A New Start In Domino City (Yami Yugi/Yugi Love Story) profile

Hi, this is my first story so please comment on what you think...

Created by IceFireKitten on Wednesday, September 27, 2006


My/Your Character
Name: Naomi Lily-Marie Kaiba
Age: 17 years old
Eye Color: Blue-Hazel
Hair Color: Blonde with Aquamarine highlights, and black and red bangs.
Height: 5ft. 7 1/2 in.
Personality: Everybody likes you, but when someone gets you mad they better run for the hills.^_^
Hobbies: Our band, duel monsters, and tennis { I really like playing tennis }.
Sibilings: Rai, Mokuba, and Seto Kaiba.
Friends At The Begining: Yumi, and Ami Yucara
Friends Made At Domino: Yami, Yugi, Joey, Tristen, Tea { I don't like her much though }, Bakura { not Yami Bakura }, Mai, Serenity, Duke, etc.
Past: We { Rai, Yumi, Ami, and I } moved from Florida to Domino, Japan. Our parents were at Eygpt and on the dig and found a millenium dagger, millenium ring { like the ones you wear on your fingers }, and gave them to me { Naomi }, cause they knew we are the one who's into Eygpt, and Pharaohs, the past/past lives, and pyrimids, etc. Then one day we also met an Eygptian women and she said that we were destined to own the millenium necklace, so she gave it to us. When Rai and I were about 13yrs. old we were outsie in a thunderstorm, and we got hit by mystical lightning. Which gave us these awsome powers.
Thats you/us so comment/message and/or vote, please! Like I said/typed its my first story so it would help alot.^_^

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