing to a book you were trying to hide.
"Oh nothing..." you lie trying to keep it hidden.
"What is it I won't laugh." he says sitting next to you on your bed.
"It's a photo album," you sigh sadly handing the book over to Zuko, Who thumbs through it.
"There isn't a single picture of you in here!" he states shocked at why you are looking at somthing that dosn't hold your memories.
"Yeah well I guess I wasn't good enough to be in one," you say turning away. Zuko understands idmeaditly and wraps his arms arround you from behind.
"Hatoru..." he says serching for words.
"They really just hated me, they threw me out as soon as I was old enough to fight. That-" you stop the tears swelling in your eyes. "That is why i'm here! because I had no where else to go!" you cry in his chest as he softly stroks your hair. "I meen I do love you I really do I just really had no place to go and you showed me love! love I never had before, you and your uncle"
"Yes and you Hatoru, you showed me love as well I don't act the same way arround you as I do everyone else!" he says holding you tight.
"look at us" you say with an empty laugh both our lives suck!"
"Yeah but at leaast they suck togeather!" he agreas "I wonder..."
"What?" you ask wiping away your tears.
"Since we are getting married..."
"Are you thinking like a bad boy again?" you laugh as you position yourself to be sitting on his lap with one of your legs on eather of his sides.
He rests his arms on your locer back. He leans in for a kiss and you don't object parting your lips and everything enjoying the way he taisted and the way he made you feel. "Hatoru" he cooes
"I love you" you lean down and kiss his neck with him rubbing your back.
"I love you too," now it is his tern to kiss your neck he finds your "spot" where you are the most sensitive and sucks, kisses, and licks you there untill he makes his "mark" you squell as he lifts you up and carries you to his room.
"Now what was the point of that?" you ask smiling.
"So I can do this," he locks the door and drops you on his bed. He crawls over on top of you.
"My sexy prince," you giggle.
"And MY seductive little fire angel!" he undresses himself ad then releaves you of your clothes. "Oh Baby your so Inviting" he says as he kisses down to your wommenhood.
"Well than take me!" you say screaming in delight as he grabs your ass lifting your pussy to him as he sticks his tounge deep inside you. "Oh Zuko!"
"you taste so heavenly my love" he says licking his lips coming back up to you and kissing you again.
"heh well i'm glad you like it! If you want more take it!" you say full of delight. "But... I think I want to taste you first!" and you push him over kissing down to is manhood. "Do you want me?" you ask kissing the tip.
"Agh Hatoru don't tease me" he thrusts up forcing his dick into your mouth which you accept with deligt sucking and licking his manhood happily and before long he grabs you and thrusts in all the way cuming deep into you. You moan as he does this and he only wants you more. "Hataru... Do you want this?" he asks positioning himself at your entrince.
"Yes please Zuko I want you deep inside me!" you moan as he firmly grabs your hips and thrusts deep inside you. You groan in pain and he stops as soon as he's inside you.
"Don't worry baby the pain will stop soon" and as soon as it does you want him to move and you let him know!
"MOVE!" he starts to thrust deep inside you with you moaning each and every time! "Ohhhh yes Zuko Harder Faster Please! Ohhhh" you scream and he complies.
"Tell me you want me!"
"I want you so much!"
"Tell me you'll stay with me forever!"
"I'll stay with you forever!" you scream as you both cum. Panting he pulls out of you and lays down at your side pulling you over to him!
"I love you" he says kissing your cheek.
"I love you too." and both of you fall asleep!
So am I getting better? Message me if you want me to make a special request lemon! Well you're another thing that focues his rage!

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